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the albatross [archibald vs imonada teaching spar]

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She was lonely, in a way that was frightening and claustrophobic; it made her chest ache as a current of fear cleaved through her thoughts with its steady, continuous tide. It ran deep, deeper than the security her herd could offer and it misled her with a tame surface for its waters were cold and dark. She could drown it in, easily, her own personal Styx. No one had been able to stem the flow with the salvation of true connection, no one had crafted a bridge for her to cross, no one had yet plunged into its depths to rescue her; a few ripples have occurred, one caused by Panzram, but nothing concrete. She had seen neither hide or hair of him since last spring, when she was plagued; perhaps he was merely a waking dream, no more real than the cloud of butterflies that led her to him so many moons ago. There was nothing she could hold onto for dear life. It hadn't always been like that for her, of course. Imanie was never more than a thought away, a piece of her sister left to that unreliable thing called memory. Her gregarious, fascinating, sweet twin of flesh and blood and love now nothing more than neurons firing away on a cylindrical loop of hazy vignettes. The only person to have touched her soul, to be her soul, before she was taken and Imonada was exiled for her own good. In the way of the still very young, this was it; there had been nothing else, no other comparison for her, even if the Falls was allowing room for something else to grow. The future was a gamble, to be as trusted as much as a fox guarding a hen house. She did not wish to dwell in the past, but it was more tangible than what was coming next.

So she would distract herself today. She would make herself better. After all, if she was stuck with herself, she might as well do something about that nasty streak of self-loathing.

It's midday, but you'd not be able to tell; slate-grey clouds obscure the sun, low with heavy bellies, a high wind not felt down on earth racing them across the heavenly dome at phenomenal speeds. There is a light mist in the immediate air, more felt upon sensitive lips than seen. It's too overcast for shadows, but darkness seeps into all manner of cavities. It is eerily quiet, too; fat ravens sitting high on naked branches remain pensive and watchful while a lone brown rabbit streaks across the scene before disappearing beneath toppled logs. The weather has cooled what might have been a torrid day, but it is still very much warm and humidity threatens wretchedness. Imonada, tired of the heat, was ready to welcome a brisk autumn; what lay beyond that, she did not want to think about. Frostfall was not her favorite time of year... despite, or because of, her solstice birthday.

She was in a clearing just at the edge of their lands, a sliver of open space barricaded from the rest of the forest by a palisade of thick brush, with one fallen and moss-infested tree cutting through the middle. Although small, the arena was decent enough in size for the two of them; they could dance about exchanging blows with the added bonus of incorporating the element of cover. As she waits for her instructor, she ponders the upcoming lesson and idly inspects the packed ground beneath her. Archibald! What was she thinking? He was intimidating in presence -- he was massive, would he take care with her? Would he become caught up in the moment and hurt her? Even those sound in their control may have an involuntary reaction. She did not know him well enough and his status over her made it even more daunting. But he was one of her Czars and trusted by those that had won her over; this instills her with courage and she remains, patiently drawing circles into the dirt with the edge of her hoof.


2 attack posts + closing defense
800 words max
location: outside hidden falls, to the south
weather: overcast
terrain: clearing in forest with flat ground + log jutting into the middle
companions/magic: I would say not since she doesn't have either?

Sound good? :3
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force allowed
plotting prior to death/maiming please

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