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Look at the stars,
see how they shine for you
She needed some place to go some place to breathe and to think and let all she learned settle before moving on once again. The talk of names and gods and places all swirled around and she tried to keep track of them all, holding on to each one so they couldn't slip away from her like her past memories did. She had lost enough for a lifetime--nearly lost her lifetime--and so she took her time tracing each letter of every word and carefully storing them some place they could not escape. The cool air brushed its fingers through her hair and she sighed as she gazed outward past the ocean waters and toward the dark horizon; the night crept upon her in secret and she just wanted out, away from the fog enveloping the Edge. The water was a nice change; though the sky was parted by clouds, snippets of the stars poked through and twinkled down at her, at her own stars shining brilliantly back at them.

Thoughts traveled back to her mother, to the last voice she heard as she fled from captivity, to the songs sung in childhood, and her heart ached. Through everything she faced in Helovia, she was still grateful for the memories she did have, the ones of her family and friends, all that made her strong in her darkest times. If she managed to survive that, surly such a problem she had then was nothing compared to it. Even still, the idea of never revealing the secrets everyone seemed to have haunted her; she felt isolated, as empty as the sea stretched out before her.

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What was life, if not just a collection of memories, of moments and experiences that culminated into the present moment, the current second, the immediate breath of air that passed through one's lungs, the curious gaze that peered out over the vicinity, the feeling of the ocean breeze that washed across the many fibres of hair and nerves. What was life, if not all of these things and more - Grimalkin was searching for the more.

But what did more entail? Discovering that was half the battle, and Grimalkin was losing the fight. But perhaps that was the problem - perhaps it wasn't meant to be a fight at all - maybe it was just meant to be.

It frustrated him. He was dissatisfied with his lot. Grimalkin, ever the wanderer, the explorer, could not find whatever it was he was searching for, and so he kept wandering, searching becoming lost, finding his way every now and then.. But mostly he was lost, and seemed stubbornly determined to stay that way, despite his frustration and dislike for being in such a state.

The night was clear, crisp, refreshing, a stark difference to the other night where Grimalkin had heartily pounded the flesh of another stallion in the midst of a torrential downpour. He had since recovered, having washed his feathers in the ocean so that they stood out a creamy white against his deep chocolate palomino hide. The cuts across his back that the dragon had left stung some if he stretched awkwardly or moved too swiftly, but mostly he wasn't stiff and sore any more, merely a bit more gruff and rugged looking.

He barely saw her at first - the moonlight muted all tones of the evening from golden to a washed out platinum, even his own hide became a deep cobalt beneath the Lunar Lady's smile. It was her glow, her subtle yet brilliant shine in the night, that drew him in. He approached slowly, as if any fast movements might cause her to disappear in an instant, his great hooves wading into the shallows to truly behold her with his viridian pools.

A low whicker purred from his throat, as the behemoth tipped his crown in greeting to the pegasus - he did not do much more, for he did not want to startle her, though it would be wonderful to see such an artwork of a mare in motion, that would also disable him from learning more about her.

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