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Did Ktulu hate her? The girl was beginning to wonder. This was the second time she had been paired to fight the leaders of the herd, arguably the two strongest among them. Had the Constrictor somehow heard the girl's internal monologue? Her musings about what it would be like to rule? Certainly such a conversation had happened in her mind many times. She wondered often about the efficacy of Kaj and Archibald's rule. While she found Archibald more formidable than Kaj (who often let his emotions get the best of him, as in the case of his rule with her mother, Kahlua), Archibald had not demonstrated the sort of tyrannical drive for dominance that she had seen him display early on. Was it merely the conquest of taking the Falls and leaving the Edge that had made him truly seem Dauntless? Now that it was over, was he really so impressive?

Was that why she had been paired to fight them? Was Ktulu trying to subtly demonstrate their prowess to her, by showing her that they were not so easily thwarted? Or was this merely a lesson in her own humility, to point out how weak she was?

Or was it merely chance?

Iso didn't know, and the not-knowing weighed on her far more than the thought of having to spar with Archibald. Her response to pain, while not fully under her control, was becoming more and more tempered by her mind. Already she could endure Hubris' claws on her withers without much fuss, could go long periods without eating, and could force herself to remain stationary in uncomfortable positions. During spars she did her best to engage with the pain she felt, rather than shying away from it. 

She knew the pain was coming, and that was something her mind could understand. That it was from Archibald did not cohere quite as well.

Purpose, or probability? Her mind wondered as she moved through the afternoon-sky above the Hidden Falls. 

You are not a part of this. She cautioned to Hubris who flew behind her. His wings were not large enough to keep up with Isopia in her regular form, and so the demi-goddess was forced to fly slower. 

:( He responded with a mental surge of sadness into her mind. Iso shook her head in the air as she began her descent. Orders for me - not for you. Not until you're bigger.

Isopia knew of Loretta's prowess on the battle ground from others. It was one reason that she chose to approach from the air, rather than the ground. She had seen Archibald's magic - a rumbling that caused the ground to heave and swell - and was not eager to experience it herself. It was entirely possible that he had magic that could easily pull her out of the air, but all of her available evidence spoke to his advantages on the ground. So regardless of the unknown, approaching him from the air was likely her best tactic. 

Pulling her wings to her sides, she lowered to a position gliding just above the tree tops. She had seen Archibald grazing here earlier - and luckily, he was here still. At least she wouldn't have to expend any more energy try to find him than she already had. If her spar with Kaj had taught her anything, it was that she was wildly out of shape. 

Don't interfere. She cautioned Hubris a final time, before shifting her attention away from her bronze companion. It hadn't occurred to her that he wouldn't listen - not with all of her reasons readily available in the vastness of her mind - and so her thoughts turned to Archibald without any additional trepidation. 

Pulling at the threads of the magic that was constantly awash in her veins, Isopia dropped a concoctionon of earth and water down upon Archibald. This mud mixture, she hoped might blur his vision should it fall into his eyes, or at the very least, make the supple footing beneath him suddenly slippery. The demi-goddess followed swiftly in the wake of her muddy-mixture. Her aim was to fly low enough to try and kick Archibald's rump with her hind legs, but high enough that she could easily return back into the skies afterwards. 

She had seen others use such a maneuver, but had never attempted it herself, and so  everything about the attack was rather awkward.

"Ktulu's orders-" She offered as her hind legs kicked out towards Archibald's rump.

Orangemoon season spar with @Archibald .

Set in the HF, Orangemoon, daylight. 

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