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The INVADER must post before 4/10/15 @ 10:00 AM CST or the fight will result in no points for the invading team.

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It is nothing more than a blank page. A vision clouded without recognition of the world. Like a golden glory he had charged through the ranks, leading the attack. Surrounding him flew curses, blood, and life, but here, in this eye of the storm, was still quiet. It made his endeavors all the more pathetic. A weight began to fall on his shoulders, and a burning in his gut as his mind remembers what he had done. Teeth clinched as he thought of boldness of his action. In an anger of himself, the gold curls back his head, and then disappears from the battle entirely. Magic trembled at his nerves as his golden form slips entirely from all’s view. A sigh echoes through his hidden body. Among the carnage and destruction at his sides the gold now looked over like a distant god. Though regret of his actions still churned his gut, here hidden, none would know what he searched for. She was still here, and threats could still rain upon her.

Hidden horned head tossed as his eyes searched the ruin about him. No black and white flesh meets his gaze until he looked beyond the battle, to the cart. She stands by there, face still etched with fear. Golden body shivers, and a commotion behind him tears him away for a moment. A sparring pair comes to close and the gold moves about the battle again to keep moving with the eye of the storm. When he again looks, there is another shape by her. Teeth immediately bare, cloven hooves paw at the earth for their flesh, and haunches gather, ready to leap through the fray to her side.

He never makes it. The golden son, never becomes a charging hero. The creature by her side nods to her, and is accepted. Vision clouds, and turns inward, as the golden’s body unhinges and turns from them. This is why you do not feel. This is why you do not act, or why you ever let your soul get this far. Snorting the gold paws at the ground and turns from them back to gaze with carelessness at the bloodshed around him. What thoughts and feeling rolled through his soul were lost to words. Though many write them in songs and entire books, they were locked from our sight.

So it turns back to business. Most of the battle was sectioning off. The determining moment was drawing near, and it seemed the gold was destined not to wet his blades. A fire blazed up in his soul. He was angry. Angry at this stupidity of being here. Angry at the damsel’s faltering will. Angry at the souls she accepted. Angry at his actions. Angry he had not a body to release this onto. Then the golden’s body reappears to the world. It had shed that strange glow from earlier and now before all in battle was the hardened soul once more. The prince of destruction, and the trained blade. A roar lifted up from battle and the golden surged from his island of calm into the fray. Who would dare meet his horns, and feel the sting, the burning, and death.

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SUMMARY:: After a moment of invisibility he runs into the fray of battle slashing about his horns.


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