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[OPEN] Winter Wonderland -- Invitation!!

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Frostfall had grown unbearable in a frighteningly short time, harsher than it had been in past years inside and out of Helovia. The waterfalls of our new home had frozen over and food had become scarce, difficult to find in even the most lush areas of the land. The only respite to be found was time found amongst friends, gathered about a fire stoked by Suli or Valiance.

But why leave it at that? Surely the Hidden Falls were not the only herd to find themselves irked by the onslaught of the wet cold, and so by decree of the Czars, a festival was to be had in hopes to lighten those downtrodden by the tumultuous weather.

The World's Edge was hardly where I wanted to venture after leaving it behind, and the sight of it as I approached caused a harrowing tightness to form within my breast. 'This isn't home anymore,' I reminded myself over and over again, though my heart seemed keen on ignoring the knowledge altogether. Yet still I pressed on, drawing in a deep breath and placing a cap upon the emotion that threatened to rise.

Arriving at the border of the land I once called home and straying no further, I called out to those that would listen. "Brothers, sisters! Come forth and accept this invitation of merriment!" Deep voiced bellowed out while above me, Suli and Merlin circled about in hopes of drawing even more attention with their draconic warbles. A half-forced but eager smile tugged at dark lips and bister eyes shined with mirth; a drastic change to what I had felt only a few weeks prior.

"I am Destrier, of the Hidden Falls. We are hosting a grand festival to assist in making this unsavory Frostfall more bearable. Any and all are welcome, regardless of past ties, for an entire day of friendly competition with various prizes to be distributed. Any who attend are welcome to spend a day or two in the Falls before returning home, either with or without an escort. All will begin in three days time, and we all hope to see you there."

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