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[OPEN] Converge [Edge Leads]
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First to speak and first to go, though she felt her heart crack when she had to look up into his deep, blue eyes. Would this be the moment she was forced to decide if she wanted him for herself or if she was willing to let him go? She did not want to have to make this decision, and she swallowed hard as he spoke, listening to how thorough and clever his ideas were. Pikes were a clever weapon to use, and mixing the nature resources of the timber and glass would definitely help fortify his defenses. She turned as he did, looking in all directions and found herself grateful that he was on her side. Glass barbs on wooden branches? Ophelia could only imagine the pain.

Ophelia nodded to Torleik and then moved on to Cathun. Unlike Torleik’s stout defenses, Cathun was playing mind games on his supposed enemy. She listened curiously, liking the thought of creating a bottleneck, but she worried about the wisdom in turning to flee. Old warriors like her father, Gaucho and Deimos may not be so easily swayed by such tactics. She knew from her own experiences that a lack of angry enemies at the gates made her especially nervous and even more wary. The use of citizens was also interesting – if they were up for the task. Some were and some were not. Still, the plan was a good one, and she nodded to him before moving on.

Elsa. Ophelia did not trust her, not in the slightest. There were reasons not to let an enemy lead, quite contrary to what she said in her speech earlier. The plan she gave needed better structure. At the root of her ideas, she could see a good thought process, but a herd was not guaranteed flighted beings and there were many other ranks to consider. What about when the guards grew tired? The Pale princess nodded once and moved on, thinking that the pegasus would have done much better in Kahlua’s group than here. Ophelia did not dislike Elsa, but her status and bitterness were two qualities she could not ignore. She nodded and moved on.

Lastly, Ophelia approached Rostislav with obvious distaste, and she frowned, waiting for him to speak. There were many issues with his plans as he spoke, and she blinked only a few times. How would they control the growth of the vine? Walls and fences had obviously not served this herd well before, and walls can always be broken. How would one even control a butterfly or a fox? Yes, using the mists to your advantage was a good idea, and using the seer was excellent, but the remainder was nonsense. The pale princess nodded once and then made a jerking motion with her head, indicating that they should all follow her back to the original meeting spot.

“Torleik,” she said, addressing him first though it pained her to do so. “You have a variety of defenses that will work efficiently, but there are a few points I want to make. What you intend to do will take quite some time to set up, and I believe that is the weakness of your plan. Considering that you will have to scale this defense to an entire herd, you may want to choose which of those traps could be varied and where. Secondly, Irelyn cannot be everywhere at once, so that is good you will use your seer. And, I encourage you to think of how you would use your spies and healers. Hotaru and Lena have both proven the potency of their ranks.” Her gut was churning, making her nauseous as she began to realize that his was the most reasonable and logical plan.

“Cathun,” she said, her voice frosty. You make good use of the terrain and converging your enemy on a single location is always wise. You have made use of nearly every rank available to you and have thought not only about defense but counter attack. But I believe your greatest weakness comes from a trait I saw in you earlier when you first spoke. Arrogance is a damning quality, one that is so easily swayed and proved wrong. You cannot ensure that every citizen will fight – I know many who won’t, not even to defend their own home. Furthermore, assuming that your enemy will lose a will to fight is quite plainly incorrect. Were you defending against nomads not inherent to this land, I might agree, but you are not. You were to defend this tree against myself, and the second I see an enemy running away is the moment I get wary. Do not underestimate who you are fighting – that will be your downfall. You have to be willing to think of your enemies as better or equal to yourself in all ways.”

she said. “I saw the beginnings of a good idea, but crafting takes time. There is no project that is swift to complete, so I urge you to carefully consider your words. Invisible spikes are a clever idea, but they are also very dangerous to your own herd – especially if children would be playing nearby. Even so, memories are troublesome and prone to forgetfulness. Also, there is no guarantee that your guards will be winged, and your best guard may be another species entirely. Since your main defense actually limits your defending force, I would consider this a poor strategy. What I hear from you is the beginning of a good idea that needs refinement. You are thinking of more than one strategy, but that is good. I do not know you well enough to say you lack experience, but I do believe you could benefit from the tutelage of an older, battle-hardened warrior.”

she said curtly. “I will make this short. The time it will take to create an entire glass wall is time wasted. Not only will it keep your enemies out – somewhat, but it will also trap you inside. Also, if you somehow know a magic trick to control the animals indigenous to your land, do let me know. We have wolves in the Basin that would be of great help, though I can’t see how foxes would be useful. The God of the Earth is not your patron god either, so how do you plan on controlling a vine? Does your wall have intentional weak points, or are you planning on making a weak wall?” she asked these questions all in a row, shaking her head. “The mists will aide you, yes, and so will your seer. Throwing fire is reasonable, but the remainder just leaves me confused.” Call out her poor creativity, but she failed to see the use in his plan at all.


Ophelia waited then for Kahlua and her party to return, standing by herself – a marble statue. Once they were all gathered and in a somewhat a calm state, she took a deep breath, turning to Kahlua. Her heart was heavy, a leaden weight in her chest, and she frowned deeply. “I believe Torleik would best serve this herd as the military leader,” she said, the words tumbling out of her lips like tombstone, condemning. “He has a relationship with the Moon Goddess already and his plan was both thorough and clever, and he has experience as the general of the Aurora Basin.” The pale princess turned her gaze down toward her cloven hooves, taking a moment to inhale a shaky breath. “But, I would suggest Elsa to be his general. She has all the makings of a good leader, but she lacks refinement. With the proper instruction, she could be great.”

Not planning on withholding, she then took her turn speaking of the other two. “Cathun, though clever, comes off as arrogant and presumptive. Neither quality will make a good lead – not now. He needs to learn the ways of the world and get kicked down a few steps before he learns that this position is an honor and a privilege, not a right. Rostislav…” she trailed, shaking her head. “He wanted to build a wall and use foxes and lunar moths as defenses. My opinion is that he is best suited as a warrior.” Ophelia then stepped away so that Kahlua could make her announcements, and she did not dare look at anyone. The pale princess hung her head, finding the multi-colored leaves beneath her hooves fascinating. It was wrong to wish ill on him, but… she had wanted him to do poorly so that she could keep him to herself.

But, she was honest. Too honest.

Torleik was determined to make this work, his three little words haunting her mind, but that did not make her decision any less difficult. Instead of returning home to her towering mountains and white steppes to a cave filled with his boisterous warmth and his family's funny antics, she would go alone to sleep with stone walls and her loneliness.

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The Sunshower

The trip home was as long as the trip to the Throat to begin with. As the sun rose on another day, Kahlua thanked Gaucho and his party for their hospitality and set off back to the Edge. It was almost cruel of her to drag the rest back with her, when only one would be made lead, but a plan had been made and she stuck with it. It didn’t matter anymore anyways. There was no stress in her heart, no struggle in her head, no war waging in her breast. Life would be as it was supposed to be, she was sure. Whoever it was that Ophelia would pick, Kahlua was sure the white woman would make a wise choice. She had not failed to deliver when Kahlua had needed guidance before. She would not fail to deliver now.

Back they went, Kahlua walking beside Mauja, pressed gently against his side, enjoying the way her body bumped and brushed against his. It was easy to walk beside him. As she thought about her life and what had led her to this moment, her mind conjured memories and images of Kaj and she wondered what about Mauja made her feel so different. But it some ways, she already knew the answer. Kaj had been more of a father and a mentor than a friend. He had always been there pushing her to be greater, pushing her to grow, but at those moments when she had been broken down to her lowest point she had not been ready to grow and be greater. At those moments, all she had needed was a ladder to help her climb out of her pit of despair.

Mauja seemed to understand this, to know what it was like to have darkness in his heart, to know when to push and when to offer a steady hand. She didn’t know how she and him, so opposite as they were, had grown together, but something within her had connected to something within him. What had been a crusade to clear his name, to free him from the accusations that haunted him, had turned into something more. Friends first, but then something else that she could not deny. But the nice thing about Mauja was that she didn’t have to even know what it was that they were now. He didn’t ask, she couldn’t tell him anyways, and it didn’t matter. They were what they were, or what they were not, and that was fine.

No pressure. No expectations. Just happiness.
She was content.

Crossing the border of the Edge, wondering what would be done with the remnants of the glass wall now that the land was under new leadership, the queen (the last time she could say that) found Ophelia. Kahlua, still jaded on the idea of war, listened long enough to hear the Forsaken’s judgement- Torleik. An easy smile settled on her lips and she bobbed her head contentedly. She could accept him… she owed him, after all. As for the rest- discussion of tactics and the whys… Kahlua wanted to listen, she really did, but the words still brought back flashes of war and destruction that she did not want to (and could not) listen to. Instead, she laid her head against Mauja’s neck and enjoyed the warmth that coursed from his body into hers.

In time it was her turn. She knew she could never be so eloquent as the white Lady and her words would surely fall short in comparison, but the sooner she spoke the sooner this would all be over. The sooner she could go back to living her life the way she wanted to. The sooner Helovia could begin to heal from the tragedies that she had helped cause. At any rate, Gaucho had done much of the analysis for her. All she had to do was follow through. Lifting her head from Mauja’s side, she began.

“Amaris decided she would rather not be queen,” she started, because that was easiest. “As Gaucho pointed out in the Throat, both Verlaine and Thor approached with friendship and promises but did not bring anything that would suggest they could keep their promises later on. Thor does, however, have history as a leader…” Somewhat apologetically, her eyes roamed to Thor. She actually rather enjoyed his company, but this was about what was best for the Edge. “Mauja had a backup plan if peaceful negotiations were not enough to save his herd. He has history in this land, with the Lady Moon, and as a leader…” Again, she trailed off. It felt odd to be judging him- awkward, even. He was standing right there, after all. “I propose that Mauja lead this land, with Torleik.”

Shuffling away from Mauja slightly, the Sunshower looked between the two of them. The Lady Moon had told her once that queens don’t bow, but she was a queen no longer. Extending one forelimb, the queen curled her neck around and acknowledged them as leaders- her leaders. “I wish to stay here,” she announced at last, specifically to the two of them. “I would like to be your Seer, if you and the Lady Moon would have me.” Of course she did not know that Nasreen had recently returned… An issue for another time, perhaps.

For now, the world simply felt… right.
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Why am I doing this?

Mauja was not a diplomat—he spoke with a closed fist.
He did not enjoy socializing, not genuinely. He hated alliances because it made him feel beholden to others. He wanted to fuck shit up if he felt like it, without having to give a damn about others. He wanted to be able to slip his knife into someone's back and then reap the world.

His oaths were hollow and he was not made for the peace of fools.
He was not racist anymore; he hated everyone equally.

And yet he walked back from the Throat with the oddest feeling in his chest, and Kahlua pressed against his spotted flank.

He couldn't put words on it—out of all the ones who had come to speak to Gaucho, he was probably the one the least interested in the position. It was his own brand of arrogance—a quality he loathed in himself—that drove him. None of them are worthy.

None of them were worthy of the Edge.
None of them were worthy of Kahlua.

She had asked him, in her own way.

And he had said yes.

He felt solemn, still awed by the sensation in his heart.. the lingering traces of warmth sparked by Kahlua's defense, and the odd peace he felt with his decision to go for this—his reconciliation with Gaucho's evaluation of their "tactics", despite how proud a creature he was that frost could've flaked off his armor as he strained to not stand too regally, too haughty. And so it was that he returned to the Edge with serenity painted upon his pale face, stepping past the shattered wall and into the embrace of the familiar trees.

Silently he settled, Ophelia's warriors already gathered. Again, his gaze fell on her, trying to read her, trying to.. trying to what? He didn't know.

Catch her eye. Reach out with his heart. With anything. She had seemed so worn before the invasion.. so he stared at her, concern written in the depths of his eyes, until she began to speak. Who would she recommend?


She was swift about it, and Mauja's eyes moved to the black stallion. He had the looks of a warrior, scarred and buff and braided—but what lay in his heart? The only fault Mauja had found with him, aside from his violent..interruption..when he had attempted to comfort Ophelia, was that he had sounded like he didn't want this for himself. Like he wanted it for other reasons, for the Moon, for.. Mauja didn't know.

Why be here, asking to be King, when Ophelia would remain in the north? Had things gone sour between them?

But they had sought comfort in one another after the futile battle of the Falls.

So busy was he staring at Torleik, and thinking, that he almost missed the fact that Kahlua had begun to speak. “I propose that Mauja lead this land, with Torleik.”

And he was both surprised, and not surprised.

Gaucho had said as much. Kahlua had said as much.

But I'm not worthy either.

He was a wolf masquerading as a deer, in the wrong boat entirely—diplomacy? Hah. Laughable. He had led one of Helovia's darkest sects. He had killed, both on purpose, and by accident. He had..

He had definitely overdosed on bitterness. This wasn't about the past. This was.. this was.. this was about the future. His gaze drifted to Kahlua as she shuffled aside, his heart yearning to follow her, because we are still equal.

This was about them.

Mauja pulled his head a little higher, blue eyes sweeping those gathered—some, would be his now, to guide and protect. Elsa, their general, perhaps. (Now it's my duty to cure her of her bitterness.) Cathun, kicked out ass-first if Mau had anything to say about it. That stupid Rostislav was Torleik's problem, thank the heavens, if he wished to stay.

And then there was Kahlua.. he nodded at her words, knowing that the decision was not his to make alone—and that was both terrifying, and annoying. Mauja had never shared power in this way before.

Slowly he moved from his spot, taking a few steps forward, so he could see Torleik better.

"So," he said after a moment, the corner of his mouth curling up into a small smile. "You or me be the Queen?"

And he laughed, a soft sound, because the world was soft and things were finally falling into place and finally—

—finally, there was the Light of Dawn.

[ aka Mauja wants to have a chat with Torleik so they can figure out how to deal with their new baby :) ]
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Torleik the Bloodskald

Hail to the King

To be honest, the Basin General hadn't known what to expect. He'd given his best, most detailed plan, aware that he would have to make cuts and sacrifices depending on the actuality of the world around him. But he hadn't expected that no one else would propose a plan that would truly challenge him, make him doubt himself, make him wonder if he could win this.

All of them, every one, had ideas. All of them were good in their own ways and all were suggestions he would have listened to if their herdland had been threatened. But none of them held the knowledge that he would have been looking for in a leader - and by default that left him at the top of the pack. He wasn't sure how he felt about that. Proud, of course; a heady rush coursed through him when Torleik realized he was winning this, but the bitter taste of reality soon set in.

That meant it was real now, that he would be separated from Ophelia. Not as if you saw her much when you lived in the Basin... he reminded himself, and it was true. The Bloodskald had rarely ever seen her, so busy was she with her duties, always elsewhere, always going and doing, never staying put where he was. Yet she wounded him with her sadness that he would depart? He tried to be reasonable, to understand that she was afraid, and that fear was easily masked with anger or some other more protective emotion. The rabicano told himself that no matter what, he could persevere.

As long as she trusted him.

If he had her faith, he could keep her heart.

Kahlua returned with Mauja and as soon as he laid eyes on them in the distance, he knew that this would be his co-ruler. The dark amusement he felt at this was thick like tar - but surprisingly, the Bloodskald found no anger in his breast. Hate served no purpose here. And there was no reason to hate Polkadot. Hate should be reserved for the foulest of enemies, not ones who were a nuisance at best and worthy of an ass-kicking at worst. As long as Mauja understood his intimate privileges with Phi would never return and behaved himself accordingly, Torleik could work with him just fine.

Ophelia's voice almost sounded underwater to his audits when she claimed he was the best candidate, and he wished only to turn and embrace her, remind her that he was committed to them, to her and that distance meant nothing to his love. But he could not. It would be inappropriate here. He would reassure her, though.


Kahlua posited Mauja as her candidate and deigned that she would remain, perhaps as the World's Edge Seer, and the Bloodskald found he pitied her. To be so wholly wrapped up in a man who the ebbing and flowing tide - it would cause her pain. Torleik remembered their first meeting, her hot temper, the screeched words. Where was that mare, now? Stepping forward as Mauja did, he glanced between the four pillars here: himself, his new partner in lead, Kahlua, and his Ophelia.

Mauja's words caught him and he turned an ear to show he intended to listen, a wry, roguish smirk curving his dark, scarred lips at the query. "You, clearly," he rumbled, the answer given in good, though subtle humor. "Come, my queen. Let us discuss," he added, the smirk widening to a lopsided grin, and he nodded to a more secluded spot nearby. Before he went, he turned back to Ophelia, eyes gentle, searching. "Remember how you promised me you would be selfish," he murmured. Torleik leaned forward to gently nuzzle one soft, fuzzy ear of hers. "I love you. Remain close for a time? I...wish to talk to you, as well. Please," he asked of her quietly, drawing back to inspect her face.

Would she show patience and faith in him so soon? He hoped.

"talk talk talk"

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All of this standing around and talking was really starting to wear on Ampere. Politics were dreadfully dull, and she couldn't help but wonder if Gaucho did this on a daily basis. Of course she had ruled, once, but the entire realm had been recovering from the shock of the terrible wraiths which had forced them all underground for countless nights. It left all the herds to rebuild, and each had focused on itself for the entire time she had sat on the throne. These outside trips and contests hadn't been on her agenda, and now she could say she was grateful.

Whatever the God of the Sun had seen in her, she wasn't sure it existed. Even as a warrior lead, she wasn't sure she had the grace or the tact of handle all these affairs. Still, she was here, however much she had to shift her weight while she waited, snorting faintly and grazing on whatever was nearby.

Thankfully this was the end, and when the diplomatic group returned, Ampere felt relief. The feeling would be short lived, sadly.

Ophelia and Kahlua each detailed their candidates, and their choices. Ophelia's had not shocked her since Ampere had been present for all of it, and had found Torleik surprisingly capable, if a bit reliant on all his insane crafts and traps. Ampere was still impressed by Cathun's suggestions, particularly how well he utilized all of his herd, and she found a new respect for her sandy warrior - whatever his motives for applying here. Ophelia's dismissal of him was... unjust to Ampere, and she couldn't help but squint a bit when the Basin lady selected a Basiner for king. If she'd had any further notions of their intimacy, she would have scowled even harder.

It was not just that she had selected a Basiner, it was that she did not continue to test them, that she just continued to talk with them. Having Gaucho, arguably the greatest warrior, as her Sultan on top her very warrior-minded and wildling upbringing surely made Ampere biased, but she felt this system horribly weak in selecting an ideal candidate, especially when Cathun showed such promise.

Of course it didn't help that Ampere was not particularly fond of Torleik. Though, his annoyance was little to nothing compared to all the grievances Oxy had caused her, she had not enjoyed any time they had met in the past.

Lips set in a hard line, Ampere turned to listen to Kahlua, surprised that Amaris had dropped out. "What happened int he Throat?" Ampere couldn't help but wonder, and her blue gaze cut across the diplomatic candidates, curious. Had Gaucho done something? Shaking away his name with a toss of her head, Ampere remained attentive as Kahlua explained her reasons, but it did little to soften the blow that Mauja was her choice.

The evidence of their relationship was extremely obvious, and Ampere couldn't help but balk at the painted mare's clear favoritism of her cock buddy. Not to mention that Ampere knew him. Not well, but she remembered his spotted hide in her youth, chasing her out of the white north. His imbecilic rampage of madness had impressed everyone earlier? On words alone he seemed the most unqualified, and talking was the only fucking thing this contest seemed to care about. By the gods had everyone in this little group gone fucking mad?

To top it off Kaglua was staying in the very home she had supposedly wanted to leave due to the governing god. The very god that had driven her into war. "Ludicrous," Ampere whispered to herself, disbelieving of the insanity that she felt she was witnessing.

Having had to wait this long, for this, left a sour taste in Ampere's mouth. Still, this was the purpose of her presence, to know. Thankfully her rank did not demand of her that she forge alliances, because it would have been like eating grass through shit in order for her to extend any promises of friendliness to these two dick heads. Instead she settled for a political smile, tight, and a short "Congratulations. The Throat will be in contact with you all soon." She nodded her head, careful not to bow it, before finally taking to her wings, wondering if Amaris and Cathun would accompany her home. She was over the Edge.


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"You, clearly. Come, my queen. Let us discuss."

For the first time in his life, Mauja was a Queen. It had been a long shot, trying to amuse the one who had, aside from a brief meeting in the Threshold a few years ago, mostly just called him filth and acted like all he'd wanted was to curbstomp him on the spot. But either it was the beauty of politics, or that flare of anger had gone out—Torleik had responded in kind, dark lips curving into a handsome grin, and Mauja found his eyes drifting to Ophelia. He could certainly see why she hung around with him. He did look good.

But Mauja knew that the moment they shared, that dark maw reaching for her delicate ears and whispering words she would never forget, was not for him. So he looked aside, wondering when things had ended up this way, and why it didn't bother him more than it did—which is to say, hardly at all.

Instead, he looked at Kahlua, and then to the blue-and-black Pegasus mare as she made her exit. "I look forward to it," he said to her, pure instinct, something curbing his words and turning the snarl into a smile. Silently he watched her go. It was a fault of his and a remnant of the past, but Mauja ill liked the Throat.

Then Torleik was moving away from the most mysterious woman Mauja had ever known, and with a flick of his tail the white beast padded after him, wondering if this was to turn into attempted regicide, or if miracles were truly happening in Helovia right now.

[ Mauja and Torleik are continuing here so as to not disturb the flow of this thread. Anyone, especially the other candidates, are welcome and encouraged to show up in this thread! ]
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It was all a big game, a play of chess where only the flexibility of minds had been tested - and very fleetingly at that. Cathun frowned in disgruntled surprise when the white mare, Lady Ophelia, first cracked down on his strategy and then announced that the trial was over. Was that it? No spars, no physical trials, no further delving into the marshland that was strategy, tactics and moral? One quick game of whack-a-mole and she had already decided?

The young stallion stared at the red-tainted mare through narrowed slits as he joined up with the rest once more, disbelieving and suspicious. The whole affair was suspicious, it left a bad taste on the tongue. Why was the conquerors allowed to pick the leaders of the abandoned region? Why were these two mares the only ones allowed to voice their opinion? Where was the voice of the people, those poor souls that would have to live with the consequences of whatever result they chose to make? His participation in the whole affair was haphazard and spontaneous, a whim, a... yes, a game! He didn't know himself how he would act if he ended up on a throne, and what was to say that the rest of the applicants felt any stronger about it? A land you didn't know, a people you hadn't met... they all faded to the background compared to the blinding halo of glory that surrounded the titles of 'king' and 'queen'. Cathun was still young enough to view royalty with the eyes of a child, awed and desperate for a measure of the same heroic status that surely came with such a high seat. Oh, he wanted it, wanted it badly enough to glare at the warrior candidates he had played with, so much so that he remained more focused on Kahlua and Ophelia than on Amaris once the diplomats returned...

The problem was how little he was needed as a ruler of a foreign land, and how quickly his interest dropped once names were called and his weren't among them. Cathun held his breath at first and felt the searing heat of disappointment wash over him, swallowed back tears of shame and humiliation at the thought that he had been deemed lesser than someone else. He closed his eyes and listened to the hard drumming of his own heart as he struggled to maintain some sort of composure - he'd drop dead before crying in front of all these people - and forgot to congratulate the winners, forgot to pay his respects to the new Kings, forgot even that he hadn't really been interested in wearing a crown to begin with...

Then, quite suddenly, disappointment turned into anger and his eyes snapped open, moving from equine to unicorn to pegasus, sharp and cutting, seeing what he wished to see rather than the truth. He saw Mauja and Kahlua stand pressed together, close enough that they could be confused for one and in his eyes they were sharing tender looks, sweet and full of meaning. He turned and found Torleik whispering with Ophelia, and to his judgmental eyes a tender look appeared to plaster upon the dark features, sickening in its tender affection and he thought he remembered how they had always stood close to the other, sharing glances as though some quiet conversation was being held without words.

One after another was subjected to the sharp, burning glare - Cathun jumped a bit when he discovered that Ampere was there, and for a moment he wondered how much trouble he would be in when he got back to the Throat - and as he watched the colt bit his jaws tighter together. Regardless of whether his eyes found truth or figments of his own vivid imagination, Cathun allowed the bitterness to overcome him, and without thinking about consequence or anyone's feelings (who mattered except himself anyway?) he spoke up, words acrid upon the sharp tongue.

"I see" he said, so quiet that only those standing closest to him might hear. "So this is how Aurora Basin and the new Hidden Falls do things.

he called, raising his voice and calling for the attention of the executives, every word laced with sarcasm, "was there any point in this at all? If you were going to pick your lovers to lead this place then why didn't you just do so from the start, instead of hosting this farce of a trial? Call me biased or a sore loser if you want, but I don't think anyone here will call this a fair ruling."

The colt's ears had tipped backwards as he spoke and there was a new hardness over his young face as he glared between Mauja, Torleik and their ladies. Funny how people could turn from innocent strangers into malevolent enemies at the drop of a hat. Funny, indeed, how a person could judge others based on nothing but misguided preconceptions, simply because they wanted to judge.

"I'm starting to feel relieved that I wasn't chosen. I'd much rather become the naive, arrogant fool you take me for and live my life with honor and integrity, than curry favors from herds that can't even be honest about their own high-handed self-righteousness. "

Lips curled in disgust as Cathun offered a mock bow to the new lords and with a flick of the frosted tail he turned to leave, falling in behind Ampere to accompany her back to the Throat, spine rigid with indignation.

This was not over. Far from it. Cathun may be weak now, he may be young and inexperienced... but that would only last so long. He would have to train, grow stronger, he would challenge Gaucho again and test his mettle against Ampere, and one day when he could no longer be looked down upon he would change this wretched world for the better! Arrogant, ha! Naive, ha! He would show them, show them all for sure! And in the meantime they better watch their backs, because Cathun had now seen how some of the rulers of Helovia truly acted and he agreed with none of it.

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Edit: I apologize for the powerplay, I changed the post; everything Cathun sees as 'proof' for his words is merely figments of his imagination, not facts or knowledge in any way.

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She watched as the pieces all slid into place, a witness all over again to swift, rapid changes. Quiet, hushed, with no movement, no sound, her eyes rounded and shifted, narrowed and surveyed, as the orders were read and judgments declared. And all the while, the Songbird had remained just as she’d been all along: completely, utterly silent.

There was a span of a few moments where she, like so many of them before her, had reflected upon a chief sentiment: what am I doing here? What had her role been? What had she fulfilled? Any of them could have been spectators and observers, onlookers and bystanders, waiting at their designated post, a shadow in the haze of day, a blaze of light in the morning sun. Her presence had been requested, she’d thought, to assist in the earnest, eager fragments of leadership, to suggest and implore from the given responses – but neither Lady turned to her. Neither asked her opinion. Neither glanced at her. Maybe she’d been forgotten in all the excitement and uproar, they were distracted and befuddled by the given replies or the hostile environment, and her glowing, radiant smile hadn’t been seen from the wayward abyss. Perhaps they’d been overwhelmed or enchanted by another’s answer, and had decided right then and there. Maybe they’d waited for her to give her sentiments without prompting. Or –

Worthless, the wind whispered. Worthless, the vestiges of autumn crooned. Worthless, the haunting poignancy gathered.

She must have misunderstood. She must have perceived something different from all the speculation, all the wonder. She must have overstepped her boundaries, had become hopeful, jubilant, at the opportunity of assisting in some monumental task. The notions prickled against her spine and swam against her membrane, until they drowned out the grinding glimpses of eagerness, until they waylaid her fervent interludes, her chosen words. They all festered and withered like dust, and the edges of her smile frayed away, drifting, drifting, drifting into nothingness. Somewhere along the way, she’d become something inept again – and the spiral weighed her down, drooped her shoulders, cracked along her backbone. The nymph wasn’t worthy, the sylph wasn’t deserving, the fairy wasn’t warranted, and it’d been so inane, so foolish, to believe herself so high, so mighty –

But then the youth, Cathun, spoke, bitter, angry, tarnished from the proceedings. Her heart went out to him in fragments and slivers, to the rage fueling his tempest, but the insults were unnecessary, the slights misgiven. Surely, in all her well wishes, in all her hopes, the Queens had not chosen their Kings based on besotted fervors? Her eyes searched, her soul scrutinized, and she didn’t know. Instead, she twisted her cranium towards the retreating back of the lad, to the others not chosen, not anointed or consecrated with a title. If she wasn’t worthy of being heard before, maybe she was now. “Never, ever give up. Grow. Change. Develop from the experience.” The words sang from the dulcet quivers of her mouth, moving and morphing into powerful, potent strings, woven lace courting and lofting and lilting, begging to be heard. Lena’s gaze flickered from one unsuccessful candidate to the other, the ivory Elsa, the disappearing Cathun, the distant Rostislav, and all the others fettering and roaming in the weary, scrambling haze. “And when you think you’re ready, return, let them know, let them see, what you’ve become.”

Her eyes settled back upon those consecrated, Mauja, someone she once called a friend, one of her leaders, suddenly returned to his old kingdom. He seemed content, he seemed satisfied, and the misgivings, strangled, peculiar ones, tumbling about her spine, along her barrel, were nearly dissuaded. He was capable, and she craved for his success as old companions would (and yearned for him to remember the rotes of history, that not all things were doomed and damned to repeat themselves). The fairy fixated briefly upon Torleik as well, their General turned Edge sovereign, and proffered both stallions with a light, airy smile. “Congratulations to you both. I hope you serve the Edge well.”

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I've cried, and you'd think I'd be better for it, but the sadness just sleeps, and it stays in my spine the rest of my life.

Despite the chatter and ideas, a decision had to be made. Whether or not she was included did not matter. For the sake of information, knowing who was here would be enough. Gaucho would surely take her in, wouldn't he? He and Oxy seemed to have a bit of companionship, and if she needed, she knew she could play that card. Either way, her very last attempt would be wandering into the Throat, and living in the toils of heat. So she followed soundlessly behind the rest. Ophelia in the lead, and the males behind her, she picked up the caboose. For what it is worth, she did not think her mental state would even allow her to begin to work with them. It was a tightly wound wire that was suffocating her heart, but she needed to snip it away eventually. It had taken a toll on her physically, the nightmares and terrors often keeping her up through the night. So even Edgar was surprised when she dove into the heart of her bitterness and fear. Essentially, she was the lamb in a pack of wolves.

The trip was short, and sweet. She knew that the "talking" group was coming, and she dreaded listening to that. Talking was the one skill that had gone down the drain during her days here. She may be a good advertiser, but keeping the peace was not her forte. As of recently, those who chatter incessantly do not tickle her fancy either. Flicking her tail, all the assessments began. Each one proving something, both good and bad, about each contestant. Torliek was first, and just his look made him intimidating. Cathun next, his falling on the negative side of things. Elsa glanced at the young thing, and he seemed to be tall an confident. Hers was the start, and obviously every solid plan she thought she had faltered at the foundation. Edgar tensed then, and Elsa slid her ears back slightly, not sure whether to be positive or negative about the whole thing. So instead of saying anything, she stood quiet to let them finish. Rostislav was next, and his reprimands almost as bad as Cathun's. Elsa swallowed back the urge to explain, to elaborate that he knew how to do his job. Yet, among this gathering, she had absolutely no room to speak.

Kahlua and the others finally arrived. Ophelia began nominating, and the one standing above all others was the large black stallion. In all reality, he did have a decent plan, and he had the looks. That was something she lacked. Most who looked at her were just like, oh, snow! Snow isn't exactly the makings of any leader. Though, the next words nearly flew past her. The sound of her name jerked her head forward for a moment, and she took a defensive step backwards. Ophelia did not look at her, but she seemed to be offering something. What was that? General? Well shit. She let the topic be glazed over, as the nominations and appointments continued. Eventually, the two kings were left. Majua and Torliek were their names. Both male, and both certainly intimidating, and she was supposed to help them? She bought herself more time as others began ranting and musing, and the internal conflict had been split down the middle.

Offers of other positions had never even crossed her mind, and so her decision was practically going to be made by Ophelia and Kahlua. Yet, here they were, offering it should she want it. On one hand, it had the perks. She could bring the twins home, somehow, and eventually find Oxy. Yet, would he appreciate that at all? "Well shit," she muttered to herself. A decision had to be made, she couldn't stand around here forever. "If you would have me, I will work," she finally managed to say. A quick glance at the others left the decision sitting heavy in her stomach. The odds were against her, in every sense. Let's hope this decision was the lesser of two evils.

[-coughs- -slides this in quietly-]

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n y x

It appears she has kings.

It is quite a foreign concept, two men ruling together. In her experience, stallions were testosterone-fuelled asshats at the best of times, with their brains always situated somewhere decidedly south of their skulls. Co-ruling with another male surely went against all their burly, manly, I-am-man-you-come-to-my-cave attitudes? A stallion needed a woman's level head to balance out his hot-balled impulsiveness, her ice to his fire. She wonders, then, how this joint rulership will work.

When she sees who her new kings are, her brow lifts almost into her forelock. Darling Mauja, eyeball-eating Mauja, racist Mauja, king of a herd of mixed species? However will he cope? The silver soldier's eyes drift to his co-ruler, a handsomely brooding black stallion that Nyx would most certainly pound like the fist of an angry god if he was that way inclined. After all, in every other herd she'd lived in, it had been the lead stallion's job to fertilise all his mares, to fill every vacant belly with his foals to expand his empire and his bloodline. To the victor goes the spoils, and what other incentive is there to rule a herd? Another reason why this two-king thing surely couldn't work - both men would be coming to blows within the week about who got to bang who.

Although, she reasons, Mauja and Miscellaneous Black Hottie always had each other, if the worst came to the worst and they couldn't decide which mares were rightfully theirs. She has to smother a choking laugh at the mental image that comes to her. Bet the black guy's a top, she mentally says to Dominus, who simply flashes her a disgusted look from his position beside her foreleg.

Not everybody seems as gleefully amused as Nyx at the notion of having two men as kings, however. A young, brash equine stallion - who looks strangely familiar to the ironheart - comes out with a load of most unpleasant vitriol, and Nyx's ears slick back to her head. "Well, aren't you a disrespectful little shit," she points out, her frigid gaze fixed on Cathun. Dominus growls to punctuate her point, his tail lashing behind him. Back in her day, stallions put young colts like this in their place - it seems Mauja and Hottie are slacking on their manly duties already. Probably too busy off squabbling over whose crown is the prettiest.

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I’d been damned.

Not only had I been denied leadership of the Edge, I would also have to listen to Mr. Hot Pants and the Abominable Snowman. Leave it to them to make it seem like the whole competition wasn’t actually rigged… and they’re shocked. Look at them, swelling and growing with accomplishment and pride. How I longed to be in their position, no matter the weight to be lifted upon my shoulders. In truth, the decision stung just as much as leaving had. It was like a festering wound that would not close… Yet, defeat was now something I’d grown accustomed to. Let them rise with their glory… it was not something everlasting anyway. “Congratulations to you both,” I murmured reluctantly. If there were anything more humiliating than bowing to a pair of Kings so unknown to me, then I prayed the Gods would send me a sign of my mania. However, the skies were silent during this day of coronation; the immortals were are peace. Yet, I was still baffled by the turn of events and still very much surprised that the Edge had come to this. Kaj and Kahlua had been former citizens of the World’s Edge and these two were virtually strangers. What could they possible know of my home?

However, they’d drawn a congregation of onlookers, both competitor and curious stranger alike. Though I found myself withdrawn from any celebration, because there was nothing yet to rejoice… This was just the beginning or another test and another set of hardships for these brutes. Whatever was left of the World’s Edge had to be salvaged and their word alone meant nothing if their actions were incomplete. In the coming days there would be an onslaught of challenges… What remained of the previous residents would find their way to Mauja and Torliek (such odd names for such odd creatures) and how they planned to string us together meant everything. These people were tied to Mirage, to Kahlua, and to Kaj… It didn’t matter that they’d planned and accomplished an invasion; they were still the faces we looked to when things went wrong. Though one wouldn’t find me asking Kahlua for her help after so much strife. I supposed it was time to agree to disagree.

Maybe Mauja and Torliek were what the World’s Edge needed, as much as it pained me to say it. I couldn’t pretend that the loss didn’t hurt, because it was something seen plainly in the way I regarded the two, but the Edge was more to me than jealous rivalry. It was my home, no matter its leaders… I couldn’t return to the Falls and I couldn’t again face a future without the sea and the mists and the memories. Before the Kings were due to depart, each looking to discuss their plans moving forward, I approached them head-on, my eyes as cold and unyielding as those passed from this world. I hated them both for they now held, but at least I was not a man against them. “I would like to remain in the Edge… as a friend to you both,” I began. Of course, I’ll be the first to ridicule you if you fuck up.I hope that you’ll bring some life back into these lands… and some faith, because the Gods know you’ll need it.
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Ophelia listened to words she expected. Kahlua chose Mauja. She did not make this assumption because of their obvious public displays of affection but rather because she knew Mauja. He spoke eloquently, thought through issues clearly, and despite somehow winding up on the wrong side of events, he was generally well-liked and well known. While she could not speak to the event itself, not having been there, she trusted Kahlua’s judgment and watched with quiet, strange eyes as the events unfolded from where she cowed in the corner. No sooner had Kahlua chosen her lead, she had declared herself a member of the herd again, and Ophelia struggled with the sudden and violent influx of rage. Nostrils flared, and a few drops of crimson rain slid down her cheek bones.

Why then had the Aurora Basin fought? For a split herd no less? Ophelia had planned with Archibald and Kaj, but she had operated under the assumption that Kahlua was an integral part of this decision. What did this show the rest of Helovia? The World’s Edge had invaded to escape the brutality of the Moon Goddess and now she was throwing all of that away? What then was the point of this war and of involving the Aurora Basin. Ophelia had used favors, fortified her contacts. And Kahlua wanted to stay as a seer no less! A direct agent of the Moon Goddess!

Unable to look at the painted mare anymore, Ophelia turned her head to gaze out into the trees, glaring into the nothing space. As the beat of her angry heart slowed, the red rain stopped falling on her coat, fading back into pale porcelain once more.

She was not aware that Mauja was trying to catch her gaze, lost as she was in the shadows. The two stallions, so opposite and tangled in her history, cracked jokes that made her uneasy. What were the odds that past and present emotion would collide so completely? Bitterly, she snorted in her head. Considering her luck, damn good.

Ophelia, surprised by Torleik’s presence near her, looked up and furrowed her brows, feeling her heart catch in her chest as his whiskered muzzle nuzzled into her ear. He had never been so obviously affectionate before, and his words were now spoken beyond her mind. “I remember,” she murmured back, finding that very statement ironic. How could she not remember? “I’ll be here,” she promised, nodding her head toward Mauja. “Your queen awaits,” she teased lightly, the light in her eyes still heavily guarded.

The pale princess settled her thoughts on Ampere, and she rolled her eyes slightly. How quick would she be to support the boy-child when he gave his ‘sore loser’ speech? She smiled, the expression sickly sweet. “If you believe in Cathun, make him your lead,” she stated simply. That was honestly all that needed to be said to either of them. The words she would want to say to the boy would not do well coming from her, but she found amusement in his sudden turn from wanting the position – now that he did not get chosen. Every action he made and every sentence he spoke was so obviously narcissistic and self-enveloped. How could anyone expect him to see past his own hooves? There were no words to ground those whose heads were stuck so damn high in the clouds. Only time, experience and hardship would bring humility.

Lena was much more diplomatic and kind, speaking words that needed to be spoken instead of those born of anger and frustration. She was a gem among coals, a beautiful soul among the tainted. Ophelia felt dirty just being in her presence, but she nodded kindly to the healer. Nyx mirrored her sentiments, Thor seemed… Untrustworthy.

Ophelia took a deep breath and came to stand beside Elsa, listening to her accept the position of general. That made the pale princess smile. She nodded to the feathered one, finding her to possess grace in a rather graceless group. “I am humbled by your attitude,” she said quietly. “Too many blame others instead of looking to their own failings and wanting to grow. If you ever need help or a spar, I will be there. You have all the foundations of a good leader, as I said before, and I think you can learn much from being a general. I learned from being a spy under Kri for a year or so before venturing off on my own, and those skills were invaluable.” A piece of her history slid out, aging the pale princess considerably. Few remembered that she had lived in Helovia nearly since its inception, and she had traveled across all the herds.

“Good luck, Elsa,” she murmured, offering a kind gesture by reaching out her muzzle. Then, the solitary creature descended into the trees to wait for Torleik, torn.

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""....was there any point in this at all? If you were going to pick your lovers"

" He turned and found Torleik whispering with Ophelia, a tender look upon the dark features and he remembered how they had always stood close to the other, sharing glances as though some quiet conversation was being held without words."

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Torleik the Bloodskald

Across the blood water

The Bloodskald did not expect a lead turnover to be smooth in any sense but petulance was just so very...childish. No surprise, then, that it came from two children: Cathun and Ampere. At least, for once Ampere was attempting to behave. Torleik had not forgotten his dislike for the electric mare but she wasn't the worst offender here - that, it seemed, was reserved for her little herdmate.

And the whining he spouted was especially mewling, bemoaning his fate and his honor and the unfairness of the world. The Bloodskald turned away from Ophelia, expression like that of someone seeing something so utterly, incomprehensibly stupid that it's almost funny, but no, you realize it's just offensive to intelligent life and now it's actually rather angering.

His response, however, was short and to the point. "I expected such a tantrum from a petulant child." The warrior turned king would have left it all well enough alone at that, despite his ire, but Cathun's mocking bow was a crashing wave he could not weather. With an angry snort, the Bloodskald stomped a hoof near the little shit's head and swished his tail against his haunches with a resounding spack! "Out of my great magnanimity, I will offer you a parting gift, little one: actions have consequences. Do not think that your fit here will go unnoticed," he grunted, eyes flashing towards Ampere who had best lead him out of here before the rabicano decided to make the young pegasus pay here and now for his insolence.

Ophelia was friendly with Gaucho, so Torleik knew the brute could be reasonable. He needed to pay the other leaders of the herds a visit anyhow. He would pay particular attention to the Dragon's Throat when he went. Some upstart little shit would not get in the way of his leading a herd some seasons down the road with his simmering and wounded infantile ego.

Elsa, one who had competed for the position of lead, was offered a compensatory spot as a general and at first, Torleik was annoyed. Who was Ophelia to say who went where in their herd? But he realized she was suggesting Elsa submit herself as a candidate for general - and that was...a good option, he supposed, given her plan for the original lead test. He would consider her, if she chose to pursue that path. Another mare, one whose name Torleik could not say he knew, snarked at Cathun that he was a disrespectful little shit and that drew a snort of amusement out of his muzzle.

The one called Thor seemed rather deflated at his loss an approached like a motile stone statue, claiming he would like to stay, as a friend. Torleik's brows dipped. "Friendship is earned, but if you wish to remain I welcome the opportunity to cultivate that friendship you offer," the king replied. "Your words earlier were admirable, and your devotion to this herdland moving. Mauja and I will speak with you soon so that we may all find a place most suitable for you in your home once again," he added honestly. Thor could be very useful and he had little reason to wholly mistrust the giant as of yet.

It seemed as though everyone had been properly addressed...he hoped. Closure was felt in the air, and the black rabicano moved off towards his queen, glancing at Ophelia once more. The guarded nature of her gaze earlier had not been lost on him and he wondered at its root. Worry over their interaction because Mauja had hurt her? Worried because she had once been close to Mauja? Such anger, such jealousies...they would not simply disappear into the night like smoke on the water, but Torleik had put them aside for now.

Ophelia knew how he felt for her, and she had agreed to try with him. Mauja was behaving, currently, and seemed to have found new comfort in Kahlua if the Bloodskald read their physical chemistry correctly. Perhaps that was how Mauja was with all females he cared for; he didn't know. But right now, this herd was important, and his future with Phi was important. The past...his insecurities...they were not in the forefront of his mind.

Thus he ambled off with his polkadotted queen to discuss the future of the herd with more confidence than, maybe, was warranted - but Torleik was, at his heart, a man of action, and now was the time to do, not doubt.

"talk talk talk"

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