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Isopia had casually been watching Destrier.

She couldn't recall whether the two had actually spoken to one another (she very much doubted it, in fact), but even so, the demi-goddess knew precious little about him. She knew that he was of a sturdier build, that he had two dragon companions and that he was male: all things that you could tell just by looking at him. He seemed to carry some symbols tangled in his mane, but the symbols were foreign to the girl, as was their meaning. Destrier did look rather ... fancy, what with this incredibly feathered hooves and wavey mane and tail - it was entirely possible that the stones were purely decorative. Still, what little she had learned of sparring so far, told her that she ought to at least pay them a cursory wariness.

As much as Isopia hated being told what to do - hated the tedious herd meetings and the inevitable warrior follow-up gatherings - she rather liked the untainted opportunity to just attack someone. In some of her prior spars, she had addressed her opponent first and then allowed the spar to commence. However in her last season scuffle with Archibald, she had attacked him out of the blue.

And it had worked.

And you know what they said about things that ain't broke...

Flying as a dragon, Isopia soared through the bitter Frostfall air. Although it was about noon, it was hard to tell, for the Sun was decidedly absent from the overcast grey skies. Everything was ambiguously lit with the same blue-white tinge. Nevertheless Destrier's dark shape below was easy enough to pick out. In her dragon-form it was going to be impossible to fly below the treeline. Most of the leaves had fallen off, making the boughs much sparser, but still the tangle of limbs would prevent her much larger body from moving with ease.

But what it wouldn't prevent was an aerial assault.

Isopia drummed up her water magic. Though rather than creating dragons composed of water which was her norm, Isopia's ever academic-mind had something else planned. She pulled apart the droplets of water before letting them rain down onto the (hopefully) unsuspecting Destrier and Co. She wasn't sure if the air temperature was cold enough to freeze the droplets before they struck him, regardless of how small she had made them. But even if they weren't, Isopia was fairly sure that starting out a spar drenched in frigid water would not put Destrier at an advantage. If nothing else, perhaps it would make the ground below him slippery enough to cause a fall.

"Seasonal spar-" The demi-goddess called out, offering a half-assed justification for her attack. She continued to fly forward over the small grove of trees and into a clearing large enough to accommodate her draconian landing. Turning around with as much speed as her bulk could afford, her golden eyes peered through the trees, assuming that Destrier would soon come through.

It was his turn, after all.

Season spar with @Destrier

Set in the Hidden Falls around noon. Sky is overcast and it's quite cold.

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Attack: 1/3
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