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Count your blessings not your flaws

Frostfall had descended upon them with the fury of the wronged, turning family units into huddled forms beneath the sparse boughs of the wooded portions of the Falls. Something lonely and lost had descended upon Helovia, coating its inhabitants with more than just a thin layer of ice to their mornings. Spirits were low, and depression seemed to linger like a prowling beast at the edges of all homes and herdlands. With winter, it seemed every herd retreated into itself, cowering away from the force of the season.

Kaj had never liked isolation.

The Falls soldiered on beneath his and Archibald's reign, but it simply was not enough in his eyes. Allies had been forged and reforged, friendships struck and ties strengthened. But Kaj held family very close to his heart, and kinship was always the best way to make a bleary day a little bit brighter. He'd been planning the event in general secrecy, involving only a few individuals whom he needed to help run it. But all across Helovia, he had sent his people with invitations, just as the Basin had with their party on the island that had turned so sour. Kaj had allotted for the timing to work itself out for journeys, and the festivities were prepped and ready to be revealed at last. His family had worked hard, and it had given them purpose and excitement long before the event was to take place. It gave Kaj heart that perhaps, not all was to be lost. Still, his heart pounded as he turned to face one of his kin, knowing by their expression that the travelers had arrived before the words had ever parted their lips.

Turning, the Czar went to greet his guests. They had traveled far, and he would not leave them waiting any longer.

- - - - -

At the outskirts the golden king stood before the main waterfall entrance, the borders firm and solid beneath his hooves as reminder of where the citizens had all been drawn. Whether or not it was a success would be determined, the Basin's unfair failure lingering in his mind. Still, hope had to be held close at heart, and so Kaj would withhold judgment until the very end of the festivities.

Gazing out at whomever had come, Kaj's voiced boomed out in greeting. "Welcome, friends!" he waited as it reverberated pleasantly across the little valley where they had all been gathered by his patrolling warriors, hopefully ceasing all buzzing chatter and calling attention to his words. Wings lifted and stretched, primaries elongating and drawing notice to the Falls land behind him, the snowy atmosphere they were gathered within. All of them together, and he hoped they would face the evening with as bright an outlook as Kaj and his people. "This winter has shown to be undoubtedly fierce, and with it our spirits have dulled and our kinship has withered. The Falls has worked hard organizing this event, and we all hope these festivities will brighten all hearts and make this season easier to bear!" A bright smile curled against his lips, and wings happily settled high on his shoulders once more, hooves shuffling excitedly in the snow.

"The Falls welcomes you as guests, as friends. Today, there is no ill will, and we hope you will enjoy these festivities. Let us begin!"

Welcome to the Hidden Falls Winter Wonderland! This will be a festivity done in the same style fashion as the Boat SWP by the admin, with small, specific events done with quick rounds of posting. Please pay mind to the individual rules of the competition events, but most of all, HAVE FUN! This is the main gathering and announcement thread, and to make it easier on the team running this and to gauge interest, YOU MUST POST TO THIS THREAD WITH A MINIMUM OF 250 WORDS BEFORE ENTERING ANY OTHER WONDERLAND THREAD.


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Today was one I had been looking forward to from the moment I'd been told of the festivities. Suli and Merlin, too, had trilled with childish excitement, the little green especially when she learned she'd been given a job all her own.

Not even the most bitter of Frostfall winds could dampen our spirits as we gathered at the sound of Kaj's booming voice, a pleasant smile spread across dark lips as I looked up to my brother. In the back of my mind I still wondered where we stood, if he loathed me for my disappearance, if he would forgive me, if we could reconcile our relationship, to be the close brothers we had once been...

But now was no time to fret over such things, and perhaps if I were lucky, I could find a moment or two with the Czar to simply indulge in a friendly session of catching up.

As Kaj's warm welcome came to a close, I turned, warm bister eyes searching for the friendly face of our medic, Resplendence. "Let us prepare the fires, sister," I spoke, that fair smile remaining upon my face. Heading off for where the fires were to be held, Suli and Merlin sang their draconic songs above, zipping all about as they lead the way.



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The steed had been reminded of the festivities earlier in the day by his mate and, grudgingly, agreed to attend.

He is unsure of his reception, given his recent interaction with Kaj - an interaction that he has yet to divulge to Resplendence - and eases into place behind her, the tips of his folded wings skimming her flank. The herd gathers 'round, an unmistakable sense of excitement in the air. It reminds him of the winter festival they held in Th'orqui, a celebration of Winter and Her beauty. The season had always appealed to the prince: dangerous and beautiful in equal measure, the Goddess of Winter was a sight to behold in statues and illusions created just for the festival. There is no such goddess in Helovia, but he enjoys the enchantment of the snow and winter cheer all the same.

Kaj's voice rings out over the assembled herd, gathering his family close into his warm embrace. Not for the first time, Quilyan feels uncomfortable - how can he truly belong here when he is so newly come? An old face, perhaps, but new to the Falls, here only because it is what Resplendence chose, here at the start of the festivities only because Resplendence wishes it. Will they - will Kaj - even want him here? Accept him here?

Surely they won't ask him to leave?

As the small speech comes to a close, Quilyan becomes aware of Destrier's summons. He follows Resplendence, wondering how her assistance is necessary simply to start a fire, realizing belatedly that it will most likely be Valiance who offers help to the dark steed. The prince smiles slightly, forever amazed at the home that his mate has carved out in the hearts of all who know her, following slightly behind as she makes her way to the fire pits.

"more words."

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it's what you feel but can't articulate outloud

Winter festivities. Far too cold for her liking, and her coat had definitely begun to fluff up in the process. It was thick, trying desperately to keep her warm in the harshest of winters she had seen here yet. Rue, somewhere in the mess of those who had appeared, was being watched by Valiance from the skies above. Resplendence, Destrier, and Quilyan all stood just barely behind Kaj - off to the side of most of the masses. Quilyan's feathers skimming just barely against her haunches - a gentle reminder that her family was back and all was right.

Kaj's booming voice rang out over the audience - calling all of them friends. Saying that the festivities were almost ready to begin. It was going to be their home, and they were already welcoming all within the borders. Still, she would keep those uncertainties to herself and she would support her big brother. If he needed this to make himself feel better she would help him as she could. Quietly, she offers a supportive smile from where she stands, in her pile of maroon glitter.

She gave a smile as Destrier turned toward her - the elder of the pair was definitely one she considered a brother. Valiance, giving a warning flash to Rue (DON'T LEAVE THE HERDLAND), shot off after Merlin and Suli just as Destrier said they should prepare the fires. Gently, she urges for Quilyan to follow her as she moves off slowly after Destrier. It's coo cold for her to move any faster, or rather want to move any faster. After all, the wind will only make it even colder as she moved toward the bonfires.

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Somehow, among his lingering between the reaches of the wilds of Helovia, the antlered stallion had caught word of the Hidden Fall’s little festivities. He had not thought much of the friendly summons at first—because, surely, he has an invitation himself—but soon his interest had grown. He knows very little about the Hidden Falls, but he remembers the blue mare Lakota who had approached him in the Threshold. She had grown quiet by the end (he hadn’t accepted an invitation to visit as he had from the Edge and the Basin), but that little fact does little to deter his curiosity.

After all, there is no time like the present.

He intends to get a feel for the herd there, expand his horizons, and who knows—perhaps pay a visit to an old friend. And make new ones, too—the Warlander is always willing to acquaint himself with a pretty face.

The descent down into what seems to be the main heart of the Falls isn’t necessarily difficult, but it certainly isn’t a walk in the park either. Rohan slips a time or two on the icy rocks, but manages to keep his footing. As the ground comes to level out beneath him, he begins to consider the fact that perhaps he has unwittingly decided on the most difficult route to enter this realm—a thought that makes him huff dryly to himself.

It isn’t long before he’s ushered with the others towards the venter of a little valley. He pins his ears, disgruntled at being herded like cattle, but doesn’t put up a fight. This is what he’s come here for. He allows his gaze to wander for a moment before a voice booms out to them, and Rohan looks to see a large winged stallion (who, it becomes clear, is a Czar of the Falls—or at least holds some authority). The Warlander listens to his welcoming, nodding his head once in agreement. “Let’s,” he murmurs to himself, pausing amidst the shuffling of bodies, unsure where exactly he means to go from here.

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So, she could not remember having visited this region of these lands yet. But then she remembered she had yet to visit any of the other herd lands, too. Perhaps the diviner had lacked interest, perhaps the diviner had lacked courage. Either way, now she was finally here. ‘But why?’ Would be the next logical question to ask. That was something not as easily answered.

As an icy wind caressed her cheeks as Maren’s legs carried her forward through the snow. The Holy Fire had predicted a fiery winter – but not just that. Around Maren’s thoughtful eyes arose a frown and the images of four flags and ice still lingered like faint reflections, memories, in the waters of her mind. She guessed she guessed and she guessed, but never would she truly know the meaning behind it – Until time had enlightened her with the truth. It was frustrating, but she knew that it would become clear to her soon enough. Maybe when she would look into the fires again it would grand her more clues. If I even need them, for on the other hand, they had been quite obvious, she thought as she looked at the wintery atmosphere and felt its piercing needles. Still, it was all a game in the end, and in all of her chaos, she secretly enjoyed playing it.

Perhaps that was why she had found herself here; looking up at the waterfall-entrance to the Hidden Falls. Which she thought was pretty damn fancy. It seemed so unreal to think that there had been an invasion here, barely a season ago. Such a waste, she thought as she looked at her, even in the snow, fairy-like surroundings. Although, she liked the white blanket. It made the world look like it was draped in an angel’s garment.

Before the waterfall stood a golden Pegasus, greeting all that had come today. Maren simply frowned at his words, wondering if his friendliness was true or simply a charade of fancy fairy-lights and diamond droplets. Not that it mattered, in the end. While he spoke she let her gaze wander. She had never even seen one of these horses. So, feeling slightly out of place for once in her life, she looked around if she could spot any of her acquaintances.

She caught the stallion saying that the winter of this year would prove to be fierce, and suddenly she wondered how he knew. Did he have a seer informing him about this winter, too? And if so, what had the Gods shown to that horse? Perhaps she would find the stallion or mare here – Maybe that was the purpose of this visit? Had the Gods send her here?

“Hmmm…” she mumbled to herself as she listened to the words of the golden stallion. He was just saying how hard they had worked to organize the event, and that he hoped how it would brighten her heart and make this fierce winter feel easier. (Personally, she enjoyed winter. It reminded her of home and made her all nostalgic).

(Let us begin!)

Anyway, she snorted as she smelled the competition growing in the air.

Let’s show these fuckers how to create some bitchin’ snow-angels.
For that, ladies and gentleman, was the only real reason why she was here.


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You know, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the most wonderful season than spending it with a bunch of random strangers in a land I’ve never seen or heard of before. I mean honestly, it’s going to be so much fun. Does that sound like sarcasm? Because it’s not!

Word showed up in the Basin and you better believe I needed to stop and ask someone to tell me where the Falls was because I had no clue. But after that, I made my way over and quite enjoyed the walk! Winter really is wonderful. There are no bugs, no messy leaves to get in your way, you can see which branches have thorns on them and which to avoid. All the colours of the amazing Helovians look so beautiful contrasted with the whites, blues, browns, and greys of the season. It is magical and I was super excited to show up and take part in the festivities!

It took me a little while to figure out how to actually get into the Falls but luckily I met this sweet mare that showed me the way. Regrettably she had to scurry off once we got within the borders, do you think it was something I said? I just complimented the shape of her tail, it wasn’t very often that you saw one that tapered just perfectly at the base and looked practically pristine.

There’s this shining, golden fellow that seemed to be in charge of the whole thing and he greeted us all - I like him already. I find a nice little place among the group - again, I’m amazed at just how beautiful everyone in Helovia is. It’s a good thing I fit in. Why isn’t anyone ugly? I hope it’s in the water. I mean, I’m pretty damn fabulous but I wouldn’t mind growing a couple inches (in height) and you know, maybe having a slightly deeper voice. Could you imagine if I was a candy Thoroughbred? Or a fit, sleek gaited breed? Golly, I’d be beating off the suitors with a stick!

A boy can dream.

I am particularly fascinated by the red and orange mare with the two wings back behind her cheeks and I actually miss most of the golden pegasus’ speech because I’m trying not to obviously stare at this mare. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. Do you think she likes peppermint?

Oh right. I’m here for a reason.

My attention snaps back to Mr. Host and I would applaud his speech but I’m a little lacking on the necessary body parts to do so. Hopefully some kind words will serve as a lacklustre substitute. “Thank you kindly for welcoming us into your home, sir!” There’s this big ol’ grin on my face, I’m sure you can see it, and I’m just about ready to start bouncing with excitement.
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It had been far too long since he had come clothed as the blue banded bird to these woods. The golden within prayed the absence would not be missed much. There had been so much change. The crown hidden in his satchel now was more than a weapon but a symbol. Of authority, on he did had not always enjoyed the past few days. That was perhaps the most wonderful thing of this disguise he thought as he wandered through the jungle woods. Here he was not lord or king, and could return to the shadows. Yes he liked that very much.

A call rings out over the land, and the bay harks lift to hear it. Oh was he just in time for some pressing her matter. A small grin, patient and friendly lifts on his lips. Not at all does it resemble what is inside, but still a leak of the feeling. Pulling his blue cloak over his shoulders more against the cold he walks through the snow drift towards the gathering Kaj had called. Even with it reaching his knees it was less snow than the Basin’s bowl of it, so he was grateful. It was like a wonderful vacation. A time for care free manipulation, trickery, and lies. Coming up to the group the bay finds he is just in time to hear the news. A few heart warming events? Games? Not exactly the golden’s cup of tea. Full black tail swishes atop the snow. But he was not the golden was he? A groan is caught in his throat before it escapes. Right. Games. Conversing. Well maybe he could have his own brand of fun somewhere in there.

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Murtagh remembered that this was going to be the day when they were going to have some fun and it kept it him awake for most of the night. He almost slept in but his memory quickly kicked in and he remembered - suddenly scrambling to his feet in the pre-dawn light and harassing his mom to get her up too. There would be no lingering today, he refused to be late.

But then she insisted that he ate because he was going to need the energy later on. He could swear that she was just coming up with reasons to linger and put off leaving. The fact that the actual festivities would not be starting until later on that day did not matter to the colt in the slightest. He did not want to miss a single thing!

Well, he ended up being late anyway. The problem with waking up right at the crack of dawn and bouncing around with utter delight through the morning routine was that it did tire you out awfully quickly. The little colt ended up needing a nap, which delayed things somewhat, but finally it was time to attend and he could scramble on over to see who had come to visit.

Calling for his mom to hurry up, Murtagh hurried forward before skidding to a halt in a rush of uncertainty and shyness. He recognized a few of the faces - they were the nice people that lived here in the Falls. But there were already so many new faces gathered! And there was a sweet smell on the air that he couldn’t quite place. Kaj was greeting everyone, which was all well and good, but he didn’t have time to stand around and be welcomed. There were games and activities waiting and he wanted to do them all.


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Öde had been told of some festivities in the Falls, and though that alone had not been enough to entice him, the hope of a warmer place to be (somewhere less north) had. That and, having helped the current residents garner their throne (whether or not that help was necessary was arguable of course), Öde was curious to return to the lands that he had last danced in with blood. His own blood, actually, getting more action at the hands of a disgruntled loser, something Öde might have held a grudge about if not for the fact he got to speak with his God.

"Will he be here again?" Öde wondered like a hopefully child that abandons reality. He knows, somewhere deep inside of him, that he only saw the Demonking because of his own demise - and even then, would it be a regular occurrence? Öde had more or less deduced that he could revive, some remnant of his mother's sacrifice for that original regeneration of his corpse, but how many times could he manage it? What were the long term effects?

"Pain," he thought glumly, remembering his first night under a new moon when agony and scars had erupted like fissures along his flesh and nerves. He lived, but at a cost.
"Still," his thoughts persisted as he walked, red gaze flicking around those gathered, searching for a dark figure and a skull among them, "If I can see him when I die, it's worth that, isn't it?" Maybe he could die here with one of these contests.

The thought brought a slow grin to his maw as he settled in with the crowd, half listening to the Czar's honeyed welcome.

@[Shadow] - I thought maybe we could do that thread we talked about here?? If not, since it's not as personal, that's fine!
@[Nymeria] @[Volterra] some family reunion and competition would be fun!!!

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Like the last time she had visited the Edge for their open event, Ampere was drawn to the Falls for its promise of competition. The need to burn off some frustration and energy by delving into friendly challenges with some allies was the perfect way to sort herself out, and that was why she had encouraged all her warriors to come and do the same. Ampere had always felt competition was a good friend to keep, because it kept you strong and prepared, and it taught you how to lose, and how to win - skills she needed among her troops.

Maybe the Falls meant to keep it lighter, and Ampere would be civil, but she wasn't here for diplomatic reasons per say.

Flying over like a streak of dark lightning, Ampere noticed the gathering below and circled. Each time she turned her turns were sharper and her body dropped, until finally she landed near the back of the crowd, perched precariously in a tree. The bough swayed as she tested its firmness, and in response some snow was sent scattering below, perhaps on top of someone. She paid it no heed, focusing the blue of her stare instead on the golden Czar which spoke up. She couldn't remember if she recognized him or not from the Edge. She was curious if he had been part of the invading group, or if he had been one fortunate enough to stay in his home despite losing. Either way, it wasn't the overly happy Kahlua, and for that Ampere was thankful.

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She had received no invitation. It was the unusual number of horses traveling the snow-clad paths and trails in one direction that drew her attention, and like the curious creature she was the blackbird followed in their wake. It was growing harder to move around as she wished. As days passed and nights grew longer her body swelled with life, to the point where she no longer could close her eyes to the obvious. Once again Shadow was pregnant, once again after a thoughtless night with a stranger. But this time she was not going to handle the situation on her own. There was no herd to back her up now, no resident healer to patch her up if things went wrong. While years had passed she still had the painful birth of Kari fresh in memory, and it was with mixed feelings she counted down the days. Not long now. Not long at all - her child would be born at the peak of winter, for better or for worse.

With wary hesitation the black pegasus flew in over the borders of the Falls, expecting guards to come and stop her and not entirely reassured when they did not. Apparently the gathering was open to everyone, which was either generous or completely retarded - she had yet to determine which. This was a land she had never visited before, and while she had a vague recollection of there once being a mountain where water now cascaded into a deep valley she didn't feel the same confusion as she had when faced with the change around the Throat.

Shadow approached the gathering horses and listened with half an ear as someone held a speech - oh, so they were playing games? How casual of them - but was far more interested in studying the gathered participants. Most were nothing but strangers, horses she had never seen or met before, but there were a few familiar faces around. In the crowd she was able to pick out Maren's vibrant coat and peculiar head-wings, and flying in with graceful expertise only to land in a treetop was Ampere, dark and looming as a storm cloud. The mare regarded both with mild trepidation because neither mare had left an encounter with her on happy notes. One had attacked her and dragged her into a fight for no good reason and the other... well she had offered to help find the missing son, but Shadow had been less than susceptible to kindness at the time and more or less blew the bluejay off.

She wondered, while absently studying a young black and red colt who seemed to be looking for someone, if it was too late to take Ampere up on that offer. But it would have to wait until this gestation was over - it was hard enough to walk around as it was.

"Kind of them to arrange this, is it not" the mare said, addressing the young stallion while donning a motherly smile - he was young, barely more than a child in her eyes. Had he known her son before Kari disappeared? "I saw you gazing about, are you lost? Do you need me to help look for someone?"

The days were short and intensely cold; no one should be on their own in times like these.

@[Öde] That's a good idea! :D

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She heard the rumble of the falls long before she saw them. Ki’irha had heard words of a frostfall celebration, and the blue mare decided she would investigate. Still new to Helovia, she was unaware of the Basin’s relationship with this land, so came as an innocent unicorn from the great north. She saw a great gathering of persons, a solid mix of unicorn, equine, and pegasus alike. Never before had she seen so many pegasi, and to be honest it made her a little nervous. But she shook that aside. These lovely people had welcomed strangers into their home, and organized a wonderful event to bring light to the dreary, cold Frostfall.

A massive winged creature, one who she recognized from the Threshold during her last recruiting mission there, stood at an entrance to the Hidden Falls, and called a welcoming greeting. Perhaps she would find him later, and thank him for his acceptance and the work put in to this event. Ki’irha contined forward, mingling with the crowd. She did recognize Johnny, the strange minty mare from back home, but otherwise all faces were new to her. She wound through the crowd, making her way to the entrance of the falls. Her eyes flicked, her silver eyes taking in different faces, picking up bits and pieces of conversation along her way.

Through the crowd came murmurs of a great fire, of races, of competition. The cobalt unicorn smiled, knowing she would love to join in the competition, perhaps participate in a race. With that, like a young filly, anticipation swelled in her chest, and she was ready for anything.

Let the games begin.

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He's heard there is to be a gathering. A gathering in the Falls, where he just might bump into Isopia. Not that that's his intention. Most definitely not.

The giant moves across the somewhat familiar turf, his massive hooves thudding hard against the frozen ground beneath them. His gait is a heavy, juddering trot, his tail streaming like a banner behind him. For once, his dragon is nowhere to be seen. The red does not like big crowds, and has instead taken himself off hunting in the distant hills. Being so far away from his mind-mate is queer, to say the least. Although their thoughts and feelings are still drawn together by a thin tendril of emotion, it is a gentle stream rather than the raging tide it usually is. The black monolith knows that the slightest twitch of his mind will bring the crimson beast to him with frost bubbling from his jaws and blood dripping from his claws, but for now he is content to let the dragon go about his business whilst he goes about his own.

The crowd is quite considerable, the yearling's first experience of a herd, and his ears flop downwards into his roiling mane as he slows to a walk with a heavy snort. So many. He is used to the company of his dragon, his sister, and occasionally his few friends, not these dozens of mixed-race creatures. Although nothing intimidates the gigantic beast, he does feel distinctly uneasy. He makes a beeline for a familiar figure - Öde, the black unicorn he'd met on the beach when Vérzés was a hatchling. "Hello again," he rumbles to the older stallion, his baritone husk of a voice a far cry from the childish squeak it had been last time they met. The leviathan's crimson gaze darts between the numerous horses, his ears still pushed slightly backwards and his tail twisting with rather more vigour than normal.


Good idea Blu! :D Shall we assume they discovered they were related during the Endless Blue thread that died?

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The Falls were an entirely new location for Ashamin and his young bonded to appear. And they came there as if from nowhere, blending in with the crowd and becoming a part of it with quickness. Ashamin did not stand tall--there was something about being surrounded by so many obvious strangers that humbled him. And Lochan, tired as ever, slept away in the safety of his bonded's sarong. Ashamin was beginning to feel a bit lonely, but he did his best to not hold it against the exhausted young thing. Either sometime Lochan would kick this nocturnal habit or Ashamin would grow accustomed to missing the festivities of the day.

But this gathering was not one he intended to miss. He had followed the trails in the snow made by other Basiners before him, and walked now towards his destination with an eager excitement. It would be good to be in such plentiful company, and to meet new people. Even if it was a crowd a little too unweildingly large for him to manage properly, he could always blend in and listen. Time would pass and soon his little 'panion would wake to greet the night and keep his bonded company in this cold storm of strangers.

Ashamin moved through the crowd, seeking out those he knew and the directions they wandered in. It was good to see Johnny and Ki'irha again, particularly after seeing them not so long ago. He saw too the young and mostly unfamiliar disciple, Ode, and not far too the trespassing pegasus mare. It would be interesting to see what she was doing here, and how she presented herself.

As the painted one struggled to reach them in the crowd, he listened as the unfamiliar herd lead's voice boomed and beckoned. Whatever was to happen tonight, Ashamin had a feeling it would be a peaceful and relaxing gathering.


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