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[OPEN] Talons and blood [Healer please!]

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Parelia & Penna

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The fire does the trick sending the cat into a blinding biting rage. Agony races down her right haunch as teeth meet flesh. Blood open pours from the wound. She squeals her rage and pain as she flaps away trying not to move her leg. Penna, farther away, screeches as he feels his soul-mates anguish. The pain is horrible, bringing tears to her honey eyes even as the tigress falls. She flies back to Penna intent on fetching him before finding a healer fro herself. She leaves a clear blood trail as she soars above the trees towards him. It doesn't take long for him to hop on her back and brag hold of her tender flesh. Blood wells under his razor sharp talons, that only spurs her back to the group.

She lands, well falls, to the ground on the edge of the group hoping someone will come to her rescue. Penna hobbles from her back staying close to her face, unwilling to fly himself, wings sore and tender from his flight into the tree. Blood slowly pools around her body as she lays panting upon the ground. Bright eyes search for her golden son, praying he is alright. She can't find his teal ivy clad body anywhere, and she assumes he is fine, already heading home to check on his herd. Sighing the mare closes her eyes and relaxes. Penna screeches repeatedly trying desperately to get someone over to help his bonded. Fear pricks through him as Parelia faints form pain. He cries louder desperate now, 'Please help her!' He thinks over and over as he hops around her body cooing around crying for help.
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Tags; Anyone is welcome @Resplendence
OOC; Parelia is bleeding like crazy and needs a healer! Penna is crying out and hoping around her scared out of his mind! xD
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