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"Don't answer my questions." Merialeth pouted on the Earth God's shrine. "I get them from someone else." 'He knows all of the answers-- anyways.' She did not need the Hidden Falls members to answer her questions if she could talk to the god. Even the most patient of the herd members was getting tired of her endless questions. But she could not help it!

Merialeth had finally found her words. They were unexpectedly heavy on her tongue. Whenever they came to her she let them roll. How could they expect her to hold them there? How strong did they think she was?

"God of Ear-," Earth. Earth. Merialeth screwed her eyes shut in concentration. 'Earth' was a hard word. She had to practice the 'th' sound. Most of the time it came out more like a 'ff' sound. Who knows what would come if she asked for the 'God of the Earff'? This was important. She had to get it right. She had to make sure that the right guy came.

The painted girl had gone to the Storyteller's Pool. She had called to the God of the Earth there and it had not worked! Merialeth had not talked to him out loud there so now she did; which was okay, the filly liked to hear her own voice. At the pool she had also called him the 'Earff' god. So maybe if she got it right and she talked out loud here he might come! "Earth." Merialeth's face scrunched up even more in the final effort of pronouncing the word, then once she realized she had said it her face immediately changed to an expression of delight. "Earth God!"

Having shouted for the god Merialeth settled herself next to his shrine. There she waited and prepared the questions that she would ask him once he appeared.

Merialeth is coming to get the update to her magic! Give her some crazy quest, make her work for it (;
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The GOD of the EARTH

Rocks and water

The earth rumbled gently. Although snow did not often fall on the Veins - or what little did was seemingly swept away by the warmer elements among his kin - a little had fallen, here and there. As the earth shook, the snow danced and flourished on the top of the stones, singing silently of the Earth God's arrival. He appeared like a boulder being slowly hoisted through the earth - bits of stone and dirt fell away from his massive, sloping shoulders. His eyes appeared like two sparkly gems, held deeply within a rustic facade of strength and patience. He looked down at the young filly, with a warm smile.

"Hello youngling." He offered, nodding his horned skull in a greeting.

He had indeed heard her calling to him from the Storyteller's pool - and perhaps one day, should she ever find herself in the position of Storyteller - he would answer her there. For now, that position was reserved and his appearance within the Falls was similarly reserved.

The God's gaze scanned the girl with a polite paternal patience. He wondered what it could be, that one so young as she, was here to ask him for. Clearly she wanted something, and the God bore her gaze with an idle curiosity, wondering just what it could be, that one still so new to the world, could want enough to trek all the way out here to ask him for. And so, folding his massively feathered wings against he flanks, he waited silently for the answer to that particular question.


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She had trekked her for miles, trying to keep up despite the girls endless energy. She had run off without permission... again, and the ivory lass was ready to blow her top. Yet she was so concerned as to whether or not her painted princess would cause trouble or hurt herself, that the angered subsided (for now), and her main task was to keep up with her only child. The trek was heading to somewhere she wasn't entirely familiar with, a place she had been told that the Gods will appear in order to grant you wishes or bring you gifts. Though she felt such things didn't seem very logical, she wasn't one to always assume others were wrong until she found out about it by herself. She noticed her child slowing down, looking around as if searching for something, for someone, and she couldn't help but shake her head and smile in amusement to herself. The girl was neither like her mother or father, she was a hurricane that could not be stopped, but December wouldn't have her any other way.

When she finally stopped, the mare took this chance to quicken her pace and ambush the little rascal. She could hear her broken words as she closed the distance, pride swelling in her chest despite knowing she needed to be firm. Her little girl had recently begun speaking, asking questions about the world around her and her parents, and it made her feel so relieved to know that there wasn't something different about her little baby after all. Yet once this pride went away, the concern and scolding expression returned, her throat clearing to make her presence known before calling out, gently nipping her beloved's withers in a quick reprimand,"Merialeth I have told you many times not to leave without my permission and Carl as an escort." The ground was moving, shaking and rumbling in one spot before she could say much more, and instinctively she brought herself in front of her daughter in front of her protectively, steel eyes hard and ready to fight off anything that came before her.

What she didn't expect was such a massive man as he. Towering over her with twice the bulk and hooves nearly the size of her head she took pause, watching him and registering him as a God. The Earth God to be exact, the patron of their beloved home. He was the one he was to bow down to, to never once question and whose home she was meant to love and protect. Which she did, or at least the memories she had acquired during her stay there. If anything, the only reason she held such love for her home was because of Midas, the only leader within those lands she truly respected. Despite the hurt it felt for him to be gone she carried on, she tolerated her new leaders, and she always respected the Earth God and his desires. Despite this, her maternal instincts and paranoid tendencies when it came to one thing she cared the most for in this world, were kicking in and causing her to refuse to budge. She didn't want to move, to leave them be, not when anything could happen.

Her body instinctively pressed against the babe's, eyes locking with the Earth God's respectfully, but an air of uncertainty within them. She was not going to budge, not going to move even though this man was a God. It something were to happen she would fight to the death so that her child might be safe. To assume such things would happen around one of the ascended was entirely absurd, but her damaged heart and soul was one that could only assume the worst in anyone when it came to her offspring. This wouldn't last forever, no, not likely, but until she was out of the new mommy phase, nothing was going to be able to easily access her little one. Even so, she dipped her head respectfully to him, even though she refused to move, and listened to him patiently speak to her child kindly. Once he was finished, she looked down to her with gentle grey eyes, searching her lovingly as she spoke," Now don't get too excited Meria. Be polite when you ask, and if he says no then you need to be okay with that."

NOTES; December is the worst and I'm sorry but she's not xD
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