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come from the bottom and knock it out [ezital x archi]

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The winter was waning, and with it Archibald's patience. His warriors had been called out in the meeting, and yet he had seen very little of them since. Anger ripped through his belly like a wildfire, his teeth gnashing and his head tossing as if he were expelling the fire through parted jaws. Loretta pay beneath the shade of a lofted pine, gnawing on the remnants of her latest meal. Archibald's anger hit her in waves, but she attempted to ignore it. As much as she knew Archibald was a leader and respected him for his efforts, the bitch knew the pair could not rely on them always. She did not want to say I told you so, however, in fear of backlash from the monstrous Czar. He continued to snort and pace back and forth in the light snow, tail lashing against his strong hocks.

"Ezital!" Archibald suddenly let the name burst from his lips, the sudden cannonfire of his voice making birds squawk and flee fearfully from their roosts. Even Loretta dropped a bone from her mouth, caught off guard by the stallion's outburst. Why him? she asked, tilting her head curiously. He needs to prove himself. Archibald answered, stopping in the clearing. The sun roared above him, warming his dark back. The snow beneath his feet, though only a light covering, was wet and slippery. Birdsong would be upon them soon, and it was apparent here even in the north. Blinking, Loretta lifted herself to stand. She did not leave the shade of her pine, but she still watched her king. She did not expect him to call an opponent out here, just outside of their borders. The thought of a spar unraveling between the red-bellied stag and Archibald made her skin tingle with anticipation. She had been itching to find another opponent since their defeat of the demi-goddess in the heavenly fields some time ago.

I am going to give him an option of you. I do not think he is blessed with a bond. Archibald said, golden eyes lowering to Loretta's amber. The cur was taken aback and she lifted her lip in a silent snarl. I deserve to fight at your side, always. Archibald nodded. I know you do. He, however, does not deserve the wrath of your teeth unless he so chooses. I am not here to demolish him--I am here to teach him, to spur this herd to greatness. Loretta grumbled some, lowering to sit on her muscled haunches.

[PC: 0/3 | WC: 417 ( | TEACHING SPAR!
Setting: An open field clearing between the Hidden Falls and World's Edge. Light snow on the ground, an exceptionally warm day. The sun is shining bright. Midday.
Companions/Magic up to you, Veer! Go ahead and have Ezital attack first, that way I can give you the most amount of teaching notes because you will also be doing a closing defense. Good luck, and feel free to ask me any questions along the way!]

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