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Frostfall was among them, merciless in its grasp of winter as snow and ice fell in massive sheets, cloaking all of Helovia in a blanket of cold white. It was unsavory and unpleasant, making life miserable for nearly all of the inhabitants across the land, but no amount of snow or brutal chill could freeze the warmth in the Haflinger’s heart. She was joyful, jovial, and at peace for the first time in a long time, and for good reason! Finally, finally she had come home to the land where she belonged… Although misshapen and that of a different name, the Hidden Falls was still built of the same earth where the Foothills had once stood, and that was enough for her.

Surrounded by friends and those she considered family, Romani felt no reason to be downtrodden or melancholy, instead embracing life as it was offered and grabbing every opportunity to expand herself, both in body and mind. It was due to such an occasion, such an opportunity, that the stocky palomino mare found herself in a decent sized clearing on a sunny afternoon, yet the sun itself offered no warmth. It was time for her, as a warrior, a Conscript -- such a strange, funny word on her tongue! -- to engage in a seasonal spar, as per command of Ktulu, Champion of the Hidden Falls. Her opponent for Frostfall? Destrier.

Simple thought of his name was enough to make her heart flutter within her golden breast, but she did not dare to hope if the feeling was mutual. Destrier was confidant, strong, resilient in body and mind and so much more than Romani herself could hope to be. He was handsome and other-worldy, strong and just, kind and benevolent with a strong sense of virtue and understanding… He was the perfect stallion for one such as her, but Destrier was a colleague. A brother-in-arms. A fellow soldier.

Oh, of course he had showed her favor before, during the invasion to take the Hidden Falls as their own. He had encouraged her silently, stoically, with a few subtle touches. Surely she was blowing his affection completely out of proportion. He had, after all, made no attempts to seek her out her company outside of battle… Perhaps her infatuation with him was nothing more than a passing fancy, an unrequited crush that, rather annoyingly, would not go away. The thought was depressing and momentarily dampened her joyous mood.

Sucking in a deep breath, the palomino gypsy released a slow sigh, mist furling upwards from flaring nostrils only to disappear in the morning light. There was a slight breeze, enough to rattle the snow-covered branches, but not strong enough to be cumbersome in any way. Snow covered the ground, which would make their spar potentially dangerous, but this was simply a quick scrap, something to knock their hooves together and ensure that their minds and bodies were in shape. There was nothing to worry about.

At her side Kasai rolled lazily in the fluffy white snow, back arching, legs flailing, a deep, resonating grunt of a growl escaping the white tigress’ maw as she satisfied a rather annoying itch upon her back. Just like her equine bond-mate, Kasai was looking forward to this spar. She enjoyed spending time with Destrier and his two dragons, Suli and Merlin, although she wasn’t able to see them as often as she liked. That irked her.

“You’ll see them here soon enough, my Sweet, should he answer my call.” Romani murmured, lowering her head to nuzzle the white tigress’ cheek once the large cat had straightened up. Shaking the ice and snow from her striped coat, the feline huffed. The Haflinger’s sharp, azure eyes rolled. “Please, don’t be so dramatic. He will come.”

Turning her attention back to the surrounding snow-covered trees and bushes, Romani took in another deep breath and called out to her would-be spar partner. “Destrier!” She beckoned, lifting a hoof and stamping it firmly down into the soft snow beneath her, “Destrier, Suli, Merlin! Come! It’s time for us to spar!”


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Setting: A cold afternoon after a night of a snowstorm. The sun is high in the cloudless sky with a slight breeze, snow underfoot and their sparring location surrounded by snow-covered trees.

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The unforgiving chill of Frostfall was at its most brutal, causing coats to grow thick and shaggy, food to become scarce, and to generally make life miserable. I had yet to grow familiar with the layout of our new home, finding the climate to be far less forgiving at this time of year than the Edge had been with its dense canopies to block out nearly everything, but even though it was not the home I'd come to love so dearly, it wasn't so bad. After all, Suli's breath could warm even the most frigid of my ageing bones, and for that I was grateful.

Even more so, Romani had become a much more common sight since our migration, and it was often I found myself thinking of the copper lass. I yearnred to speak with her, to become more than just a name and a passing face to her, but every time I dared try, I would goose and return to my regular duties. She would find me a boring old man, of this I was certain. Oh, I had so much to offer and share, grand tales to be told and affection to be given, but... It could not be, not ever, as far as something beyond friendship went.

I had tried to be a family man once, but now Tor, Laila, Luken... They were all gone. I had failed them.

Only the sound of my name being called out was enough to pull me from my silent reverie. Lifting my head, I was taken by surprise as my mind processed just who I had heard. It was Romani, and instantaneously I was reminded of the mandatory spars recently ordered by Ktulu. Romani was to be my opponent this season, and honestly I looked forward to it. Drawing in a deep breath as though to help wake back up, honey-brown eyes cast down to where the two dragons lay curled about one another in the snow, looking up to me and cocking their heads in unison.

"Come," I spoke aloud, gesturing towards the sound of Romani's call and turning to head towards it, "We've a spar to attend, Suli. Merlin, you must keep a distance and merely watch, understood?" The black gave a trill of understanding, and given the dragon's meek nature, I doubted he would disobey. Turning, the three of us headed for Romani's location at a steady pace.

Already I was putting the pieces of this mock battle together in my head. Frostfall had made the ground slick with ice, and the powdery snow that lay atop it would be of no help. There were a few places that were simply thick with packed snow, providing more purchase, but not much. Romani's location of choice seemed barren of any objects that might otherwise get in the way, such as stumps and the like, which would make focusing on the battle itself and the placement of my hooves just a little easier. As for my opponent herself, she would have much better luck maneuvering around me with her short, stocky stature, whereas I would have strength and reach with my considerable size.

No gallant knight was I as I approached her from the front, hide long, ice having formed within my mane and tail as well as the whiskers of my nose and maw. My hooves were packed with hardened snow and ice, making my typically fluid movement choppy and almost painful. But there was no stopping me as I continued towards Romani at an awkward lope, not even stopping to speak as I made the first move, hoping I might have the element of surprise on my side.

Flying above and just in front of me, Suli let loose a strong jet of flame between Romani and myself, melting away some of the snow and ice in the process, but her goal was to distract the palomino and her tiger more than anything. Before the flame let up, I tried using the icy ground to my advantage, laying on the brakes and allowing my hip to swing out towards the Haflinger so that I hopefully was sliding right towards her when Suli's flame stopped, right side exposed to Romani as I intended to both crash into her and somehow find a way to maintain my balance.

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723 words. Destrier runs head-on at Romani (err well tries to) while Suli blows a flame down in between them. Destrier re-positions himself, intending to slide into Romani with his right side exposed to her. Suli lets up on the flame before intentionally hitting her with it.]

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