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The INVADER must post before 4/10/15 @ 10:00 AM CST or the fight will result in no points for the invading team.

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Shock reverberated its way through Kaj's hooves, metal against hardened keratin creating a hollow ringing noise that followed Kaj as he swept past on widened wings. Eyes cast downward, the hound is hardly a problem, considering how high he is in the air in comparison to the beast's stature. Nevertheless he tucked his forelegs to his chest, narrowing the chances of success even further. With a strong, solid beat of his wings, the King rose into the skies on a steady spiral. Few winged equines were involved in the fight, most of them hailed from his side. He rose higher, an avenging angel with a sinful heart, and watched in torn despair as his kin surged onto the greenery with turmoil in their own hearts. It hurt so beautifully to know that they followed him, even in the darkness of their own doubts. What had he done to earn a trust so precious, so priceless?

A quick twist and flare of his flight feathers, and he was turning on the winds, racing into the fading light. His heart twisted with fear and worry for his soldiers, for beneath the masks of metal and clang of armor, they were so much more than numbers in a war. They were his brothers and sisters, beloved in varying degrees but held precious all the same. He prayed the night would end and dawn would rise with no loss of life. Bloodshed and violence was inescapable, but Kaj prayed to the Lord that disappeared on the horizon that nobody would die because of his commands. His conscience could only handle so much.

A pale form winked at him, a magnet for light and attention even as crimson rained down upon her skin. Perhaps he would seek out the Lady once the blood had been spilt, seek her advice for the turmoil that sought to grasp him and crash him into pieces upon a foreign shore. Kaj had never had such difficulties when he was a grunt, a mere soldier, replaceable in the eyes of all those around him. Was it because he no longer felt replaceable? No, the Storm Bringer was not capable of such ego. Whatever it was, perhaps the kindly enigma could help him discover the source of it. He prayed she'd make it through, that they all would.

Circling high above, Kaj awaited a challenger, drifting steadily lower in preparation to defend any of his own in need who fell beneath his gaze. There was no room or time for indecision.

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