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There is a tense, all-consuming feeling that has fallen over Helovia, as though there is electricity in the very air I breathe in. I worry, worry for what has come to our land, even more importantly, what evil might come knocking at our door sooner than later. Even Suli and Merlin have begun to act differently, no longer their typical selves. The mischievous Suli had grown cautious and sullen, and Merlin, who had only just started to come out of his shell, had become reclusive once more.

Curious as I was, I didn't dare wander past the borders of the Falls; if danger did rear its repulsive face, I would be here to protect those who couldn't protect themselves, and those that had protected me.

Romani was the first to come to my mind. I sought to find the golden shield-maiden, the one who had a funny way of making my heart thrum just a little quicker against my chest whenever I saw or spoke to her. It had been some time since our last encounter, and it seemed this time, my efforts to locate her would once more be in vain.

Then, my mind turned to that of our leaders. What was going on beyond our borders? Did they know? Had something become of them?

I thought of Kaj then.

As the image of the golden pegasus was painted in my mind's eye, my lips drew back in a frown as I recalled our most recent interactions. Once brothers in arms, one willing to die for the other, we acted now as strangers, regarding one another from afar and nothing more. There was a clear tension between us, thick and heavy that I still couldn't quite understand. During the invasion to claim the soil in which I now stood, I no longer felt a true connection to the one I had always considered brother. Family. Even during the merriment of our festival, I felt no more a foreigner in his presence, and had failed to find the right words time and again to apologize for what it was I had done.

And I hated myself for it.

My breath comes out in curls against the morning chill as I heft an exhale. The visions of the past fade away from my mind, and I focus on the present as my eyes take in the sunrise. On any other day, I might have appreciated the beauty of the sun peering over the snow-capped mountains, promising a day without downcast skies. Today, however, my head hangs just a bit lower, and no longer do I carry myself like the proud creature I'd been for fourteen long years.

"Come on," I speak through the bond, and with those simple words, the two dragons leave their perch in the pines and follow. Perhaps this time, I might have some luck in finding my compatriots.

[For Kaj!]

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