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@[Torleik] vs. OPEN
The INVADER must post before 4/10/15 @ 10:00 AM CST or the fight will result in no points for the invading team.

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Torleik the Bloodskald

The day is my enemy; the night, my friend

Torleik fancied he could feel the heartbeat of the earth as his hooves thundered over damp ground and he flung himself at the nearest Falls combatant. The actual attack was a blur - all he knew was that he connected and it felt good. Shaking his armored head as he recovered, Rostislav seeming to vibrate where he stood, Aviya trailing behind herself like smoke, Torleik snorted in frustration.

They were tumbling away from him, locked in single combat that he would not dishonor by violating with his presence. Disappointing, but he would find blood to spill elsewhere. The fight was rightfully Aviya's - she had reached her their opponent first. Tossing his gaze to the side, senses heightened by the mushrooms he'd consumed as they were, he caught sight of what he believed at first to be a deity.

A few moments' deliberation told him it was Ophelia - and his mind decided he had been correct at first: he was gazing upon a goddess. She glowed, and scintillating sparks flicked from her tail, catching the light and shimmering seductively. The crimson was still flowing from her coat, bathing her in red like a powerful shieldmaiden, fierce and beautiful at once.

And their gaze met, and this goddess approached him.

Torleik offered himself to her in compliant supplication, sniffing around her to ensure she was not injured and the crimson he was seeing was only a figment of his stimulated imagination. His glacial eyes were practically lambent and he grunted when Ophelia's muzzle touched his neck. The shock of such contact thrilled through every nerve ending, spreading electric pleasure along a course that settled in both his chest and his loins.

His woman's words were preceded by a groan that set him afire and her complaint about standing idle made him lust for her in a way his rigid and honorable mind would not have let him, were it not under the influence of a substance and the heady adrenaline of war. Reaching over, the Bloodskald lipped at her neck, then her ear, grunting and shifting impatiently on his frigid hooves in a vain attempt to fend of this madness that inactivity would bring.

"Would I that there was no danger..." Torleik rumbled, lipping at her neck again, "I would find us better tortures to suffer."

If no defender presented themselves, the Basin General was content to stand here with his woman (when had it become so easy to think of her that way?) and drink her in. Battle was a time for honesty in all things - life, love, and death.

None should be shunned here on this killing field.

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