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[INVS] Destrier vs. OPEN

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@[Destrier] vs. OPEN
The INVADER must post before 4/10/15 @ 10:00 AM CST or the fight will result in no points for the invading team.

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Destrier && Suli

come heavy or don't come at all

With the sun setting at our backs, the plan forged between Basin and Edge was beginning to unfold. Words of an invasion had come quickly and unexpectantly, but at the command of our King and Queen, I forthwith their wishes.

As Archibald led our forces into the Falls, I kept to the right and back from him and his compatriots, walking quietly as heavy feet could allow amongst my brothers and sisters. The winged, pale-eyed Pegasus I knew only from meetings; Resplendence, our beloved Moon Doctor whom I could only imagine how very much she disapproved of the violence about to ensue, and whom I prayed would be untouched throughout it all; Romani, the golden lady that sent my heart aflutter and that was very much capable of handling her own despite her stature; and then there was Kaj, the giant of a King, my brother who I still thought so dearly of, that I wished to apologize and explain myself to... Hopefully I could get my chance sooner than later, after all was said and done.

Flashing before my eyes came an image of our blackened King coming to a halt ahead, garnering my feet to do the same. Suli had made perch in the cover of the trees as we awaited the signal to make our move, and with baited breath I watched as the members of the Falls herd approached one by one to see their false Czar and the equally false offers brought before them. As we waited, my attention drifted briefly to that of Romani who I stood beside, and reaching out, I pressed my nose into her neck. A simple show of encouragement to my fellow warrior, a promise that we would be the victors, perhaps something more as my heart would say... But then it came.

The slightest adjustment followed by the sudden charge of the Dauntless; the time to fight was now, and I would not let my family nor my allies down a single time more.

Charging forth, feathered feet carried my bulk through the trees and into view with the rest and I search at once for an opponent. The grass was still dry but would soon become wet with dew, and I tucked the knowledge into the back of my mind. Uncaring of who it was, be they large or small, so long as they were not a child or somebody trembling in absolute, obvious terror, I made to target whoever was closest.

Suli came swooping down silently from the skies before me, blowing a jet of flame between myself and our foe with the intentions not only to burn, but to distract and momentarily blind them as I made a move of my own. Shifting my weight to the right as I charged head-on, so that I may be to their left, I aimed a swift kick at the barrel in passing before slowing myself enough to get turned back around, intending to face my adversary and ready myself to either attack or defend.


Word Count - 506

-- Flanks Archibald to the right along with Kaj, Murdock, Romani and Resplendence

-- Suli is up ahead and watching Archibald and the rest from the cover of the trees

-- Destrier charges forward and picks whoever is closest to him as his opponent, comes at them head-on

-- Suli flies down and past Destrier, blowing a flame between him and the enemy in an attempt to burn/distract/momentarily blind them

-- Destrier shifts right to come to his opponent's left, kicks out at their barrel

-- Destrier comes to a halt and turns in preparation to attack or defend if not stopped beforehand

talk talk talk

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You may attack and use magic on Des at any time for any reason.

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