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[OPEN] Moonlight fields[Patrol]

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The dove loved the Heavenly Fields, it was always a great place to get away and relax. Today was different however, because her thoughts were on a certain stallion. She couldn't get his grullo and white frame out of her head.He always made her smile and she really hoped he would somehow appear and take her mind away from everything. Penna cooed softly from her withers trying to take the stud's place. She smiled and turned her neck to nuzzle the falcon softly. "I'm so glad I have you. You always know how to make me feel better." Honey and black eyes met for a moment in silence. 'I always be here. Love you.' Warm breath wrapped around the spotted bird of prey as she sighed contentedly.

The moon shone down full and high above the field as the pair sat bellow it. The girl knew it wasn't the best idea ever to patrol at night, but the days were to hot to do her job right. The winged mare looked out around her before starting to walk. There wasn't a whole lot of this area she hadn't wondered around up here. It didn't take her long to pause and start to eat. When was the last time she had eaten? Penna suddenly wondered the same thing and took wing. 'I be back, starving.' A soft nod as she continued to pluck at the grass allowing her thoughts to wonder to her family and life. The falcon soon zeroed in on a mouse causing Parelia to quickly throw up a barrier between them. She hated how he turned when prey came into sight. Shuddering the mare turned back to her grazing.
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If this was herd life, Ezital wasn't impressed. 

He supposed his ideas of companionship and belonging were a bit idealized in his mind. Brisa and Vitani had been very kind, but they'd left to go about their lives after delivering him into the clutches of Ktulu. So far, he'd spent his time lingering on the fringes of the herd lands, making use of the pools of water as relief from the heat of the day and waiting for Ktulu to remember he existed.

Truth be told, he was growing quite bored. He'd seen some of the other herd members in passing, but he always made himself scarce before introductions or, more likely, accusations of trespassing could be made. He was pretty sure that the mare was busy, but if he'd had to wait much longer, he would do something rash like try to find Brisa to entertain him, or just moving on and chalking up this whole idea as a big mistake.

Ktulu herself had made a big impression on him at their meeting, but her parting words were still fresh in his mind. She'd been quite rude to the young Vitani, and hadn't recognized his own docile words for the rarity that they were. Overall, he felt rather sour towards the mare and her giant beaver, and he wasn't sure he'd be able to control his tenuous temper when she finally showed up. Luckily, he had some sense that told him the mare could eat him for breakfast. Time would tell if that would be enough to keep him in check.

The call finally came in the middle of the night, so of course Ezital was awake, pondering the idea of going for a walk in the woods. He was to go on a patrol with a mare he'd never met, though he was assured she was distinctive.

He wandered north until the trees gave way to a vast meadow, turned silver in the unobstructed moonlight. It was simple to pick out the form of a horse with reddish wings and canter over to her.

"Hey," he greeted her breathlessly. "Are you Parelia? I think I'm supposed to patrol with you, whatever that means. I'm Ezital."

Ezital offered her a small smile, hoping to cover the awful sulking mood he'd been in the last few days. It had mostly been tempered by finally getting to go somewhere, but who knew how sensitive she was?


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