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She was made for blood and war, it was all she'd ever known, ever cared to know for so long. The only weakness in her knees and shudder in her heart was for the fear that she would come face to face with her brother on that battlefield, that she would have to show him the face of her betrayal, that he would side with the family he had built instead of her.

And Ktulu! Her heart was weak with worry, with a protective rage that warred alongside the weaker emotion. Lakota had never had such problems before, love had never split its way into the forefront of her bloodlust, her prowess. It was a terrifying notion, and she shied away from it even as her eyes searched wildly for her lover's frame in the midst of the writhing, biting bodies. Ktulu! her heart cried plaintively, even with the knowledge that her mate was more than capable of protecting herself. All she could see was her beloved's body, crumpled and still, when they'd last stood together prepped for war in these lands. It was an image that stuck with her forever, one that caused the horrible flitter and ache in her chest, the one that drove her to dangerous distraction.

A cry echoed over the grass, and her heart recognized its tone before the cadence of her name ever registered. Her heart crippled into itself, a thousand memories flashing before wide violet eyes, barraging her with all the love she could ever feel for the singer of that song. "Leo," she breathed, a whisper he couldn't possibly hear. And though she knew not whether he sought her to fight her himself for her betrayal or to try and shake some sense into her or Gods knew what else, she found her voice rising in a shaking cry in return. "LEO!" Brother. Protector. Fratello. Her attack faltered only slightly, her own name ringing in her ears, so much closer than before. Aodaun leaped away as soon as his claws ripped down the medic's leg, seeking to find the stallion for his maiden whose heart beat with such fervor at the call of his voice. Alleo! he roared into Lakota's head triumphantly as the snowy figure fell beneath his vision.

Rain fell in torrents against Lakota's skin, blurring the world around her, but as she lunged away from Kiara her brother appeared before her. He was every bit as magnificent as she remembered, and she saw in him that same blaze of love and protection. "Fratello!" she yelled, alight with a responding fire, hysterical joy tight in her throat to see him dive with flashing teeth for his own herdmate. For her. It had always been the two of them against the world, side by side and back to back. They'd carried each other half-dead off so many worse battlefields, and they were at last reunited. Her eyes stung with tears to see him racing gallantly to protect and defend her as he always had, her savior in so many ways.

The bitch began to scream abuse, and Lakota's eyes went wild with rage, her blood sparked into an inferno. Little sister she may be, but Alleo had raised her with knives in her teeth and poison in her blood, and her brother was a fucking legend not a cowardly traitor. It wasn't her fault that their blood was so much stronger than whatever flimsy attentions they had deigned to give her brother, who had deserved so much better than the Falls could give. He deserved more than the world, more than Lakota could summon up even in her imagination to give to him. And with a wild scream of protective rage she tore after KIARA once more, teeth gleaming beneath her armor. "Shut up!" she screamed, seeking to clamp down tight on the mare's nape. Shuddering free regardless of how her bite landed, she raced towards her brother, forgetting her foe for the moment in hopes of having him for just a second. A breath. A blink. Because she had always needed him, always loved him, and Gods how blind she had been to think she could have ever ripped her soul away from his. He was her world, her gravity. He was so deeply interwoven into the fabric of her own being, the collateral damage would have killed her if she had attempted to truly tear herself away from him.

"I love you," she cried, a sinner with heaven on her tongue, and she wanted to throw her armor down and leap into his warmth, bury herself there forever. What she was really saying was be safe, make it through this, I can't lose you. Their own secret code, a game they'd played as children. I'm here. We can do this. Together.

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