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Radioactive [Mortuus Nox vs Einarr]

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Your fears have just become all too real, for the Devil at the cross road wants to make a Deal
Cold as stone was the look looming in his gray eyes. The onyx black figure weaved in and out of the dark trees. He moved like a demon jumping from shadow to shadow to stay away from the rays of light. It was like he would have burned if his body touched any bit of warmth. Cracked hooves hovered over the snow covered world below him. Nox was finally alone and to himself, like he always wanted to be. The meeting in the Basin had brought his blood pressure to sky rocketing levels. Hot blood coursed through his widening veins, and testosterone flooded his body. Anger was all he felt, bitchy mares calling him out for something he showed concern for. All he could do was leave his home. If the darkened stallion had stayed any longer, he might have ripped their heads from their neck. A heated snort left the velvet nostrils of his nose. The warm air swung around his crowned skull making an evil halo loom over his horns. Then his ears picked up a sound dancing in the woods around him.

Something was creeping and hiding in the shadows. The feeling flooded the troubled stallion, as his black pillars came to a halt. Gray orbs shifted in his skull to try and pick out this creature. His tangled tail flicked in aggravation, whoever this was let the gods give them strength. Black ears pinned flat to his skull as his white teeth flashed in the darkness. It was turning into a cold Frostfall night, but the sun had not fully set on this world yet. His large muscles tensed with the chilling breeze that floated through him. An angered grumble slipped from his chest like roars from hell. He just wanted who or whatever it was to be dead, or just be gone. Stone orbs narrowed as he searched and searched for the beast that haunted him. Then they found their mark, the poor soul of a winged equine.

""It is never good to creep around in the shadows, that’s how people get hurt."" His deep voice rumbled from his chest as his eyes locked on the stallion. He was the reason Nox was not alone in this time of anger. All the demonic unicorn longed for was quiet, and solitude. ""You can just leave now, or stand your ground and fight me."" The roaring harsh sounds ran from his vocal cords like spirits rushing to the light of heaven. He needed to get the anger out, and there was no better way than a spar. He would not be hurting a soul in the Basin, but someone else he never knew. A glow started to take over the scars on his pelt, as the sun fled for safety in the earth below. The crackled specks of the setting light gave just enough visibility for the creatures to see each other. Frozen, snow covered ground would make footing more difficult in this tight place, but Nox was very agile. Gray orbs looked over this creature as best as he could. The stallion was very well built like Nox, but he did stand taller. Wings would make it more difficult to move in this tight forest, and maybe make it so the brute could not fly. Nox shifted his black skull to the side trying to pick out more details, but the looming shadow of the night made it difficult.

Eyes shut as he just imagined this stallion dead. He thought of his corps rotting on the bare frost filled ground. Buzzard’s hovered above the body, waiting for their turn. Nox opened his eyes and went deeper, and deeper into thought. He wanted to see the dying flesh fall from his hide, and bones exposed to the world. Nox wanted to rot his insides so stag could feel them fester and explode. The demon wanted the winged one to feel like he was decaying. His crown shifted to hopefully hear the screams fill the quiet Frostfall air. Then a grin flashed his white teeth in the darkened world. Nox wondered if the winged one would fight back or run. His black body shifted anticipating an attack from the opponent.

""Talking here""

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OOC:: Permission from Time to have Nox find him in the Forest.
Word count:: 711/800
Attack:: 1/3
Magic used:: [ Magic: DarkxTime | The ability to age the body of another to the decaying process. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Requires immense concentration, lasts 1 post in battle. ]
Damage:: None
Setting:: In the Deep Forest at about sundown with a full moon on the rise, Cold, Frostfall, light wind, and small layer of snow on the ground.
Summary:: Nox has just left the Meeting filled with anger from the events that had taken place. He hears something walking in the shadows and spots Einarr straight in front of him. His rage is directed towards him because Nox just wants to be alone. His scars start to glow as the full moon tries to rise and Nox summons his Dark X Time Magic to try and make Einarr’s body age to the decaying point of time.

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