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Nymeria & Lilómiel
And everybody wants to know 'bout how it felt to hear you scream / They know you walk like you're a god, they can't believe I made you weak

There was a budding summer storm on the horizon.
It did not take long until the faintly gray clouds coalesced into a raging beast, a wolf or a lion or some equally threatening predator, charging in for the kill.

It came roaring in around Nymeria like the gods' fury, all black thunderheads and crackling lightning. The sheer force of it, splitting tree trunks and sending streams flooding with torrential downpour, sent her heart into jackrabbit palpitations—and that was without taking into the account the monstrous nature of her magic around her. She belonged to the rain and the streams, the ocean and the tidal pools; she was choked, swamped, by the potential power around her. The pull on her was not like the easy ebb of the tide, or the familiar call of the sea, but a scream for attention, a child's incessant cry when faced with loneliness.

Warm rain splattered and spilled down across the mountains and valleys of her ribcage and spine, turning monotonous black to shimmering sheets of ebony. She vibrated and ached with the keen sharpness of being around so much potential; she lathered herself in need for release, for a way to output the magic raring against her too-tight skin and screaming in her head.

The trees groaned, splintered.
Lilómiel shrieked in cacophonous answer.
Nymeria paced through the darkness.

She stopped, turned her head; her nostrils cusped, quivered. Out she called, for destruction and ruin, for war and magic, for bloody desecration—for a worthy opponent to face in battle.

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Timeline: Extended(?)
Setting: A spacious clearing in the Deep Forest during the midst of a summer storm. Heavy rain; wet but not yet muddy footing. Lots of trees groaning and occasionally breaking.
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OOC Notes: Magic and companions allowed. You can attack first! :D

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The sound of the storm around her was a chaotic symphony; an orchestra without a conductor, or perhaps it had a conductor; but if so it was one who had gone mad. 

Rei had attempted to out race the storm's reach but its staccato rhythm brought the heavy rain upon the pair quickly. Before the thunder had entered at a forte Anka had enjoyed splashing about in the ever growing puddles.  

The shriek of a dragon spun Rei on her hindquarters. In the storm around her it was hard to pinpoint where the sound came from. The mare was on edge due to the weather keeping her from being capable of truly taking to the sky.

"Hide. To the bush. Stay." Rei repeated the request several times hoping that it would travel through their bond. The pegasus and otter were certainly bonded but Anka still was not capable of mind speech. Rei knew it was due to her bonded's young age but she still wished Anka could confirm that she understood in a more definite manner.

Rei's eyes widened at the voice of another. The pegasus' sire had been a general and he had not skipped past teaching his own daughter. Rei's eyes widened as she recognized the call for battle. It was more of a demand than a call; or perhaps it was a plea for a fight. The leopard pegasus' muscles tensed once her eyes finally found the one who had been capable of shouting over the crashing thunder.

Warily Rei eyed the ground where the mare stood. She was further out in the clearing away from the rim of the forest where Rei was. Her throat clenched, almost unwilling to reply, but she did return the call of the stranger. 

The mare was several body lengths away, it was enough distance for Rei to take to flight. Getting herself airborne was more difficult in the weather and it made her nervous with lightning flashing. Rei made her plan quickly and acted upon it, eager to get out of the air.

The pegasus gave her warning while in the air. Flying low she attempted to graze the back of the mare. 

Angling her flight pat Rei gained some altitude before pulling her wings in close to her sides to go into a quick dive. At the last moment Rei extended her wings further to soften her landing at the left side of the darker mare. She did her best to avoid landing near the other mare's head doing her best to keep from being bitten, and tried to refrain from landing behind her to avoid being kicked. Rei aimed to approach from the mare's middle. Her instincts urged her to bite the other mare's ear but Rei was much shorter than her opponent. Instead of the vulnerable ear the pegasus had to instead barrel towards the dark mare's right side with her teeth bared. 
Her hoofbeats never faltered; they were the drumming that competed with the crashing thunder. Rei's heartbeat was different though, it was unsteady, her heart beat in separate directions in two differing rhythms. She felt guilt for attacking a stranger who on other circumstances she would have greeted as warmly as a friend; and she felt a thrill one could only feel from a spar.

Rain dripped into her eyes and on the side of her face where her droplet charm sweated out its own water. The heavy rain seemed to excite the charm and it put out more moisture than usual. Just before reaching the mare Rei tossed her head to throw her forelock and the charm behind her ear. The pegasus used the momentum from the movement to rear up slightly to try to bite the dark neck of her opponent.

Her only hesitation came whenever Rei's own eyes briefly glimpsed those of the other mare. She knew nothing about this equine yet she was prepared to fight her.

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I hope I did everything right, this is one of my first spars.

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Attack Summary: Rei flys at a low altitude. She attempts to scrape her hooves along Nymeria's back. Rei then gets a bit more altitude before turning in flight to land and charge at Mymeria's right side in order to try to bite the other mare's neck.
Magic usage is okay.
Just ask before doing any actions that may cause a great deal of damage first.
I am also okay with being tagged.

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Nymeria & Lilómiel
And everybody wants to know 'bout how it felt to hear you scream / They know you walk like you're a god, they can't believe I made you weak

There was a clap of thunder so loud and terrifyingly powerful that Nymeria’s teeth rattled and her knees trembled. Lightning blistered across the hideous black sky in a convulsion of white and gold, a scorching strike of electricity that lifted every hair on her hide. In low, discordant harmony the trees around her groaned, creaked, and splintered, their voices an alien cry of distress. In the darkness twisted and distorted by the lashing rain, the trees did not seem to be so friendly as in daylight; their branches became old and withered arms reaching for a cruel embrace, and gnarled knots became angry and mocking eyes.
Her skin crawled, but she would not—did not—fear angry trees.

For a minute, the sounds of the storm became less audible than the thrilled pumping of her heart and the blood rushing through her veins. The rain still slashed across the clearing, numbing her flesh and penetrating to what felt like the bone, but there was no thunder to hide hoof beats or breaking branches. Nymeria’s ears pricked forward in sharp silhouette; there was, at the very edge of her hearing, a muffled and out-of-place sound, a frumpy flutter that she intuitively felt more than heard. Her dark eyes narrowed in callous contempt, and a smile split in her lips in a cruel way that was anything but friendly; she scanned the trees, but she did not really think to look up.

In the chaos of the storm she saw nothing, but four eyes were better than two.
Go, she commanded, and from her spine leapt Lilómiel, his wings in time with the rain and the storm. Dark as he was, and moving as he did, he camouflaged well into the shifting shadows and groaning trees. Nymeria, watching his path, decided to keep his furtive grace in mind—his adeptness in moving with stealth would no doubt come in handy for future ambushes.  

Fortunate was she for the red eyes of her companion, because it was he who cried out loud and clear in her mind to beware!

Nymeria’s heart doubled in speed at the warning, and without knowing where she should move or where the mysterious other was, she spun on her haunches in a full 90-degree turn to her right, putting her back up to a massive tree. Her head rose, the curls of her mane twisting and falling out, the thick white band of her sclera sharply visible in the night. It was because of her turn to her right that instead of grazing her spine Rei cleaved through empty air. Lightning struck again, tearing through the heavens in white rage. The sudden and terrible illumination, positioned directly over the clearing, gave Nymeria her first look as her opponent was gliding in to land.

There wasn’t time for a full study in the appaloosa’s build and habits and personality, but it didn’t matter anyways. Nymeria had everything she needed in the first look—that being that the other mare was small and robust with full-fledged wings. It was those wings that would set the tone of the fight; Nymeria must keep her from taking off.

And then the moment was past and the pegasus charged.

It felt like Nymeria was in a dream, being surrounded by the rain and filled up with the power of the storm. It wasn’t a dream, of course—this was real life: so Nym pinned her ears and smiled her wickedest smile and blistered, burned, yearned, to fight, to destroy, to devour. The muscles of her hindquarters tensed—she allowed herself to be run solely by emotion and by want, and she burst forward with eager vigour. Simultaneous to her push off her hindquarters, she thrust her weight into her left foreleg, turning sharply to her right. Instead of Rei being positioned perpendicularly, she was now adjacent to Rei, with her left shoulder at Rei’s left shoulder. Once more Rei attacked only empty air.

There was a shudder of movement; the slight pegasus lifted off her forelegs, reaching at the left side of Nymeria’s neck. She allowed herself but a brief moment of contempt at her opponent’s idiocy before attempting to slam her left shoulder into the smaller mare, putting the whole bulk of her body behind the move. With their difference in size and strength, the grullo hoped to shove Rei off-balance, if not topple her entirely. Simultaneously, Lilómiel dived down from out of the darkness, his jaws ablaze and his face twisted into a demonic mask. He attempted to approach from the opposite side of Rei—to Rei’s right—aiming to make bubble and burn the flesh of her neck, to see her spotted fur char and smoke and go up in flames.

Of all his playthings, fire was definitely his favorite.

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