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[OPEN] Never the right time, to say goodbye...

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Parelia and Gull
Today was going to be rough, she knew it would be. Ever since she had that day with Gull her sides had been slowly growing. She had carried two babies in her lifetime, so she was well aware of the child growing within her womb. Even though she was ecstatic she was sure others wouldn't be. Now that they were going to be parents should would join Gull, stay by his side. She had messed up enough of her babies with father issues, she would be damned if it happened again. Sighing heavily the winged mare wondered slowly towards the Hidden falls. This was the best thing she could do for herself and her children. Sure she could just steal away in the night never to return, but that would only leave a bad taste in her leader's mouth. She wanted to ensure her children would have a safe place to call home if they ever needed it. She prayed the kings would not deny her or her children if the need ever arose. She still had a friend or two here, right?

Swallowing hard liquid honey eyes shine sadly as she gazed at the waterfalls around her. large cream and teal wings extended to feel the spray, if just once more.  Taking a deep steeling breath the mare called out. She prayed Areli would hear her and come as well. Yes that would make it harder, but it had to be done. She had to explain this to everyone especially her daughter. Ears swiveled nervous as she stood thinking of all the things that could go horribly wrong. Sweat tickled the tender skin over her withers. Penna, with his request, was out searching for the smoky black and golden filly. He knew how important it was for Parelia to make her daughter understand and invite her to join them. he could feel the fear and determination pouring through their bond. Instead of dwelling on the fear, like his bonded, the falcon focused upon the resolution. They both knew this had to be done and they would make sure it happened correctly.

Ways to start the meeting pounded through mind as she waited for the group she hoped would appear. How in the hell was she supposed to bring this up? '"Hello Kaj, Archibald, I got knocked up so I'm leaving all of you and the bullshit." Ya that would go over well...' A stuttering sigh escaped her velvety lips as she shifted her weight back and forth nervously. Finally she came up with something that sounded at least half way decent. Setting features face into as calm a face as she could muster, and tried to keep her feet still.

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Do you still believe in love, I wonder?

Ever since she had found Mama that day at the beach, Areli had made sure to stick close. While she had never truly believed that her mother would leave her, even the thought of another separation distressed the girl. Now that Parelia had returned to the Falls in one piece, her daughter’s relief was nearly tangible. Still, she clung closer to Mama than she had for a long time, never venturing far from her side. Perhaps it was a nuisance to her mother, to have her half-grown yearling bumbling along after her like a month-old foal—she had weaned her child long ago, and surely she might have appreciated some space. But if Parelia was impatient with her, she didn’t show it, and Areli had quickly settled back into the comfortable routine of browsing the woods by day with her mother and tucking herself (at least partially, for she had grown big) under her wing by night.
But today, Areli had strayed farther than usual. Assured that Mama was here to stay, she had risen early and trotted off into the trees with Bee following loyally at her heels. While she had hoped to run into Papa patrolling over the past few days, they had had no such luck. Areli was sure that he must have been worried. She had forgotten to tell him that she was leaving to find Mama, and she wanted to put his mind at ease.
However, it was barely midday when her search was cut short by the sound of a familiar cry. Squinting up into the sun, Areli saw Penna circling above. For a moment, her gut twisted in fear--was something wrong?--but the hawk only swooped down lazily to tug at her mane before fluttering a short way off to land on a branch. Anxiety appeased, the girl snorted. Did he just want to play? But with an insistent squawk, the bird beckoned her to come with him, and Areli finally realized that Mama must want her. Happy to oblige, she trailed the faithful bird until he delivered her to the cove where her mother waited.
“Hi Mama,” the girl called cheerfully, above the roar of the waterfall. “Didjya want me for somethin’? I saw Penna,” she added, with a fond glance at the falcon. Smiling, she moved closer to converse with her mother more easily.

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Parelia and Gull
Waiting was the worst part, why couldn't everyone just show up now? She longed to get it over with; to be done and head to her new home. Gull still had no idea what was going on, and the stallion needed to know. How would it look if one day she was on the Islands with a baby that looked like him and he just happened along? A shiver ran up her spine at the thought. Did Gull even have or want kids? Reassurance wafted through her mind, easing the sore edges of her nerves. 'Thank you Penna.' She could sense  his soft smile as he finally found Areli and Bee. He dove talons gently pulling her mane before landing calmly in a tree. He screeched time after time before flying slowly through the trees back towards his bonded. He was sure the young filly would follow him not that he had thoroughly annoyed her.

'Almost there.' He spoke softly into her head sending calming waves of support to her. Taking a deep breath the cream and teal dove smiled softly as they came through the trees. The falcon landed carefully upon her scared withers, feeling it would be best to be close to her. Her daughter's sweet voice drew a kind smile to the mare's face. How could she have done this to Areli, and how was she ever going to explain to her innocent little girl what had happened. "Yes my sweet baby, I have something to talk to you about."

She paused gathering her thoughts and courage before starting something she feared would be the end. "You know I love you very much and I will always be here for you." Honey eyes sought out her golden gaze begging her to understand. She could feel the fear and anxiety pulsing through her with each heart beat. "Areli, I'm leaving the Falls." The words blurted from her tender muzzle as she gazed sadly at her daughter.

"I've tried to save you from the truth of my life, but your father and I have had a falling out. My heart is not with him and I need to be away from him." She gulped roughly a lump forming in her throat tears fighting to fill her eyes. "I'm going to live in the Riptide Islands. You... You're going to be a big sister my sweet daughter. I would love for you to come live with us, but I will not push you. Just know I will always be there if you ever wan tor need me." Her skin crawled with panic. Would Areli call her nasty names and attack? No no, her baby girl would never do that. She was sure the smoky black filly would be more of the, 'I'm disappointing in you.' that would break your heart worse than an attack. "Areli, please understand..." Her voice was hardly more than a whisper as she begged for her to understand.
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Kaj despaired over the fact that he had not been able to see Areli for quite some time. It was another lump of hatred that he volleyed at Other Kaj, for being sucked so far into his own petty emotions that he had forgotten all about those who loved him and relied on him. He had adopted quite a few fledglings and ushered them through life beneath the boughs of his wings, but he had grown particularly attached to Ilios, Areli, and Aeolus. Unfortunately it just so happened that alongside all three youths there were two mares who seemed keen on a heart he placed no value in. Not that Kaj could remember their affections or declarations, but even if he did he would not understand what they saw in him or why they sought him out. Was it a title thing? Surely there were so many more eligible bachelors in Helovia if not the Hidden Falls. Other Kaj was a rightful mess! Their proclamations seemed unfounded, and perhaps he was a bit unfair to them in his fear of further heartbreak, but he truly did not consider himself worthy of their selfless adoration. 

It didn't matter, not when they were surrounded by gauze and gaping holes. All he knew was that he had not seen the foals he considered like his own children in far too long, and that was unforgivable. 

Had they forgotten him? Did they hate him for deserting them as so many others in their life had? He had never wanted to be another one of those errant vagabonds, drifting in and out of their life, only ever present as their Czar instead of the paternal figure he desired to be. 

So when he caught sight of Areli through the trees, he followed her. 

What he found was...odd and unpleasant, to say the least. 

He recalled Parelia well, having only removed one or two memories of her. But he also knew of the spat between she and Ciceron, and how Ilios had taken after Parelia in her judgment of the stallion. The child had eventually left for the shores of the Throat, and Kaj had not heard from him since. A large part of him bristled at the idea that Parelia might attempt to convince Areli to leave alongside her, when the Falls was far safer than any wildland that Parelia deigned to exile herself to. That Parelia thought she should spin yet another tale to a child in this manner rankled the Czar, who stared impassively from behind the dappled child. It was never okay to subject a foal to the problems of their parents, and especially not dropping such a huge announcement as abandonment with clearly no prior discussion about it. And on top of that dropping the bombshell that Parelia was pregnant?

"She does not need to know the adult details all in one sitting," Kaj rumbled disapprovingly, unable to hold his tongue though he had to remind himself that Areli was not his child and he had no say in her parenting. "Find peace wherever your travels find you. But if Areli agrees...I hope she will remain here in the Falls." Impassive mask seemed to harden ever further as pale blue eyes swept over to Parelia. "The wilds is no place for someone so young. The herdland will provide her with protection until she wishes to join you." But his tone made it clear that he could not stop either of them if they both decided to leave. 

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