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They escape in the low hours of the morning, tucked in the soft hues of dawn skies and cool air that pulls whisps of clouds from their nostrils. At the border, the ocean begs her back into it’s arms. It longs for the long forgotten embrace of her swollen body within its world, where it can control her and refuse to release her from its grip.
But she is coaxed away, forced to face the jaws of her agony once more when it is so sweet and gentle upon her wounded skin, treating her like a newborn baby whose bones were made like glass. She fears every little thing. Hobgoblin cannot even bring her away from the light and the safety it wields. She fears so much for the unborn babe that she carries, the one that causes her to stop along the way and rest almost constantly, laying against the base of a tree and simply huffing for all the air in the world in hopes that it’ll replace what she’s lost in her lungs.
None of her friends have been pregnant. She’s never grown close to enough to mares like Ampere and Alija to ask questions on what to expect from this situation, one what will come from labor and the days following. She’s too heart set on privacy and sacred traditions and acts to ask them without some sort of bond already set.
Hobgoblin spends her moments of rest attempting to trust his wings again, moving back and forth from form to form. Cries strike shivers into her body when she hears his prey screaming out their last breaths. He only ever comes back when there is food in his jaws and a full belly.
Between the two of the, there is silence because all she can think about is her child, when it will reach them, and what it will be like. The father crosses her mind once, curious as of if he would care to even know the thing when it came into existence, if he would care to play a part in its world as it grew.
There could be more time to think, but over the course of a day and half, the world gradually builds up the Hidden Falls. Its hue captivate her blue eyes, staring with awe at the sight of Orangemoon’s real beauty. When both of her homes in life had been polar opposites in climate and far too severe to bring these sort of things along, it becomes a tiny gift given to her. One worth remembering and cherishing.
It’s not the kind of place she remembered it to be. No longer are the sweeping hills and seas of green. The sound of roaring water faintly tempts her ears, wanting to know more but not wishing to invade. The consequences of what went on within, or what once did, hangs in her mind like a memory she’ll never forget.
This is a still a place that she’ll never be welcome in.
A whinny flees her lips like a lone cry for attention, hoping to grab something. Hobgoblin follows up with his own call, throwing a loud screech out, just for the sake of it.

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