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Honorable Service [Tilney x Ophelia]
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Home. White welcomed her with unflinching silence as colorful auroras guided her through looming mountains and wintry winds. Here, surrounded by snow, was her place of solace but now, her heart was torn. Three words haunted her memories, forcing her head to turn over her shoulder and stare to the south with longing she had not experienced before. Brows furrowed over her strange, dual colored eyes as she forced her cloven hooves into the depths of the tundra, finding the narrow pass into the Basin with a sweep of her gaze and a look into her flawless memories. Nothing up here changed- not much. Frozen in both temperature and time, this place was forever at peace, unmoved by the violent and rugged seasons of the mainland.

This is why the north was her home. Her memories were fast becoming a plague, confusing present and past. But, in this unchanging landscape, she did not have to concern herself with every detail; here was how she reset, took a breath, and prepared to move forward with her mind fully intact. Would she be able to live away from this all? Would she be able to give up the live she had forged for herself in the Aurora Basin with Torleik’s help? She had admittedly grown quite fond of the taciturn isolationists who chose the frigid north as their home. Ulrik’s sneering glares, Deimos’ silence, and Thranduil’s opulence were enough to make her smile, and she sighed heavily, breath emerging in thick clouds.

That was when she spied a stranger, and the pale princess tilted her head to the side curiously. She narrowed her eyes to focus, finding his chestnut hide rich like burning auburn and a white marking up his body which resembled a tree. A rack of antlers crowned his brow, and she approached slowly, nodding her head in greeting. Silver armor plated her body in an ornate, minimalist way, and star from the Sun God hung around her horn, illuminating her already sparkling form. The night sky above gave power to shards of stone that caught in her bloodied mane and tail, making them shimmer in the darkness.

Ophelia saw the metal sentinels in the distance braving the snow, their unmoving strength eerie at the doorstep of her home, and yet she trusted them implicitly to keep her family safe. The pale princess smiled to the stranger, bowing her head in respect. “Greetings,” she said, her voice soft and delicate, like chimes. “My name is Ophelia the Forsaken, Lady of the Aurora Basin.” Her introduction was a signal for him to do the same, and she waited patiently. Already the dark blue of night was beginning to fade, bare hints of the Sun God's promise streaking across the sky in a multitude of colors.

“Do you wish to serve this land as a warrior? Or give it a try?” she asked curiously. The Basin always needed bodies to spar and talent to rise. How else would they keep their home safe?

(500 words) (intro)
LOCATION: Just outside the Aurora Basin at EARLY DAWN with fading auroras, snowy footing and winter winds
Teaching Spar!
This will be 3 posts each and 1 closing defense.

This is just the introduction, so you have two choices.
1. You can have him accept Ophelia's request and attack her if you believe that is in character [[ this would be marked as post (1/3) ]]
2. You can write an intro post which DOES NOT count toward your battle and have her attack first [[ this would be marked as post (intro) ]]

You can find the stats for this thread in the "stat rolling" board under the same name of this thread! That is where it will show you the damage that you take from each attack and the breakdown of everything. I'll walk you through it as we go along!

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Tilney loved nothing more then to stargaze. It was likely that he would do just about anything to gaze at an aurora. One time, one glimpse at a brilliant night sky was all he asked for. But with his condition there was no chance.
He rose early from his cave hoping to at least catch a vivid sunrise over the mountains; that was one of the spectacular sights he was lucky enough to behold most days despite his unlucky circumstance. And so began a mostly blind walk from his cave, treading clumsily through his frozen lodgings; He was headed for the arch. He knew not how to scale the surrounding mountains and he needed to find an adept vantage point in which to view the rising sun. Already the colours began to tint the clouds and backlight the enveloping mountains.

Now among the tall sentinels, his paces stepped shorter. They frightened him; very much. Tilney was only so new to this land of magic, who knows what those lofty machines were capable of. No doubt they came alive and scared off trespassers. Halting sheepishly under the structure, his blackened maw outstretched to view its detail. He almost wanted to whisper hello to it. Softly shrugging his verdant cloak further over his shoulders, he breathed a cold sigh. Sight was returning to him rapidly as the sun took its post, and he was very glad of it.

His viridescent gaze then took in a glistening creature approaching. Porcelaine hide complimenting the snow and contrasting red locks. Decorated in armor he wondered where on earth this fae had been and what she was doing out at this housr; he was sure only he ventured out at this time.
She approached, a titchy smile crossed his dark maw as he bowed. Ophelia the Forsaken, Lady of the Basin. He was startled. "Oh" was his first sheepish response "Are you cold m'lady?". Tilney then realised that was likely a very stupid question.
"I am Tilney" he finally managed.

Her query was puzzling. He knew he was not a warrior; he only fought for fun or in self-defense. He hoped his answer was pleasing to her anyhow. "I could give it a try" He laughed.

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I'll let you attack first! xD
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I'll follow you out of the dark
I tried it my way but I keep fallin' apart

Night skies and constellations called her home, the wintry wind catching around her thick mane and tail, sending blood spattered tresses flying in the breeze. That was when she noticed this stranger, a curious fellow. The Aurora Basin worked as a unit, a well-oiled machine not dissimilar to the very sentinels guarding the gates. She may not know everyone, but everyone knew someone. Eventually, information would bounce from one to another until it permeated the entire herd, and she was not perturbed by this new recruit’s presence. In fact, she was gladdened that he too saw the wonders in the north and chose to call it his home.

Wandering was what Ophelia did best most days. Anxious, split hooves carried her far and wide across Helovia, leaving no stone unturned or tree untouched. Her mind was a veritable map, a perfect record from season to season of the landscape, and she used it to navigate frequently. With Torleik gone, she would have to use it much more often, she figured, looking over her shoulder to the south to where she assumed he was standing.

With the cadence of a nobleman, Tilney spoke, and she smiled out of one side of her mouth, raising a brow. Cold? No. She enjoyed the cold. If she did not, she would not have chosen this as her home. “I am comfortable,” she replied kindly, though amused. “And, I am pleased to meet you, Tilney.” Ophelia bowed her head to him respectfully and stated her proposition for battle.

Tinek soared overhead, a silver banner shimmering through the sky as he came to land on the back of a sentinel, red eyes watching the pair carefully. He rolled his eyes as Ophelia asked to fight, so eager for war. Patiently, he picked at his talons, content to observe his bonded grow in strength and power.

The Lady smiled up at him, shaking her head before listening to Tilney’s acceptance. Her smile brightened. Perhaps that was sick, messed up. Why would a Lady smile at the thought of battle if her heart was pure?

She wouldn’t. Her heart was anything but.

“I am sure you will be fine,” she encouraged. “At some point, instincts help drive your actions, and the rest is all practice.” Ophelia would know very little of instincts, her mind having made room for her memories. She had to carefully hone her skills and lose often in order to make-up for what she lacked. Strange, dual colored eyes utilized these experiences now to make her initial judgments and plan her first attack. A practiced gaze swept over his form, finding his cloak to be an area of weakness, especially if she could step on the cloth.

Otherwise, their physique was remarkably similar. His height and build would give him a slight advantage to strength, but she was undoubtedly faster. Long, pale legs and a sloping frame gave her an edge for sprinting, and the height of her shoulder made agile movements easier. But, were she to get hit by Tilney, the blow would certainly hurt more than any she could deliver, and thus she decided to keep this battle’s pace a constant race.

Ophelia did not hesitate when she loped forward from a halt, minimalistic armor shifting easily over her white hide. She aimed to decrease the distance between them, the sentinels looming overhead as the sky brightened. Two, delicately shaped ears pricked forward, heart beating rapidly in her chest as she lifted her forelegs from the ground, balancing on her hind. Two strikes of her front hooves churned in his direction, aiming to bruise and mar the delicate skin around his handsome face. Swiftly, she returned to the ground, not eager to be knocked over, and she turned on her fore-hand, lashing out with her hind hooves to keep the battle moving.


(1/3) (639 words in word)
--- Ophelia lopes toward him, rears up and lashes out with her front hooves
-- Turns and kicks out at him

:D I will be sure to do a teaching note once you reply.

Remember when the dice are rolled that you pay attention to the d6 roll. That determines your damage. A 1 would be minimal damage, and a 6 is maximum damage! Everything else is interpreted along that scale.

Please be sure to ask questions if you have any!!!


Undertow has come to take me. Guided by the blazing sun. Look at everything around us. Look at everything we've done.
Please. Anyone. I don't think I can save myself. I'm drowning.

Please tag me in every response!

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