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The INVADER must post before 4/10/15 @ 10:00 AM CST or the fight will result in no points for the invading team.
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”We attack on the first sunrise of Orangemoon.”

"I will be there," he promised the ghost of his love.

Sunrise had come—a sun with all the splendor of summer, the world still in thrall to heat and flame even if the nights had begun to show the barest hints of something crisp and cool.

And with sunrise, Mauja had come, a lone wolf slipping in the back door to a party he just had a verbal invitation to, wary of being kicked out again. He was a rogue, a stray, a snowflake some long-past winter had forgotten to take with it to its summery grave. He was not a creature of this lingering summer, and despite the magic he wielded, he was definitely not a creature of the Sun—but there was a moment when he crested a low hill, and the rising sun's rays raced out from behind his shoulders; a moment when he was the silhouette of an angel of unknown purpose, the wolf pristine and pure before it began to come down the hill and fell back in shadow, mortal and rugged.

Mauja and the sun had come, but they were alone. Worry niggled at his heart and mind, but he hadn't come to let her down. He was patient as winter itself. He would wait.

But when the sun had completed its course over the blue sky and sank towards it bloodied grave in the west, they came—an army on the march, the lengthening rays glittering upon armor and sharp edges. Limbs moved in procession, their bodies merging into a single flow. "Sunrise, huh," he murmured to himself. He had spent the day resting, nibbling on grass and drinking from a nearby stream—he was more than ready for some action. And so it was that he moved, trying to intersect with their path, an avalanche in their wake.

They arrived before he did, and he hadn't followed them perfectly either, coming in more from the side and taking a moment to size the situation up.

It was pitiful—just as pitiful as when he'd stood on these rolling hills and watched The Grey wrestle the Foothills from Jackal's slippery grasp. It was the same meager turn-out. From what he could tell, the Falls were outnumbered more than two-to-one.

He saw some he recognized, as his eyes on wings slipped down lower from the sky. There was Ghost in the midst of it, and the snowy Pegasus mare, and Ophelia came bursting out with the Basin troops hot on Moron's tail, and over there was Midas (wait, what?), and.. and...


What the fuck did they need him for, when they were already steamrolling this poor, sodden piece of shitty land? Ophelia had spoken of pride and vengeance and skill, of going to war, but this was just like the last time—a massacre.

Disgusted and worried and torn between a million different things Mauja came down from his low rise, moving at a fluid trot towards the Edge Queen. She looked so different in a wolf-skin cloak slung over metal armor, she looked.. she looked less like herself, and more like someone else, and for the thousandth time in his life he wondered if he actually knew her at all. Swallowing his doubts, Mauja settled in between Kahlua and the clashing armies, waiting for the doomed to fall to their knees.

He had no purpose here.

And anyone who wanted to get to Kahlua, would have to go through him.

Well, fine. It looks like he has a purpose, then.

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[ If anyone decides to answer this, please post a Stats roll thread for us and keep in mind Mau has a -5HP dock because he's lame :) Tagging @[Kahlua] because buddies hanging on the outskirts yay? <3 ]
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