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Its been a long long week

Weary eyes behold black shapes over the breast of another snowy mound -- a tight smile creases these cracked lips and hope dares to flourish like a butterfly emerging from his cocoon. There is no words for that surge of instantaneous relief when the familiar webwork, vine and willow meet our (slow) approach. "Finally," exasperation was tight, almost to the point of stain. This soul takes comfort from the knowledge that we are getting closer. Flared nostrils could almost smell the ocean (not really).

All blessings are celebrated....BESIDES the air is notably warmer -- where snow had at one point almost pressed into the top of my knees, it now lay below our feet. Slushy. Trampled with every step. "Not far now," true it was nearly a week (more like two on foot) away. I'm in the mood for celebrating those small victories. "I found my bubble wind here." Failing at humor. Though the tone of my voice suggests no reply is required, these emeralds slide to her with a complacent and for the first time in four days, relaxed look. Far less aging than the somber one I've been wearing.

Four agonizing days after entering the (frozen hell) meadow, we've finally made it to the other side. Exhausted -- but alive. The weight I've carried into this winter is overdrawn; spent on our journey through the Deep Forest and Thistle Meadow (as Zahra had been so kind to point out). Those territories lay behind us, thank my cock, not an ice covered thistle in sight. Snow from here on would be mostly an annoyance, nothing more. The early afternoon sun is hanging bright against her robin egg canvas. Warming on our lean spines, raising our spirits.

Where I'd lost weight, Zahra managed to gain. Courtesy me and countless hours spent foraging for only the best this land could offer. (Which was meager in my opinion.) Her cheerful mindset and gratitude for all gifts did well to water encouragement -- that alone did save this life she so boldly clung.

Yep, I know what your thinking...I'd been suckered.

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They had been walking, travelling, for such a long time that Zahra could no longer count the suns, the moons, or the vast number of snow-burdened trees they had passed. They’d tired quickly of waterlogged loam and the binding vines of that hidden grove to the west, and Camon had led admirably forward into the next of their adventures. Zahra, who adored her brother, trailed with ever increasing strength and enthusiasm (as she would, even to the end of the world). Briskly she trotted, eager to catch up after the glint of old tarnished glass had attracted her fancy. It had been mostly covered in snow, and though beautifully bizarre, its glistening face had been weathered and scratched - she thought, by time. Occasionally she found curious things along the way, and could only guess how they had come to be; so unique, and rare. Once or twice she had probed Camon for an explanation, but as the sun circled overhead, he seemed less and less inclined to feed her childish imagination with theories.

Still the snow lay in thick drifts across their path (perhaps for the stallion it grew less). It seemed to Zahra that the trees had very little weight against the will of winter’s fury, and eventually the wet ice resting upon their boughs slumped loudly to earth. It was a white wonderland, so different to the world she had been born into - so long ago - and while Camon trudged tediously on, the filly cavorted playfully with saturated knees, throwing neat heals to the wind. His smooth, grown up voice ventured back to find her, and twin ears fixed quickly to its note. She still wasn’t exactly sure as to where they were then headed, but she danced forward obligingly to listen as he spoke of the wind still swirling about him - playfully, she called it his very own storm-cloud. He was plagued by it, naturally, and a permanent storm-cloud served perfectly to explain the shifting tides of his mood.

Zahra was yet to find confidence enough to touch it.

She often pondered what burden it must be to lug around, after all the collar she carried across bony, puny withers was probably almost like bearing another her. It was a treasured possession all the same, and through the coldest nights passed, the young filly had imagined the warmth of her late father radiating within.  His milder emerald eyes found her thoughtful gaze and drew it from the twisting blanket of wind cloaking him. Quietly she nodded.

Bird slithered through the trough left in Zahra’s wake, avoiding the clumps here and there lifted by her switching gait. It had been a long journey for each of the foal’s sisters as well, though little Ilham had hardly suffered as each around her had. The web which she had netted through the short flapping mane was littered with drained carcasses, bodies which had once pestered their young host’s steamy monochrome hide. The spider’s favoured food was not in short supply whenever sunlight stroked down, even in these cold, harrowing months. Though not as well fed, Bird had become a rather artful hunter. Her path deviated often to pursue the musk of a starving field mouse, or the murmur of a foraging bird and when all else failed, she snacked on the berries that Camon sometimes discovered for them.

“Do you think winter will end soon?” the foal asked suddenly, tracing the speckled stallion’s slushy path with precision. “I should think this bit is the nicest of Helovia’s land, y’know.” Golden pools lifted to scan the scattered timber ahead, though her brother made it nearly impossible. It was easily the warmth she craved, and forests meant shade, and that meant cold… again. “Don’t ya think?” she pressed a little louder - a little more urgently.
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He'd gone out into the snow again, because it was cool (haha, get it?), this time with only Squishy for company. Zero had learned quickly that Squishy made a rather good conversation partner- sure, he didn't say anything, but he sure did seem to listen attentively. Something about the emeralds that made its eyes; Zero felt like Squishy really cared, y'know? For some reason it had been a long time since the boy had seen the other kids of the Throat, and it was nice to have someone to spend his time with, even if it was just a giant rock. At least rocks were friendly. Not like some of the grown-ups who just wanted him to get out from underhoof, not like- like- like Gaucho.

Zero had begun to realize that he had a lot of feelings about Gaucho, and Squishy seemed interested in hearing them. So they talked.

Jovially they tramped through frosty sand, making their way in a generally North-ish direction. That seemed like the way to go if you wanted to find snow (which there really wasn't much of at home, though why was entirely beyond him). So distracted was the little lightning that he didn't realize he'd reached a forest until the trees grew black above him. He'd paused abruptly, grunting as Squishy bumped against his hocks- "Watch it!" Zero admonished loudly, scowling playfully at his mineral friend. "You're really not squishy for sum'un named Squishy, y'know." A lopsided grin cut his face, pleasure at his own joke growing in the boy, and he turned a critical eye to the trees, hunting for any sign of familiarity. He'd been in this forest before, he was sure of that, but whether it was the one to the east or the one to the west or maybe an entirely new one to the south-west-north (HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?) was quite beyond the boy.

He shrugged, largely unconcerned. He was sure to find his way back eventually. Somehow, he always did. Besides, this was an adventure, and maybe if it was especially exciting he could even get Ma to listen to the story of it, and impress - ugh - Gaucho.

"Not that I wanna 'm'press him," Zero clarified quickly, sensing mockery in Squishy's gaze. He furrowed his wing, defensive. "You can stop that I jus' wanna prove I don' need a Da is all. If he even is my Da," he added.

Squishy's expression did not change.

The boy huffed.

Luckily, the sound of twigs cracking and distant voices cut the air before an argument could begin. Zero started, spreading his wing as he shied into a tree, and winced. Of course, his distress was as short-lived as ever; ears pricked up from their bed of messy mane and the boy strained forward to see figures in the trees, sunbeam eyes peering intently in what may have been entirely the wrong direction. He thought he saw a shadow through the faint snowfall which managed to slip between the trees, and though part of him realized that maybe it was a shadow, the rest of him was undeterred. Maybe it was Isopia! Or that crazy girl with the lizard! Or a new friend altogether! Eagerly the boy cried through the trees, brassy voice muffled by the heavy winter air: "Hey! I see you! Wat'cha doin'?"

And then, as an afterthought, "It's me, Zero!"

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“Soon, one would think.” You smile at the little monochrome girl with all the easiness of summer, your eyes dancing with delight at the prospect of spring as you come to a pause a distance in front of the pair. You, of course, have no real way of knowing when it would end, when the snows would thaw to reveal the new life that had harbored underneath for what definitely feels too long a time. But is it not better to offer hope instead of I don’t knows (even if no one asked you in the first place)? Your attention swivels to the boy then, examining the wind-storm that billows around him, the swan white and burnt orange of his skin. “This place is nice, though I wonder what it would look like in the spring, or even summer.” You hadn’t ever seen a majority of Helovia unencumbered by sheets of white, and as the months pass your little kindling of excitement has grown.

You expect that it will be completely different, like a whole world to discover, the places that you had been unrecognizable. It had been the opposite in your home by the seaside –– you had never seen so much as an inch of snow before this place, and you can only imagine how it would have been seeing that change. Looking back to the girl, she seems young enough to have never experienced such drastic change before either, though you keep your wandering mind to yourself. You are certain that you were not meant to overhear her musings, certain that they did not intend to be interrupted in whatever they are doing. It is with this thought in mind that you shrug your thin shoulders, your smile deflating just the slightest little bit.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.” It is genuine enough; you hadn’t originally meant to wind up in the middle of their path, eavesdropping on a conversation that wasn’t meant for you, but you had practically jumped at the opportunity for company, making a beeline for them through the trees the moment you had noticed them there. They don’t need to know the latter, though, and your mouth moves again, beginning to form the syllables of your name when yet another voice rings through the wilderness. Zero? Slightly perturbed you turn to face the source of the voice, though you are greeted by nothing more than emptiness. Your brows furrow, eyes searching the treeline for anyone at all. Curiosity dictates that you should find the source, but instead you simply stay put, glancing back towards the unlikely pair. You have already intruded enough; it wouldn’t be you to invite the newcomer to the little party, despite desperately wanting to.

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so you guys are excellent and im super nervous posting this but i hope its okay?
i already had the first half written when i saw charks reply so... yeah. if i need to rewrite i will~

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