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The INVADER must post before 4/10/15 @ 10:00 AM CST or the fight will result in no points for the invading team.

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Chaos erupted around her. The world exploded in a flurry of movement, of grunts and groans of the fighting, the scent of spilled blood permeating through the crisp, Orangemoon evening air. Twilight beckoned them, the sun shielding its bright eyes from their ugly affair of war as it began to dip below the horizon, and the moon rising to witness their carnage. It was horrible. It was ugly. It was... It was war, and Romani detested it.

Do I even have any right being a soldier? It was not the first time she had asked herself such a thing, nor would it be the last. Was she any better than those who had stolen the Foothills from her very grasp?

The question was brisk and fleeting, for now was not the time to allow her mind to wander. One wrong move could mean death. One wrong thought would promise destruction, pain, or loss. She had to keep her head upon her neck, keep her thoughts together and collected and focus on her target.

Red ears tipped back flat against the palomino's skull, the Haflinger's small, compact body bristled and prepared. So focused as she was upon the battle around her, the rush of blood pumping in her veins and adrenaline coursing through her heart, that the mare was completely oblivious if any of her attacks hit the brightly colored hybrid mare. Feathered hooves scrabbled within dirt and grass as Romani moved to the right, away from THOR and BELLONA, sharp, narrowed azure eyes locked upon the two beasts and realizing that they would be locked in battle with one another. She did not want to get in THOR'S way, not when he was so capable of handling himself... Briefly, she wondered if this war pained the GentleHeart as much as it pained her.

A sudden, desperate, internal shout resonated within her mind and Romani spooked, ears flicking forward and head snapping towards her companion. 'MOVE, ROMA!! THE SKY!'


The white tigress had stayed a fair distance from the three equines who had engaged in a brief skirmish, the monochromatic feline prowling the ground, never far, always waiting for the Haflinger's signal to attack. To kill. It had been the large cat that had shouted the warning, icy-blue oculars spotting a sudden attacker that had come from above. A dark demon with blood-tipped wings and a spiraled horn for stabbing descended upon her bond-mate, cloven hooves kicking and flailing and aimed for the golden-red gypsy's back, her spine, and Kasai had warned the Haflinger the only way she knew how; mentally.

Romani's head jerked upwards towards the blood red sky, sapphire orbs widening in surprise and momentarily freezing in uncertainty as she was suddenly bombarded with flailing hooves that seemed to made of black diamonds. Move. MOVE! Gritting her teeth and praying to the Gods that her miniscule size would help to avert any serious damage, the Haflinger's muscles bunched together and she threw herself to the right in an attempt to avoid the worst of GHOST'S attack, head lowering to the ground to hopefully avoid damage, a mangled, choked sound of pain and fury leaving the mare's dark lips as the Czarina's hooves buffeted and scratched her upper shoulders and withers with fiersome blows.

Muscular haunches propelled the compact mare forward, hoping to wrench herself free from any more of GHOST'S attacks. Sharp eyes clenched themselves shut against the pain as she pulled away, hooves digging into earth and grass, and what she saw next upon opening her eyes nearly took her breath away. ARCHIBALD and Loretta had thrown themselves into the fray, at her defense, and so crowded as she was by their combined bulk and superior size, the smaller, compact Haflinger backed away to avoid being crushed or stepped on.

Romani's withers and upper-shoulders ached from GHOST'S attack, chunks of palomino hair missing and scratches slowly beginning to seep droplets of crimson blood. It would bruise and ache for quite some time, but without Kasai's warning, the wounds could have been far more severe. Deadly, even. Crippling, had the Czarina's hooves met her spine with bone-shattering force.


Standing upon the sidelines as her King and savior fought savagely with muscle and magic alike, Romani watched, body aching, and prayed that it would soon end.


Wordcount: 719 -

Began the invasion by attacking BELLONA, but realized that she would simply get in THOR'S way and let them be. GHOST'S attack hit Romani's withers and upper-shoulders, and now she is standing out of ARCHIBALD'S way, watching he and GHOST fight and awaiting a potential challenger of her own.

Just need a bit of luck, get 'em up
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