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[OPEN] Gather Round the Campfire [WW]

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oh come forth
into the storm and rout
and be my love in the rain

Excitement was already ringing throughout the snowy, icy atmosphere. Voices chattered and unfortunately, so did teeth. Luckily he and his kin had thought ahead to such problems, and so when Kaj had greeted everyone at the borders and invited them into the festivities, it was the first place he thought of to run to. Turning, the Czar galloped further inland, leading the pack that was streaming into the Falls territory with eager, unsure faces. Wings came to attention at his sides, and he thrust himself up and into the air with a few heavy beats of the feathered appendages, spiraling higher and higher.

Destrier and Resplendence already knew the plan, and he hoped they - and of course, their dragons - were already there or on their way to the same destination Kaj held in his mind. It would certainly make things easier on the Czar, who was already practically falling apart at the seams with nigh-tangible excitement.

The wind was icy and biting as he flew, but it did nothing to dwindle the warmth in his chest, the smile that was almost blinding with how it ached so beautifully on his face. This was what he had needed, all this time. Unity, communion, kinship, brotherhood. Festivity. Something to break up the monotony and bring about a sense of peace and rapture in an otherwise bleak and dreary season. The Storm Bringer fiercely hoped that he was not alone in his outlook on the event, that his family and especially their guests were as eager for a break from the freezing, dismal affairs of the winter they were trapped in.

The bonfires were not far, were one of the closest markers for their guests so that they wouldn't wander about aimlessly not sure where everyone was or where to go. They towered against the horizon in a teepee formation, and the Czar landed in a spray of snow and vibrating excitement, looking around for Destrier and Resplendence. "Lets get them lit!" he bellowed cheerily, wings fanning before the towering wood piles in excitement, awaiting Valiance and Suli to bring about the warmth and friendly gathering that Kaj hoped would be present here.

Non-competition bonfires! There is no word limit or minimum for this thread, have your characters linger, gossip, and make friends while they keep warm! Kaj will post again bringing tea, so keep a look out for his face!

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Laughter escaped me as I hurried away from the meeting, moving at a steady lope and throwing in a buck or two in pure merriment and excitement. A child I felt, even if a child I was far from, but I cared not. This was a time for cheer and good tidings, to come together as a whole, rankings stripped for but a day, where everyone was equal and their only concern that of potentially slipping on the ice underfoot...

Arriving at the designated area just behind Kaj, I took in the sight; massive piles of firewood that had been collected several days prior, just to ensure that there was plenty to keep the fires stoked all day and all night long, and then some. There were two circles made of rock to contain the fires, not that there was really anything to burn down, but that was beside the point. It looked nice.

Kaj's excitement was palpable, and his words were more than enough to bring Suli swooping down from the skies, hovering just above one of the circles that already had a hefty amount of wood piled up ready to ignite. The dragoness inhaled deeply, exhaled a jet of flame so powerful that I had to briefly close my eyes to keep them from drying, and with that a steady, crackling fire came to life, flames licking high and emitting plenty of warmth.

"Perhaps we should do this every year," I spoke aloud as I cast my gaze to Kaj and Resplendence, and anyone else who might have gathered so quickly, "Look at the good spirit it has already generated."

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it's what you feel but can't articulate outloud

Resplendence did not run. In fact, she gracefully jogged toward the massive piles of wood. Aye, had they been placed together it would have been massive - but instead they were two tall towers awaiting their firey deaths. She watched as Destrier moved toward the bonfires - body kicking out in joyful leaps.

They were pretty bonfires, she would admit that much. Effort had definitely gone into their creation, but she could only hope no embers would spark any of the rest of their lands on fire. Kaj says that they should light the bonfires, and so as if on cue Valiance swoops to the top of their bonfire. In time with Suli he sent a huge burst of flames to the top of the fire - watching for a second as the top began to crackle to life. Then, swooping around the bottom of the pile he adds sparks near the rocks - hoping that the flames would meet in the middle.

"Well, we should do the bonfires every year - if the winters are going to be this harsh. We will need the warmth," Resplendence says, warily. She was not liking this cold weather, the harshness of its bite. "Still, it is nice to see the joy…" She offers with a smile before heading over toward Quilyan - just wanting to curl up beneath his wing and soak in his scent. He was back, and right now - that was all she needed. With a gentle sigh she looked up toward Quilyan, "Welcome home…" she says - a bright smile on her face while her glitter even began to glow.

"Destrier, come stand with us," she calls - offering him to join the circle. It was time that Quilyan got to see some of the members again. Meanwhile, Valiance went off to find Rue and make sure she didn't… I don't know, stick her nose into the fire…

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- By the precepts of her purity -

The priestess let herself be pulled with the crowd, marched along with a group heading to the bonfires, apparently lit up by dragons. How exciting. But the rumor was it that there was to be peppermint-tea for those attending, so why not.

She looked at the fire, felt the warm embrace she had grown to be so familiar with - But it was not the same, for she highly doubted these fires were meant for worshiping the Sun, her Lord of the fires. These fires were mere decoration, the smoke filth to the heavens.

Pondering, she watched the snow melt in the spreading warmth, she suddenly realized there hadn't been anyone going around with the fresh mint-tea that had been promised. (It was her favorite). Immediately her lowered head went up, looked away from the bright dancing of flames to let her eyes scan out the crowd once more, perhaps hoping to find some kind of butler prancing around to bring the drink she needed to get herself to loosen-up. With her vigil eyes she spotted instead the golden Czar, who had just spoken to them at the entrance. He was now now accompanied by one dark and one light equine.

With a smooth, graceful turn in the snow she wandered towards them, holding on to her somewhat nonchalant composure. "A very good afternoon," she greeted with her mysterious, outlandish tunes, decorated with rare curled-up lips. "Such an... uplifting speech, Czar," she complimented the Golden with a slight overdone happiness in her voice as she nodded in approval (although how would they notice, they didn't even knew her). Then her gaze fell upon his company and she smiled at both of them, too (perhaps blinking her long white lashes a few times more than needed at the dark stallion). "I am the Throat's diviner, Maren. I was wondering when the peppermint-tea-time would finally start? I am exhausted from my journey (although I was actually in the neighborhood) and I would love a drink (or two)," she sighed dramatically.

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Once the winged stallion had given his welcome and leapt off from his perch, Rohan lingers where he is for a moment, allowing others to shamble around him as he contemplates where to go next. Ultimately he follows the general mass of the crowd, which (predictably) is towards the fires. He is easily built for cold seasons such as this—with his thick body and dense hair—but the warmth would not be unwelcomed. With bright eyes, he watches the show that the dragons put on for them, twisting and twirling as they breathe their tongues of fire onto the dry wood. Rohan can’t help but admire their grace.

From his place towards the back of the group, Rohan allows his green gaze to lower, hovering over the crowd with an almost lazy eye, waiting for something to catch his attention—for something to beckon to him. A handful of moments tick away, people still milling about, some forming little circles of chatter while others try to shuffle closer to the glowing flames and the reprieve that they offer from Frostfall’s bitter chill. Perhaps it is no surprise that what ends up catching his eye is a pretty face and the graceful swaying of slender hips. He always was one to answer to the siren’s hushed summoning.

Arching his thick neck so that his muzzle tucks in towards his chest, the Warlander makes his way through the thin mass of bodies, trailing after the enchanting mare. She leads them to what seems to be the heart of the gathering—or, towards their hosts. The large winged stallion is there, the one who had greeted them so boisterously, accompanied by a handful of others. Rohan’s wandering gaze lingers on another mare for a moment—a pearly amber color—but this one is already tucked beneath the company of another stallion, and so his attentions return to the original damsel of his musings.

She is striking to say the least, his approval bringing a charming smirk from his brown lips. “I wouldn’t deny a lady her drink,” he ponders wittily as he draws within the proximity of the group, coming to settle loosely at the side of Maren. She had mentioned the Throat in her introduction—which Rohan can only assume is the fourth herd land that he has heard nothing about. The Throat. It sounds interesting already.

“My name is Rohan, and it is a pleasure, Maren—” he bows his handsome head to her in a mighty (and perhaps slightly overdramatic) gesture, before turning to the winged stallion, and inclining his head politely. He doesn’t do this often for other stallions, but perhaps one wielding such a title demands it of him “—and Czar. I must say your little festivities are enjoyable already; I hadn’t been sure what to expect.” It is meant as a compliment, of course, but some might not look past the overconfidence to see it. Not that it matters that certain company is what the stallion truly praises—a celebration attended only by dudes is not likely to be very exciting (or perhaps pleasing is a better word).

The heavens know a macho brawl is entertaining enough.

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Well I wasn’t really sure where to go first, being new and not seeing any familiar faces from the Basin (why the hell didn’t I bring a date?! oh right because I want to pick up a cute honey or stud muffin) so I just sort of follow the crowd when they move off. The talk of campfires intrigued me, and I was wondering how they were going to light them. Was Aurelia around? Or were there more fire-magic wielders? So long as none of them were prone to spontaneous combustion I think we’ll get along just fine.

The answer is that they have dragons, though I have to say that my attention isn’t on them so much as the group that is gathering around the fires. I recognize them from the group that had been gathering, especially the cutie with the ear wings.

“Did someone say peppermint?” I make a little show of it, walking through the crowd and in front of the pretty orange mare with the adorable wings and the graceful, horned stallion beside her, and I flick my tail as I pass them. The strangs there are naught but peppermint, in a rather more tasteful form than whatever herbs they might be using for the tea. What could be better to chase away the chill? Some fire, which he was going to be sure to stay away from, some gorgeous company, some strands of peppermint hair to chew on? Granted, apparently some people find it a little weird when I offer them a nibble but honestly, what’s a little nibble between friends?

I settle in to a stop, requiring a bit of turning around, and I find myself on the other side of Maren, of the Throat, though I’ve left enough space between us for another to join in if they wished. There’s plenty of room I don’t want to crowd! With the bonfires, I don’t have the excuse to get close to anyone to keep warm. If I did, I would have wormed my way between Maren and Rohan there. Perfect spot!

Besides, there are others and I don’t want to shy away from them either. “But really some tea sounds just fabulous. My name is Johnny, I’m from the Basin. Pleasure to meet all of you on this fine Frostfall day.” Guys I might just give myself a cavity with how sweet I’m feeling. This happiness? It’s so wrong but it feels so right.

I like it sweet
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To say his wings ached was a massive understatement. The blue banded came returning from the shadows where he had rested after the race to find his wings stiff and aching. He did curse himself for not practicing more with them, but in this pain it seemed pointless endeavor. So much though for slipping into the shadows. Perhaps there was yet time for that though.

Kaj’s form flies over head, landing beyond the bay. He takes his time heading there. Letting his sides sway with gentle motion, and wings delicately hold themselves up to his sides. How he just wished to collapse them and let them drag. He had tried it back there, but the weight nearly made the effort worse. Shaking his uncrowned head to loosen the muscles of his shoulders he comes to the gathering. There is a great many here already, and the bonfires have already been lite. He is late, Rohan might care perhaps, but given how the golden felt inside he could care less.

A pleasant smile forms on his face and he comes from the shadows of the jungle to the warmth of the first fire. Not many were around this one, as they seemed to have gathered together by the center one. Those white stripped wings then steal moment and lift out, letting the waves of heat swirl about each feather and blade. A deep sigh rolls through him as he tucks them back. That at least made the stiffness more bearable. The golden’s way would have been to stand on the edge and listen, but that was not Rohan, so of course the golden was forced to make a pleasant face and head over. He should have brought something damn it. Some logs or tea or something. Did he even know what tea looked like? Rohan should. Alas he came with empty hooves.

He came at a most interesting moment. His name surfaced in the conversation just as he joined the circle. Confused head looks to the one who called, but finds him engaged with a most curious looking mare. He hadn’t said the bay’s name at all, but his own! A snort of surprise rings out before it could be caught, but he slides it off with a warm smile as he turns back to others.

His head dips to Resplendence, the mare who had met him at the edge. “It is good to see you again.” Another creature speaks up and the uncrowned turns to see a familiar face. Johnny. The smile grows more sincere now. The gold had not met the creature formally in the Basin, but had seen him wandering about and of course aided in naming his promotion. “You as well.” His name was not asked, so it was not given. Not perhaps a very Rohan thing to do, but certainly in fitting with the golden. He was doing enough just to be here, and where a pleasant smile.

There had been hope of some juicy gossip, but there seemed to just be talk of some promised tea. The thought of being inclined to join them in a drink was detested, the gold preferring stronger stuff if not water. Yet he wasn’t the golden, he kept having to remind himself (it was helped by the two ton aching appendages at his sides). In fitting with his calm nature of course Rohan would love tea. So he hangs around quiet and calm, seeming to take in the peace of the moment and warm of the fire. Oh yes a very peace-loving healer thing to do.

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"Did you say diviner?" Öde asked of the tiger mare, perking up from the group where he'd been skirting around the edges, his eyes jabbing around in search of something that he wouldn't find, not today anyway. He had just been considering going home, even though he'd arrived not too long ago, because those his manners had been somewhat polished by Lena in his short time spent at her side, he was by no means the social butterfly that she was, nor did he have the diplomacy of the spies, or the pressures of the leads. Gruff like the warrior he was, and secluded like the emissary he became, Öde was awkward with crowds of horses he felt little kinship towards. It was not insecurity, far from it; mostly boredom.

In time he might come to harness his tongue's talents, such was the need of any successful priest, but for now a boy barely grown, he was still horribly selfish. Still, the strange mare, who might have otherwise been beautiful to him if not for her cranial growth, had captivated the young stag with her rank. Feet picked their way through the crowd, dark pelt rippling hungrily against the backdrop of fire, as all the while Öde sidled closer to her. That she was trying to flirt was no lost on him, but he ignored it for the greater purpose of her mind (that and she was utterly revolting to him with her feathery disease, was she perhaps an inbred pegasus?).

"What is the God of the Sun like?" he asked of her, head tilted in interest. Though Öde didn't really worship the Helovian gods like he did his own, their existence was apparent, and their power more so. He was curious of them, and though knowledge of their celestial beings might help enlighten his own.


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The fires were welcome. Like a moth she found herself drawn to the warming flames, away from the cold wind. She had no business participating in games in her state - unless they were games of riddle or Clue - but she would enjoy watching them from the side lines. Shadow couldn't remember when a winter last affected her so. It seemed that no matter what she did she simply couldn't keep herself warm; not even the thick winter coat that had nearly doubled the width of her figure could stave it off. It was as if her very blood was on the verge of freezing.

She nodded greetings to the others that also gathered around the bonfires but apart from mumbling her name as introduction she kept to the sidelines, more interested in listening than speaking. She offered Maren a nod and pale smile of recognition and a similar smile to the black colt she had addressed earlier, and then she settled in to let her attention drift between groups as they chatted away. The host, surrounded by what she assumed to be fellow herd mates, and Maren, who had drawn the attention of more than one stallion.

She didn't envy the girl. However she did wish Vadim would show up, keep her company instead of playing ghost in the snow. She had been serious when she said she wanted to stay with him, but either he hadn't believed her or he wasn't interested after all. Shadow supposed she should be hurt, but all she felt was exasperation. How was she supposed to break the news to him if she couldn't even manage to find the man?

Shuddering she drew closer to the pyre, quietly longing for a bit of the tea everyone was talking about. Maybe it would take the edge off the chill in her bones... If only it could break the winter's back too.

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Warm and by the firelight,
Let us share our stories.

I will bear my differences,
exchange for them enlightenment,
and with a whisper, here or there,
a flickering flame or spark,
we can make a time of this,
speak, and I will hark.

Once again, Ashamin was to ruin Johnny's plans.

Not knowing that the queer little candy stallion was looking to acquire a so called 'hottie' to stand by his side, Ashamin took the role with ease. He had followed the hoofprints and the smell of candy towards these fiery festivities. When realizing with slight dismay upon arrival that Johnny was the only one he had said more than two words to, he immediately attached himself.

Now, with his sarong weighted by his kicking, fussing, sleeping companion and a tiredness tugging at him once more, Ashamin was happy for the warmth of flames after so long a journey. He was reminded of his own fire, and of the fact that it would surely need much tending when he returned. Maybe then, when he went home to that warmth, he would see his companion's eyes open again.

Ashamin sidled up alongside the sugar-stallion with ease, finding himself dangerously close to a tiger-striped stranger, and offered his cheek to the one he knew in greeting. His long tail curled forward, reaching to bump against his older, weaver company's hock--perhaps the tesla coil let off an errant spark. It would have been harmless, really, just a little buzz of attention. Johnny's scent and the peppermint along with it was overwhelming, Ashamin still couldn't decide if he found it pleasant or overwhelmingly odd.

The warm bonfire-sides hummed with activity. He spotted a host of unknown creatures, and some he knew as well. He mostly noticed the same ones he'd noticed at the main gathering for the event. Once again, the black-winged trespasser was here. She only hoped he would hold nothing against him. She was quiet, but many others chattered and he listened with curiousity, glancince briefly at dragons and wings and one-eared beauties. It was odd to see so many other species--he had grown quite used to the company of unicorns alone.

"Good to see you, Johnny," Ashamin murmured to the familiar stallion before turning his face down to bury it in Lochan's soft baby fur. He perked up his ears and listened with shut eyes and his side glued to the white and red one that he knew, and he surveyed for information.

And as luck would have it, the rather odd ear-winged mare beside him was a diviner. Though he wasn't entirely certain of the meaning of the title, Öde's appearance and questioning answered all questions. A diviner? One who communed with the Sun God, then? The painted stallion straightened and coughed, nudging towards the mare's neck in hopes that he might attract her attention, but not loudly interrupting the curious Öde .

"Maren?" his voice is quivering, in part with the cold and in part with an old, familiar nervousness. "I am Ashamin, the Aurora Basin Haruspex," he introduced, somewhat shy but trying to drum up confidence for appearances' sake. "I would love to speak with you about your role and God, if my fellow Basin member here will abide my joining," he proposed with a flicker of his deep black gaze towards Öde.

The deer in his sarong stirred and kicked; Ashamin turned back to Johnny, hoping the familiar weaver might back him up and join the conversation. Lastly he settled on Öde --so curious, so strange, so oddly scarred at such a young age. This was a curious gathering, and he hoped he might learn something from it.

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- By the precepts of her purity -

“I wouldn’t deny a lady her drink,” and she smiled in approval of the stallion's support. He introduced himself as Rohan and she nodded. "Rohan," she smiled under silent eyes to his greeting as he settled himself next to her. He then went on complementing the Czar and she just would've wished that he would have also pointed out the need for some peppermint-tea, for that was what she really needed. That would've been great.

But then suddenly there it was, the sweetest, sugariest — but foremost righteously opinionated melody she had heard this gathering. “Did someone say peppermint?” —Yes... And she couldn't help herself gasp for air a bit as she watched him prance along in his candy-cane male-glamour. "Yes," she mumbled underneath her breath again, as if already drugged, as he turned himself around to settle on the other side of her. All the while she had been searching with her golden glimmering eyes for the peppermint tea she had expected him to bring along. Why else would he have mentioned it earlier? But she couldn't find it, and slowly desperation started to cringe around her like a depressing cloud. The sweet-smelling pony introduced himself as Jonnhy. “A pleasure to meet you”, she blinked in reply as her mouth filled with saliva the longer his sugary smell intoxicated her. So she bit her lip, fighting to turn herself away from him as she got aware of the urges in the back of her mind; playing around with the sinful ideas of putting her tongue and loving nibbles places it shouldn’t, but eventually succeeded.

In the meantime others had joined the bizarre gathering of people and as she was turning her head around, she spotted a Shadow strolling to someplace more silent. But then there was another voice meant for her to distract her and respond to. "Did you say diviner?" Maren looked up to see who had spoken and noticed the unicorn. His eyes, however, were still vaguely roaming the area instead of looking at her, so it left her feel slightly confused as to what he wanted from her, the diviner. Is he shy? She made some space between herself and the stallions, whom had started to sugar-sandwiched her earlier, by taking a step back from the circle. He slithered towards her, reminding her of a reptile, and she followed him with her silent gaze. For what kind of interest could he have regarding her rank, what kind of interest for a follower of the Sun — a speaker for the God? The stallion tilted his head slightly as he spoke. "What is the God of the Sun like?" Somehow, with his dark and mysterious appearance, she had expected something else. Maren’s eyebrows rose as she awaited the rest of his question, but apparently that was it. It isn’t very polished, and it wasn’t a really relevant question, either. “If the Gods liked tea-sipping and chit-chatting I am sure they would've been here to get to know each one of us — and we them,” she said with a smile. “But I don't believe that that is what Gods do,” for she did not know her God like she did her friends. She wanted to ask the black unicorn if that answered his question or if he had more for her, but a new stallion had subtly entered their circle.

His voice was quivering when he greeted her and she turned her silent gaze and attention to him, sensing a quiet air around him. Unlike the black unicorn, he introduced himself first. "I am Ashamin, the Aurora Basin Haruspex." The term Haruspex got her attention, as she had heard that was the Basin’s term for their high priests worshiping the God of Time. This party suddenly promises to be an interesting one, she thought in silence as the waters of her mind started rippling. “Ah, my mysterious northern colleague”, she greeted in her outlandish tunes as her smile grew warmer and her voice kinder as she spoke. “Please," she made an inviting movement for him to go ahead and join with her wings, which had thus far lingered on the air next to her cheeks. "I would love to talk to you about our roles and the Lords we serve — I am sure he wouldn’t mind.” Maren had quickly glanced aside to the unicorn, but she was too fixated on Ashamin to even slightly care. This was an opportunity simply too rare and important to miss out on, as it was also the first time she met another herd’s priest (All the things they could talk about!). “I hope you are enjoying the fires, still,” she attempted to joke from priest to priestess. Maren smiled; “...As the peppermint-tea has yet come to further enlighten our minds.” The last bit she added slightly grudgingly, twitching her brows as a single angry cinder shimmered in the shadows of her eyes before turning back to normal.

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Let's discuss
the things you know
the things I'll never be.

Let's converse
recite old verses,
keep at bay the snow.

Not only was this mare of his new, well, profession, but she was jovial, too. Ashamin felt his nervousness flicker and fade by the flames and his confidence rise with an orchestral sort of swell. There was nothing to be scared of, here, in all of this gathering. Even the shadowy winged mare whom he'd seen before was no longer a threat. This was the safety of being a visitor, of feeling at home away from it.

And it was certainly warmer here than the Basin. He snorted quietly at the thought of the colder Northern climes, his breath swirling with the smoke in the air as a gentle wisp of white. His tail danced too, casting little sparks and twirling gaily.

The haruspex smiled a bit too eagerly at being referred to as a mysterious northern colleague. There was something handsome and flattering about being called mysterious; something prideful about being recognized as northern; and something heart flutteringly friendly about being so quickly referred to as a colleague. He was glad for her company already, and as he wings fluttered his cheek extended to brush against hers in his traditional greeting. A fleeting, anxiously excited part of him hoped her feathers, so soft in appearance, would grace the tip of his nose as he drew closer.

When he pulled away it was faster than he should have. Lohan started from his position in the pouch, waking suddenly and irritably. The cerndyr tilted his head far back, the little buds of his horns pressing firmly into Ashamin's chest and that white central eye staring up without forgiveness. The Haruspex rushed to soothe the little creature, lowering his head and nuzzling the back of his head. Reluctantly Lochan settled, his fine and dimpled features hanging over the edge of the cloth and dangling towards the unfamiliar earth. Ashamin hoped the warmth of the fire would lull him to sleep soon enough.

"It is good to meet you as well," the haruspex started belatedly. "We have much to discuss, I am sure. And I must admit," and here he stopped, lids lowering and features leveling just above her shoulders, "I know little about the God of the Sun, and I've still much to learn about mine own keeper of Spark."

His long tail circled over his back, then, brushing Johnny as he moved by way of giving the crafter leave or welcome, should he wish or not wish to join their conversation, and the gold coil glittered in the firelight. He considered he comment, the one about the tea and the fire. He wasn't sure what tea was, really, but it was his least important question. What he wanted to know was, well, everything about her and everything she did. She was fascinating enough to look at, with her unique wings and her feline markings, and her role as Diviner made her all the more a subject of interest. "The fires are welcome in this cold, though I will say coming South for the winter like this has made me feel like a happier sort of bird myself," Ashamin said with a slight chuckle. He let himself wander a few paces closer to the orange blaze, hoping she would follow as he flashed back a black and glittering gaze--hoping she would start the conversation he felt too young, too inexperienced, to start.

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See Ashamin's profile for more information about Lochan, Rakt, and his various items.
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DAMN I should have taken Ashamin for my date!! I wish I had known he wanted to go. Usually I’m pretty good about you know, asking everyone but this was kind of a last minute gig for me and I really missed an opportunity. But however he got here, I was thrilled to see him. Really, my face just lit right up when he joined me and I’m pretty sure the Sun God ain’t got nothing on how bright I was shining. “And you as well, Ashamin! How’s the wee Lochan? Still fast asleep?” I felt a kinship to the little companion because that was my favourite way to spend the day too.

Well okay third favourite. The first is with some fine company and the second… well.

Others come too and I’m happy to see the lot of them, not quite so happy as I was to see my Basin brother but you know, happy. And hey, guess what! Turns out that Miss-Tea also is a Harupex! What are the chances. I do wish that Maren had given into those urges and gone in for a nibble. Do you know how nice it feels to be nibbled on? It’s the strangest, most wonderful sort of tickling sensation. When in the right area, of course. Luckily I have plenty of hair to spare and that’s usually the scent that catches everyone - the peppermint.

Conversation starts up around me and for a moment I’m happy to listen to it but then - the sweet voice of my painted friend timidly asks after the mare on my other side. First, okay, check out this Johnny sandwich. I’ve got a graceful, tiger-stripe-icecream mare on one side and a chocolate-dip-cone stallion on the other. I’m daydreaming and just in BLISS standing there between them when I realize they’re like, bonding and stuff.

Oh man. OH MAN. Okay so like, this Maren girl is pretty smokin’ and so is Ashamin and you know I’d like to get up on both of them or under them or wherever I could be but you know what would be EVEN BETTER? Seeing these two little kiddies making kiddies of their own. Oh my god and I could be the fairy godfather that brings candy and sweets and then sends them back home once they’ve had their fill on sugar?! Like seriously this is probably the best plan I’ve ever come up with and all it took was a brush of Ashamin’s tail to get the fire started.

Metaphorically of course. I won’t get any closer to the real flames but that’s not going to stop me from poking at some sparks of some imaginary ones either.

I decide to take up the invitation to join the conversation, so that I can monitor them more closely. And because I like Ashamin and enjoy being in his company.

I move to join them on Ashamin’s side but don’t walk immediately beside him - I hang back a bit. I don’t know, there’s a lot of conflict. I want to be a part of the conversation but I recognize that I have little to add to it - I want to give them space but I’m also super nosy so you know. Not too much space.

I really am pretty interested in the topic anyway. I don’t know a lot about the Helovian Gods and these two seem like the type of minds to learn from.

That’s my excuse if they ask, okay?

I do grumble a little bit about Ashamin’s talk about the weather. a) snore buddy you gotta do better than that b) WINTER IS WHERE IT’S AT I’m so not looking forward to discovering what it’s like during the hot season here. I hope that the Basin at least stays a little cooler since it is so far north.

Maybe I have to help the conversation along?

No, no, Johnny give it a minute. Give her a chance first maybe she’s got this.

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The Czar had not anticipated such fervent desire for the warm beverages, or he would surely have stuck around to attend to the rather pointed demands.

Of course not.

Kaj had left quite promptly to begin the flighted races, of which had garnered no more than two contestants. Though Ampere's vigor was admirable, and had nearly prompted Kaj to join in on the races himself, there was simply no competition to be had. Sadly he'd had to put an end to that particular festivity, hoping for the sake of the success of the festival that the others would not be so fantastically dreadful. Instead he had calmly handed out the prizes the two had garnered, out of fairness more than the fact that they'd managed to succeed at anything. Kaj felt pity for the fact that they likely felt the same - a consolation prize in the end and nothing more.

His apologies had been equal to his thanks for their participation, and in the end the three had split ways to enjoy - hopefully - other parts of the festival. And so Kaj had returned to the campfire, lugging behind him a vat of warmed tea. Isopia's springs had been vital in creating it, effectively boiling the water and the various mints and herbs Resplendence had happily supplied. Kaj fondly wondered if it was because she wanted some of it for herself when the time arose.

Destrier had helped him with securing the ropes around it, considering it was he who had lugged the old garden from the Edge during the blight that had stricken the land. Kaj was hoping to arrive soon enough to preclude any further disaster from women in waiting who would rather warm their bones at the fires he'd supplied and complain than anything else. But of course Kaj was a gentleman and not targeting a singular individual in mind - nor was he fully aware of the complaints. But we digress.

Thick, flat, woven strands lay against his straining frame, pulling the horribly heavy vat behind him with each stubborn hoof ahead of the other. Wings were tucked tight to his bodice, angled forward and hunching his broad shoulders against the weight behind him, drawing it ever onward. Golden coat gleamed with perspiration, accentuating a rippling physique that shone with health even in the winter that had taken over them. Sharp azures kept track of where the thickest throng of gatherers was, pulling ostentatiously towards their heart with the liquid sloshing mockingly behind him. Huffing before them Kaj stopped, letting the ropes drop from his frame and stretching what was sure to be sore by morning, languid and uncaring for a mere moment.

Then handsome, winsome smile was once again upon his maw, eyes twinkling jovially. My apologies, I had to organize the flying race. I hope I've not left you parched too terribly long, he excused himself gently. Feeling his sweat drying nicely near the bonfires he tipped his nose towards the stone vat with a flick of his ears and a smile. I do hope you will enjoy it. With that he turned and strode towards Resplendence and Destrier, muscles pleasantly aching and warm in the chill.

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All around her horses were chatting along as if they'd never been strangers, and Shadow felt exactly like the outsider that she was. She had forgotten that she didn't like parties, that she was uncomfortable around large gatherings of people she didn't know. The herd meetings back in the Throat had nearly overwhelmed her, so used to the solitary life on the road, more accustomed to the silence of the vast plains and gentle murmurs of wind than this chorus of rising and falling chatter, prattle, laughter and chortle.

Yet, in a way it was soothing too. Their voices, albeit foreign and unknown, meant that she was not alone. It made her feel as though she was part of something even if no one was talking to her. Slowly the inky mare relaxed and closed her eyes, smiling softly to herself as she absorbed the heat of the flame and listened to the talk around her. So Maren lived in the Throat, did she? Shadow recognized the title and thought of another mare who had held it once before, tall and antlered with a kind smile. What had become of her? As she recalled that person had disappeared after the long darkness, and been replaced by... No, she couldn't remember. It had been right around the time when Kri left them and Midas rose to power, and he had elected Gaucho to lead beside him and..

Oh! It had been Africa, hadn't it, the quiet gray with a missing wing! Shadow remembered their conversation in the cool waters of the oasis, how they had showed and compared their treasures. She turned her head to touch the yellow stones that hung from her mane, brushing past the gnarled, twig-like unicorn horn that lay hidden amongst her feathers in the folded wings. The blackbird still had hers in possession, even though she wasn't sure why she kept lugging them around. They had increased too; just behind her right ear an acorn charm had been braided into the black strands, its soft glow drowned by the light of the fire. That one had been a gift from a god - she would not let go of that in a hurry. Who knew what use it would come to eventually?

Other voices chimed in, most unfamiliar; she cracked open the lids to peer at the gathered to sift out who they belonged to. The black colt she had noticed before was curious yet quiet, but his interest in the topic seemed genuine. A red and white stallion was more talkative, eloquent but with little to contribute. Most of the conversation was carried by Maren and a horned fellow whose voice had seemed slightly more familiar than the rest. The mare studied him closer with increasing interest, and in a flash of realization she recognized the unicorn from her adventures in the Basin a while back. So, he was a seer too? Interesting, very interesting indeed. He seemed to recognize her too, but when he made no effort to acknowledge her presence or speak to her Shadow remained on the outskirts, quite content with listening.

It was, after all, the best way to learn of others. Study them, consider them, listen to their words and phrases, pay attention to what they said and how they said it, where they looked and how they carried themselves. She had made a living of bringing such information to her masters and old habits died hard.

Like that blue-touched bay pegasus, for example. He seemed innocent enough where he hovered not far from herself, smiling and nodding here and there, but Shadow noticed that he spoke very little and watched all the more. Like herself, was he listening in on the conversations to siphon out the bits of interest, like who among the gathered held high seats in other herds, who the host was talking to and whom, of all the horses in Helovia, had chosen to accept the invitations of the Hidden Falls?

Shadow didn't move or change her expression, but as she lowered the eyelids again she refrained from closing them completely and regarded him from under the dark lashes, waiting with quiet patience to see whether he would do anything as the creamy lead returned with the desired tea. She herself remained where she was - let others crowd around it first, to avoid being pushed around.

@[Thranduil] Shadow is watching you ;D

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