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[INVS] Hotaru vs. OPEN

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@[Hotaru] vs. OPEN
The INVADER must post before 4/10/15 @ 10:00 AM CST or the fight will result in no points for the invading team.

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Earth rocks and shakes with the force of the explosion she set off, and with a maniacal grin Hotaru realized exactly why that loud-mouthed brat that came from Oxy's loins (insert shudder here at the mental image of him ever getting laid) was so fond of the things. It seemed to have hit a target, one Hotaru remembered as a stealth hit she'd once failed, and the smug delight she felt in return for that realization was just a further sweetener to the pot. Except...then there was a flash of bloodied cherry and cream, a massive furred body and a tiara with a pearlescent horn. Ktulu. A figure of her past she could never escape, not fully. Hotaru had loved and hated her, felt for her awe and spite in equal measures throughout her life. Her face was never forgotten, and though Hotaru knew she had risen above the broken child she'd once been, it still made her fumble on her hooves and sway hard away from the mare to see the ghost of her past make such a sudden reappearance.

Grass kicked itself up beneath her hooves as she stumbled, losing sight of TALION and Ktulu. Her breath picked up, and in the sanctuary she'd garnered for herself in the maelstrom of fighting, the Impersonator tried to calm her racing heart. No. She was not a child anymore. It was further proven by the fact that she and Ktulu where there together, fighting side by side. Equals at last. And suddenly her pulse was thrumming with a far faster beat, for a vastly different reason. The Queen of her past had finally been knocked from the pedestal she'd formed as a filly, and the exhilaration was both terrifying and invigorating. It pulsed adrenaline back into her blood, let her mind focus on where she was going, her hooves having carried her restlessly. Old recollections from fights she'd won and lost in turn, things she'd picked up; never stop moving. Especially in an invasion, with so many foes who could careen around the very next corner and kill her on the spot.

It wouldn't happen. Hotaru wouldn't let it happen, because she was better than all the peasants around her. This was her device being carried out, her hard won plans and prowess written into the blood being spilled all around her. It was her child being born into the world, and she would not be denied its beauty. Spinning on delicate hooves, the beauty surged back into the fray, her momentary lapse forgotten as she raced back into the mass of writhing bodies with a wicked laugh. She dipped her head at the nearest body she recognized as an enemy, horn prepped to pierce whatever limb was closest to her. Hotaru could nearly taste the blood in her mouth already.

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