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[INVS] Sialia vs. OPEN

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@[Sialia] vs. OPEN
The INVADER must post before 4/10/15 @ 10:00 AM CST or the fight will result in no points for the invading team.

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I tried to sell my soul last night, it's funny he wouldn't even take a bite.

But everything was happening so fast.

A cringe rippled through me as THE ONLY ALLY in the WHOLE defense was the one I ATTACKED.

Good job. Get the guy on our team. He yells at me just as my body is coming up, and my hooves where striking out at his face. He thankfully jerks his head out of the way, but I still give him a lovely scrape on his face.


Anyways. How the fuck would I know that mister actually very attractive was on our side of the invasion anyways? Jeeeeeez. He dodges around me as I land, but I don't linger on him... Wherever he was off to. No. Everyone is fighting everyone, and to be honest I'm feeling a bit useless. Okay. A lot useless. We outnumber the falls by two, at least. So, for a second I stand, looking from each person to the next. Wow.

But I'm back in action. Who needs defending? Okay. Let's go defend miss paint pulling a cart with a to big harness, and a skin... Hey. Isn't that Thranduils?? I think it is... But whatever. Who cares. My head swings round and low, looking for anyone wanting to get a bite of my sexy black booty.

I'm to full of myself.

For a second I catch sight of... Mauja. He's next to miss paint. Okay. We are slowing, gonna stay right over here.... Nope Nope Nope. Don't get distracted by that sexy... STOP.

My head swings around, my body following suit, until my back is facing Kahulua and Mauja, and I am looking around, awaiting an opponent. My body is tense, ready to shoot in to action at any moment. Can someone please hurry it up, yo?

I mean really. I've done two spars and been basically working my ass off to look good, and to excel in this fight. It would be nice to test how my work has paid off.

Okay, so yeas, I'm standing here but I swear to god I'm not being a lazy fuck. I'm erect, tense, my head swings, eyes looking at the chaos, royal blue poking from the flat black metal. I'm totally battle ready. Just. Come at me. Right now... Annnny second now.... Really. Any second. Just. Don't look like you can kick my ass.

"Speech here."
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Sialia is wearing heVy Armor! Who ever replies has the first attack :3

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Default to Invaders, +0.5 invasion points. No VP awarded.

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