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Deep in the blues [Spar]

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I tried to sell my soul last night, it's funny he wouldn't even take a bite.

The black woman stands, ready and waiting. The sky is a light grey, blocking any warmth from the sun, a simple threat of the snow to come. The weather is cold, and in a few moments the sky almost seems to continue to get darker. My blue eyes move across the terrain, watching and waiting. Observing the terrain I would have to work with, in the upcoming spar. I had stationed myself towards the hot springs, for a quick escape to the soothing water as soon as possible after what would come. 

The trees surrounding he small clearing where sparse, easy to get through. The snow had deepened after a few snow falls, making it harder to move in the ways of battle. But t was not impossible. The deeper snow also meant a softer landing, and even something to kick up as a distraction.  Any attacks would be slowed down, to add to the snow there was the cold, and it would take a certain amount of time to warm the muscles up sufficiently. 

But I had studied the terrain and it's angles long enough. It was time and I was tired of waiting. I had chosen to go without the armor today for simple spars should not need them. Unless I was in battle, or a challenge I would not wear it down. 

A impatient sigh pushes from my nostrils, and I decide that I will wait no longer. "ZANDORA! YOU ARE BEING SUMMONED TO FACE YOUR SUPERIOR IN A SPAR. APPEAR QUICKLY OR FACE CONSEQUENCES."

My voice carried across the Basin, authority echoing in every word. I would be heard, and I would be answered. If I wasn't, it would reflect badly on the rest of the warriors. For the failure of one was the failure of all.

"Speech here."
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Takes place in a small clearing close to the Hot springs. The weather is cold, and the sky is grey. There is a snow cover on the ground of about 10 inches. It may begin to snow during the spar. There are some sparse trees surrounding, but nothing huge or excessive. 



Credits: Image by semper
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Yes, dear, I'm smiling
Inside I'm dying

The thoughts of becoming relevant had plagued her for quite a while. Zandora didn't want to be just a shadow, she wanted to be something worth looking at. Although blacks and ebonite's covered a toned body, Zandora would not allow herself to sink into the darkness upon her skin. Even though it had called out to her, lured her in, and had it's way with her, Zandora was determined not let herself fade into such crevices and depths. She was larger then it, she was alive, she was powerful.

Drapes were laced with the newly coated layer of snow, whites and violets mixing together. The familiar but foreign lands of the basin haunted her as she weaved through the pines and branches. She knew the lands, but she didn't really know them. She knew that she could belong here, that the vixen of blacks and purples could be everything she's always wanted to be, but unlike wise trees that surrounded her, she had quite a few rings of knowledge to gain. In time, she would stretch her roots and create a fruitful life. But only with time.

The words of her superior echoed annoyingly in her drums. Zandora did not try to hide her annoyance, eyes rolling as the Arabian entered the ring that would be her battlefield. "Is that how you get things done around here?" She questioned, shaking her head at the soldier. Quickly, Zandora scanned Sialia's body, she was taller then her, and thicker then her. It would be a challenge for Zandora to use any brood force, this would be a fight based on her speed and would require witty thinking to overcome her opponent. A challenge Zandora was prepared for. She might not win, but she was damned sure she would try, and try with all she had.

Letting the whisper and howls of the winter winds drown away, Zandora dipped her head reluctantly to the ebonite. She may not like her, but Sialia was her teacher, her successor, and she deserved the respect she had earned. Sighing the vixen took a final breath before she plunged into whatever was to come.

Springing forward, the life of adrenaline pumping her veins, Zandora set off towards Sialia. The cold didn't touch her now, but she was sure to keep her balance equal as she galloped across the winter's curse. Her muscles coiled and sprung forward like a clockwork creature, determination pushing her forward. She used the power in her hindquarters to get her quickly to the corporal's left side, teething baring as she aimed for the supple flesh of her flank. If her aim was going to remain true, she would clench hard with her jaw, then quickly spin her front end right, away from the threatening bulk of Sialia's legs.  


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Summary: Zandora tries to rip/bite at the skin of Sialia's left side
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