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&&Baby, Even Fairytales will be Jealous [open]

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Oh&Baby, even fairytales will be jealous..

I trudge wearily through the snow, bored of the sparkling innocence that it brought to my surroundings. Bring back the stark, emptiness of autumn. Winter may be cold and bleak, but the snow brings a beauty that hurts my blackened eyes. I snort in exasperation as I pass under a branch that decides to drop snow onto my cranium. Shaking myself and trying not to shiver, I continue.

Not sure what exactly I am looking for, I have been travelling for a fair few moons. Walking blindly, just trying to leave behind the alien emotions I had been feeling, for that golden femmora Belle. I couldnt understand how I had let that particular damsel in distress get to me, for I do not have any patience for those who can not look after themselves. But she had clearly been different, the one with pelt of treasure and the eyes of the ocean, the harlot had led me down her path, from which I could now not escape. I still dream of her at night, and I still think of her in the day.

Without realising it, I seem to have entered into what seems like some proper herd lands. I wonder who I can find here to get that jezabel from my skull. Someone lost, distraught and weak whom I can cosy up to and bleed them for all they are worth. Just like I should have done Belle, rather than letting her keep the sprog that I had a rightful claim to.

I glance about my surroundings, they don't look familiar to me, which suits me just fine. Plenty of new souls to corrupt, rather than the old tired ones that I had kept coming across before. It is no fun trying to play games with someone who has nothing else to lose.

I let out a loud bellow, letting anyone close by that I have arrived, and that I want some attention...

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I stumble on my sore legs and stop dead when I hear the loud neigh. I almost fall at this abrubt motion, but keep myself steady. I whinny back and swish my tail. I want to prance over to where I heard the sound, but my feet will go no longer, and I am proud just to be standing. I snort in impatience.

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A bark comes in response to the bellow. The noise is followed shortly by a small form of black and white border collie. Snow has speckled him on his backside and turned his muzzle pale. It makes him look aged despite his apparent youth.

A tail wavers curiously behind him, tall with happiness and a touch of authority. Yellow eyes peer up at the new stallion, one much taller than the mutt's master. There is an intelligence in that liquid amber gaze that seems to hold and then weight the individual horse in front of him. Make no mistake stranger, this is no simple cur.

The dog seems to find something worthy in you. He snorts before dashing away as suddenly as he'd come, splashing snow in his wake. He moves so quick the tree branches he dislodges barely have time to quiver before stilling from the fleeting touch.

Within moments the paws are cutting through winter's flesh again, but this time they are followed by hooves.

A dunskin stud presses into the scene, body generating steam and breaths falling like fog from his nose. A low bugle rumbles in his chest in wordless greeting as teal eyes settle comfortably on those of the grullo. It's a haughty gaze and there is arrogance in the stance of the boy's neck, but you need only to see his ruined face and know he has seen humility. In some ways it makes him all the prouder.

"Good boy, Guns," he murmurs softly to the dog that has since nestled into the snow by his hooves. Amber eyes poke through the tail wrapped tautly by his head, ears cocking to take in his master's voice before he settles his attention back on napping. Ricochet smiles a crooked thing before letting slip words for the stranger.

"You're in Helovia now stranger, welcome." Ricochet would love to express more on what a wonderful sight this stallion truly was in his eyes, the horned and winged far too abundant for his tastes, but he curbed his running mind and remembered to be subtle. He could not afford any misplaced steps or words, not when the crop to sow was limited and the ravens around ravenous. As thought to shield away the black birds Ricochet hunched his shoulders up, but it seemed a normal thing in this chill.

"You must be weary and in need of rest, traveler. I hope you'll find the time to linger here a while if you still intend to press onward, but there is not much south here aside cliffs and seas."

Guns takes off in a sudden flash, the movement so peculiar Ricochet yanks his head to the side with teeth bare and ears sinking. The expression quickly fades when he sees not an aggressor but a feeble mare trudging through the snow just beyond the trees. Teal eyes dart back at the stallion, a greater asset to Ricochet, but he would not turn away any equine. Guns was already at her side, concern lending his throat a soft and gentle whine. The impatience in the toss of her tail and the plume of her breath spoke otherwise of her health and weariness, settling the dog's anxieties so that he sat easily on his haunches at her side, amber gaze curious on her.

Muttering something under his breath Ricochet takes a few strides towards her, black tail twisting at his hocks. "What keeps you distant mare? There are no wolves here, just a dog. Follow him if your way is barred, he will lead you true," Ricochet called out to her, unnerved by her strange behavior. Her body seemed hale enough so Ricochet had taken the assumption of nerves making her cautious or ill, it was often the way with newcomers accustomed to all different manner of cultures.

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Oh&Baby, even fairytales will be jealous..

Soon after I gave out an almighty bellow, I got signs of life from this snow covered place. A bark vibrated through the trees, causing little turrets of snow to be shaken loose and flurry to the floor. Just after that, a feminine whinny came through, but it sounded weakened. This fae wasn’t in the best of health at all. Perfect, someone to play with..

Ignoring the bark, for I assume it had come from a wolf somewhere in the distance. Surprise crossed my dial when a funny coloured wolf with amber eyes came bounding towards me. It took a few seconds for me to register that it was a dog. You rarely saw them out in the wild, they weren’t cut out for solitary living. Confusing, but not something to dwell on.

The animal continued to stare at me, irritated I met its orbs, and found pools of liquid amber intelligence looking straight back at me. It had captured my attention, just as it bounded out of sight again through into natures blanket of white.

Not soon after, the funny coloured thing reappeared, but I caught another scent making its way towards me, that of a male equine, someone who smelt like they could be on a equal footing with me. Not an easy feat of course.

Out of the white a dunskin brute entered, snorting great plumes of breath, and warmth rising in clouds of steam from his well put together form, pelt ripping from the muscles beneath. He let out a rumble in greeting and I responded likewise, this guy wasn’t one that I wanted to play around with, rather I wanted to know more.
Just like the dog that had preceded him, his pools met mine, trying to figure me out. I merely held his gaze, trying to do the same. I pricked my harks forward as he spoke to the coloured dog, praising him, as the dog settled by his hooves.

As lyrics started to fall from his maw aimed at me, I listened before choosing to respond;

“Helovia, you say. I like the sound of that” A glint appeared in my eyes, and a slight smirk on my jaws. “I am Rumplestiltskin, and whom may you be?” What you brings you out on Jack Frosts’ time? I am indeed a slight weary, and stopping here for a while appeals to me.”

My dial flew upwards as the damn dog took off again, running in the direction that the feminine whinny had come from earlier. In my excitement of maybe finding an ally, I had forgotten all about this possible new toy. I glance at the brute in front of me and his expression, and my smirk turned into a grin as he calms, finding no threat from the feeble thing advancing on us.

I barely bother the look at the fae as she approaches with the dog in tow, for appearances do matter to me. She was a damsel in distress and that was enough to peak my twisted interest and sense of play. I quickly switched my persona to the charming gentleman that was required here.
”Come now deary, what ails you so? Come over to us and we can provide you with warmth. What brings such a pretty one as you out here on such a cold night?”

I realised with a jolt that I had not thought of that harlot, Belle in over an hour or so. This pleased me to no end, and made me want to get under this new faes skin as quickly as possible so I could break her as I should have broken Belle..

These new lands were already getting me excited. It seemed that was plenty to stimulate me here. Not only plenty of playthings, but possible friendship. And who knew? Maybe this was the place where I gave up being a nomad and actually joined a herd of my equals..

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[Alright it's been over 48 hours so I'm using the Threshold rule to skip order so we can keep the thread rolling. Shatter, feel free to post again at any time.]

The mare offers little in response and it frustrates Ricochet. He sets his tail on his flanks in impatience. He is torn between wanting to aid her, she could prove useful to him in the long run and how better to earn trust than to heal her? Yet his true desire lays in the already fit and capable stallion at his forefront. He glances over at the mare, weighing his options. Her silence is unnerving. Either she cannot hear or she is truly that frail, and yet Guns seems calm beside her, a clear indication that her health is in good standing. The dunskin wondered then what her mental state might be.

"Gundog, stay," Ricochet commands to the collie. He turns his amber eyes, a brilliant flash across the snow dusted forest, and settles them on teal. The glance is brief and quickly finished as the muzzle tilts back to watch the girl. Ricochet bowed his neck in a small nod, leaving her in the capable paws of his dog until such a time as she found the strength to respond or declined to such a degree that he could not so easily ignore her.

"I know not what what ails her but my senses blame her nerves," Ricochet offers as way of explanation as he turns his attention back to the bay. "Perhaps she'll join us when she is able. Until then..." Ricochet shook his neck, black mane flopping on either side with a disheveled look that seemed to suit the hard edges of his face and the scarring that marked it so freely. "To answer your previous question, new blood flows no matter the time. I would hate to have never met you because I was too busy huddled against a mare for warmth." A sloppy grin curled onto broken lips as the Incendiary unleashed his more perverse nature. He had always preferred to greet stallions, they were the naturally stronger sex and were no so delicate of mind. Mares let their moods control them too freely and took offense at flies on their hide.

"Though to say I enjoy this cold would be a lie. I can assume much the same for anyone no matter the thickness of their coat." His voice sobered more now, his expression falling back into it's friendly and casual seams; it exuded young confidence. "You're welcome to hold out the weather in the Foothills herd. You can stay as long as you like and the company isn't so bad." Ricochet was referring mostly to himself, as he loathed most of those he lived beside. This would soon be changing if today would prove a successful streak to lead him to other fruitful bounties of equines. Eventually he would have enough to outnumber the horned goats and the winged oafs crowding his inevitable, bloody throne.

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The thin gray mare would not move, as her whole body seemed overcome by frost. She was tired, oh so tired. Her nostrils quivered as she took one trembling step toward the others. Her whole body ached and felt as if she was made of ice. She gave her best effort to make a sound, but all she got was a clogged note out of her chest. She felt like collapsing and not moving at all again, but a small spark of hope flickered inside her. Maybe, just maybe, she could live. Her voice, not thought of for quite a time, came unsteady as the rest of her, "H, (cough, cough) Hello." She could not speak more than that. She was being drained of energy at every trembling step. After not long, she had to stop and cough. And that, it seemed, was as far as she could go.

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Oh&Baby, even fairytales will be jealous..

I kept my eyes trained on the lithe grey thing that was quivering in the distance, my craving for blood was sudden and I struggled to keep it under control. A smirk appeared on my near drooling maw as I thought how I could play with this desperate looking thing. I could feel the intense gaze of the other brute glued on me, and shook myself to regain my composure. It wouldn't do to look like some blood crazed fiend in front of a stranger.

The brutes expression was one of frustration with the excuse of a fae that stood away from them. The flick of his cord only stood to confirm his emotions. I couldn't care a less about the silly femme, she was only good for one thing as far as I was concerned. Of course, I wanted to play with her, but I wasn't going to chase after the game, especially after what happened last time. Besides this grey thing couldn't hold a candle to that of the jezebel.

I dipped my cranium in order to listen to the lyrics dropping from the brutes maw. Barely paying attention until he started to speak of me, rather than the plaything. Finally something I agreed with. As the brute grinned with a slight evil glint, I knew I had stumbled across a kindred spirit. He clearly felt the same in the fact that brutes will always be the stronger gender. Given this fact I chose to respond;

”A stallion after my own heart. Huddling against a fae, would only show the world you had given up. We are after all the stronger gender, and shouldn't use mares for anything other than what they are good for. I can't help but like the quiet of the cold, seeing as it tends to keep the weaker huddling for warmth. But of course, it isn’t all that comfortable.”

As he put his offer to me, I stopped to think about it carefully. I didn’t want to tie myself into a herd here until I really knew who I was dealing with, and even if I wanted to stay around. But this was on I wanted to get to know more, and if that meant travelling to his homeland, then perhaps so be it. I mean, if he lived there, perhaps there was a whole herd of like-minded individuals that would help me to wreak havoc. With this in mind, my decision was to be based on the others response;

”Thank you for your kind offer. Would me returning with you tie me into anything? I am just not sure whether I am sticking around just yet, it depends on the things I find to amuse me..”

As I spoke, a sparkle appeared in my pools, and a smirk graced my jaws, and yet again I looked to the grey thing that was slowly being obliterated from view under a layer of frost. I brought my attention back to the brute, and watched him whilst I waited for his response to my question.

My dial whipped back round as the grey started to splutter and try to move forward. She was frailer than I had originally thought. I wasn’t quite sure if this was to be a good thing or not, they aren’t much fun when they cant fight back after all. No point in playing with one who had already lost it all. But I decided to try and engage anyway;

”Come now Deary, we don't have all day. Why are you in such a state? Come over here so that we can see you..”

I wiped all of the smirk from my face again, and plaster upon one of pure concern and kindness, in order to see how she would enter the game..

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The fellow's retort brought a chuckle from the depths of Ricochet's chest and had his rib cage trembling with the effort of the laugh. "A kind such as you is too few these days of age." Ricochet's laughter dwindled to an end as his eyes sharpened with dangerous thoughts. He could not let a gem like this slip through his hooves, not with such fantastic potential on display.

The look faded as their conversation continued, the moment passed, but not forgotten. This was not the place nor the time to discuss anything more in detail anyway. "So long as you keep your allegiance low, none will think better or worse of you for leaving at any time. Travelers are a frequent thing here, but traitors are another matter..." Ricochet responded evenly, his gaze holding the stallion steady. He would not lie and say that a herd's hospitality came with no fee, nothing ever did. Yet it was a truth to say that the herd would miss a stallion they barely ever knew, and the leads certainly made no move to ensure the ranks were swollen and duties fulfilled. The unicorn and his slut were apathetic flies on the decaying carcass of the realm they secured. Even flies cleaned the corpses they settled on though, turning decay to dust - Ricochet could not say the same of The Valiant and The Virtuous that ascended a throne only to rot in it.

The contempt he felt brought a sneer to his lips and a pain to his scar. He turned away, annoyed by his position. He could not accomplish much without support, but he could not garner support with little to offer. He could only rely on his charm, and that never seemed to be a wise choice. If only he could fight his way to success, he'd be sure to don a crown, yet politics forced him to act in shadows when he himself was a flame. It was madness.

The pitiful cry of the dame roused an annoyed slant to Ricochet's ears. The dog at her side perked up, shuffling to her side to offer his warm tongue for support. Ricochet frowned.

"The herd will always stand and the offer similarly so long as I reside there. I encourage you to consider the promise... I'd hate to see your talents wasted in the outlands." Ricochet said simply, gaze twisting back to the stallion. He held it there for a moment before swinging it and his body towards the pathetic mare. Shifting into a trot he drew by her side, his breath a fast gust of steam as he bowed his neck to stare down upon her.

"Guns!" he commanded sharply, tail cracking on his flanks in tempo with the voice. The collie flinched away from the mare, amber eyes lifting. "Encourage her another way..." Ricochet intoned, his volume decreasing to a cool exhale. The stare held for a moment before the dog broke it with a twist of his head. In the blink of an eye the helpful, happy mutt turned savage. His lips pulled taut on his gums and white teeth flashed as nimble paws set him to dancing about the mare, firing nips at her haunches and hocks.

Ricochet needed her to rise if she hoped to live. The time to retrieve a healer and return would leave only her remains in greeting, torn as much by wolves as wind. If she wanted any help she'd have to start the favor and make the trek home with him where he could properly find the healing mare.

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The last time the striped mare had set foot in the Threshold forest she had burned a chunk of it to the ground in her fight with Mauja. The damned ice unicorn had thought himself superior until the forest caught flame around him. Then he'd run like the coward that he was. Sometimes she looked for him just to torment him a little more with the burning of her rain and the flames that would lick at his feathered heels when the ground lit up. Some of the trees still bore the scars of fire. Her features twisted into a satisfied grin as she remembered the fire and the look on the unicorn's face. The way he fled after she'd kicked burning branches at him. It had been fun and now her life was sorely lacking in fun.

Voices filtered through the trees, causing Histe's thoughts to take an abrupt turn. One of the voices she recognized as the pale stallion with the dog that she had fought ages ago. Beside her Merikh growled, drawing her attention. Surely he had scented the mutt and was now interested in a hunt. Well maybe now they would be able to have a little bit of fun.

Histe laughed, not bothering to stifle it. The pale stallion would know she was coming. She wondered if he would slink away like so many others did when they knew she was on her way. Scarred legs carried her quickly through the forest and she burst onto the scene, oale eyes wild and that twisted grin still curling her lips.

"Well hello little master." She greeted Ricochet, her voice raspy. "I knew we would be meeting again soon." Merikh vaulted off of the ground and landed on Histe's back with a soft grunt then growled deeply, his gaze darting from stallion to stallion before settling on the mare that hung back. His tongue darted out as he licked his maw, his claws extending to dig into his bonded's back easily piercing skin and drawing blood to the surface. "Merikh's hungry." She said as she looked toward the mare and the dog.


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Oh&Baby, even fairytales will be jealous..

As the brute rumbled a chuckle from deep within the muscles of his impressive chest, I knew I had stumbled across a kindred spirit. I breathed an internal sigh of relief, finally someone to possibly share the darkest thoughts that crossed my ghoul filled dial. Keeping them to myself was slowly letting the ghouls take residence within my brain, and they often kept me up at night rattling and cackling away.

”Aye. There doesn’t seem too many of the old kind left these days. Mores the pity. Pansies, the lot of them I say!”

I spoke with a smirk on my maw and my eyes alive and dancing, as the others sharpened with a darker look residing in the depths. I had struck gold within hours of entering this place.

I could tell that although the look faded away from the brutes face that our conversation had not reached it end, and it sent a rush of adrenaline through my veins and my heart started to race in excitement. The ghouls skittered round my cranium like there were high, screaming into my ears. I shuddered as I tried to block them out and concentrate on the real.

I tried my best to concentrate as lyrics dropped from the others jaws. I let out my breath, which I hadn’t even noticed that I was holding as he explained that I had no need to join his herd on a permanent basis just yet. It sent huge plumes of ghost like air billowing through the near freezing atmosphere. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine I was expelling the ghouls from the prison of my brain. I shook myself and returned to the situation at hand;

”Why of course. I am perfectly good at lying low after all. Though I can’t imagine that this generous offer doesn’t come without some form of fee, however, this doesn’t quite put me off. I would like to take you up on your offer of hospitality, I am sure you won’t let me down. Lead and I will follow. For now anyway..”

My eyes shining, I knew he come to expect that I would only follow for so long, before I found my own path through these lands. It had yet to be decided whether that path included this kindred buckskin or not.
I watched on in slight amusement as a sneer appeared on the jaws of the brute, just before he turned away slightly.

Well, well. It seems all is not as rosy as he may well make out. This will make this all more fun..

If he was after an ally, an equal, then he would most certainly have one in me. A follower however, he would have to look elsewhere, I wasn’t that meek and biddable.

As his attention turned from me to the pitiful piece of meat masquerading as a fae behind me, I grew bored. She wasn’t worth even playing with as far as I was concerned. She would be all too easy to manipulate and leave broken. It wasn’t even worth glancing her a look. She would simply fall to her knees. They had to at least put up a fight, or pose some form of challenge to garner my interest.

Right on cue it seemed, a strong feminine perfume drifted into my nares. So much stronger than the smell emanated from the pathetic thing shivering behind me. This one was peaking my interest so much more.

As she entered into my field of vision, my blood started to pump with adrenaline all over again. Now here was a femme worth taking some time over. She wasn’t much to look at, but the twisted look that was set upon her dial suggested she wasn’t completely sane. Here was the challenge I had been looking for since leaving the treasure pelted one had accidentally thawed the chunk of ice that resided in my chest. I needed Jack Frost to visit it again, it was no use to me all warm.

However, the femme was clearly more interested in the buckskin standing in front of me. That did put my nose out of joint a little, but not enough for it to matter. I would still take her on quite happily. I tried my best to not bat an eyelid when a mountain lion stalked in behind her, clearly sensing lunch in the collie bounding round the weakened one.

As lyrics dropped from her maw, it was clear her voice was anything but feminine, harsh and gravelly, grated in my harks. She clearly held some form of grudge to the other, which only worked in my favour. The lion was now upon her back, and she wasn’t even flinching as it drew blood with its claws. This was going to be such fun.

”Afternoon Deary. Whom might you be? Such a charming companion you have. I am Rumplestiltskin. Charmed to meet you, I’m sure..”

The ghouls screamed round my brain, releasing such a strong craving for blood I had to fight myself to keep my hooves planted on the frozen ground. It was after all, far too early for that..

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The grey mare flinched at the piercing glare of the lion. She became tense, and backed away. She stomped. Anger rushed through her. Her rough, rarely used voice spoke: "And what does he intend to do to me? Braveness was her best attribute, and now, she was feeling it coming to her. She may have been alone, cold, stiff, and weak, but now, she let it all fall out of her mind and leave. She finally turned and walked to a large tree and pawed the ground, looking for grass. She would not let her fear overcome her. She hoped the others wouldn't notice her trembling.

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Merikh (the mountain lion) did not jump on Shatter's back, he jumped onto Histe's back who is his bonded. In my post I stated that Merikh jumped onto Histe's back and he was simply looking at Shatter. You cannot assume that he would move from her to your character and you cannot kill him as he is a character played by me and that constitutes as Power Play.

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I have no time, am placing Ricochet in absent abyss and playing as if the Gray chased him off. At this time I cannot continue this thread. I am going to say Ricochet decided to abandon the mare and headed back to the Foothills, wanting to avoid Histe. Since there is no future with Ricochet heading the empire, I'm not sure if Rumple will want to go/stay in the Foothills, become Outcast, or maintain the empire plot regardless of Ricochet.
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I will find a new thread, then. I will quit this thread, now, so I will say Shatter just decided to leave and try finding another horse to talk to. I can see this thread will go nowhere. So, on that note, I will leave this thread. So, Shatter just walked off, seeking another equine to canvass with, and soon was on her way to another place. She was avoiding the very evil-seeming mare, and stayed in the Threshhold, just finding another horse to talk to. She swished her tail, and galloped off into the forest and snow.

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I stood still as I approached a clearing with a beautiful golden stallion. His body shone in all the midst of the snow, and I was quite astounded. His mane was black as night, and I stood there just staring at his magnificence. I barely noticed a mare, to the right of him, a deep, chocolatey brown, with an impressive mountain lion on her back. I got scared for an instant, but realized the mountain lion was doing harm to neither of them, so I decided to proceed on walking in, to see what they were talking about.

As I approached the two horses, I saw a gray mare, that looked feeble and week leave the group. I also saw as another sturdy, duskin horse, that had to be a stallion leave, towards the hills I was going to explore at. I ignored the two leaving horses, knowing they were adventurers like me, going to find a new adventure.

I enjoyed to adventure because coming and meeting the new horses was exceptionally fun. Especially if one of the horses could be a potential mate. I eyed the stallion again, thinking how handsome he was. I had a feeling that all the mares would swoon at the sight of such a handsome lad. I myself, felt flirtatious when I saw him, but I really had no such experience, so I was a little bit scared to approach him. I was ignoring the mare with the cougar on her back, because I felt so attracted to the handsome male.

I flipped my mane, and gave out a whinny, just to alert them that I was coming. I didn't want them to get scared of me. I looked at them and said, "Hello, my name is Orinthia."

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