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Merlin would never agree with me, but the sight above me was laughable. The young black dragon, bless him, had already been through much in his life; from birth, to figuring out how to fly, to an invasion, and then adjusting to a new home all over again. More often than not when Suli and I would walk the borders, he would remain behind and wait for our return, but today, Suli had insisted that he come and learn to be a real dragon. Her words, not mine.

"Go easy on him, Suli," gentle voice sounded aloud, watching as the green butted her horned head into Merlin's much smaller body whenever he would stray too close to her for her liking. The youngling wasn't anything at all like she had been at such an age, for where she was brave, bold, and fearless, he was cautious, meek, and simply unsure.

The green cast a sharp violet glare down to me, which in turn caused me to furrow one brow in a reprimanding sort a way. She snorted, flattened her neck, and with a snap of her wings, she put considerable distance between myself and Merlin.

The black's orange eyes looked to me with clear dismal, and with a sigh, I gestured for him to descend and join me. "There is no rush," I attempted to reassure him, feeling a father dealing with his own flesh and blood children, "To be brave is not to be fearless, instead, it is to be fearful, yet remain unmoved by that fear. That is what my father once told me."

Yet Merlin seemed not to understand those words quite yet, instead making a rather pathetic noise of distress as he found his way atop my head, wrapping his tail within my mane to better hold on as I began my walk around the border. A soft smile tugged at dark lips. "Perhaps we can find another; that way, we will not be so alone."

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