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Circles around the sun [Royal NSS drop]

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His ears flattened to his black skull as the shrills came from the thing that was at once peaceful. It screamed and pierced his ears as a grumble slipped from his maw watching the stag try to cross the strands. He watched as when Tiamat spoke to it and it screamed again, clearly this thing did not want to be bothered. Nox slowly backed away watching the egg shake and rock as he did. Then something happened they seemed happy once again They hummed and sung their song once again and the egg sat happy on the pillars. He watched the black stallion hum once again with the ring of light.

Spirits danced around to their original state, this was getting entertaining. He wondered if that stallion would try to break through again. His cold eyes watched the stallion for a short amount of time. His head shook softly thinking how he angered the spirits to the point of screaming. His deep voice started to hum along with the voices. At first it was difficult to catch the tune, but he got the hang of it after awhile. His deep voice was sooth and calming as the deep tones left his maw. They fluttered through the air along with the sounds of the creature making it. Maybe this would make them happier. His deep gray eyes shut as he let his body sway with the sounds of the tones. They pulsed through his body and the sounds just started making their way out of his maw. The hushed deep voice added a baritone draw to the whole song. The deep hum flew around him and his eyes looked to Tiamat. "I think it wants you to sing to it.." His eyes shut again as he let the odd song take over his body and mind.



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He enjoyed her return smile and smokey exhale before they both turned back to watch the creature(s). As he moves close the stallion's ears twitch curiously wondering how they would take his proximity. They just seem to ignore him though. Brows furrow in concentration, that is until they start to scream. A snort of surprise rips from his throat as he tries to find their problem. They screech and change color. he can still pick out a the little sounds of happy singing from the things. He is sure it i things now, it has to be, how else would it scream and sing at the same time?

Silver eyes widen as he watches the pillar sway the egg wobbling. "No..." His voice is a soft whisper as he steps closer again now inches from the things. Then the screaming slowly dies away replaced by another singing. A light clicked on in his head as he watched Auriel and a stallion that looked slightly familiar. They were singing and dancing. His own voice chimed in with the deep bass humming along with them. Swaying his body he carefully made his way closer trying to ease through the light creatures while singing and dancing. His mind was glued on the thought of reaching the egg. He longed to have a companion of his own. he hated being alone when he was exploring alone. He wanted to be a part of something besides himself, what better way than to have a soulmate. His thought roved to Penna for a moment as he danced and sang his way closer, trying to ease through the sun to the pillar with the egg.
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One of the others tried to walk through the lights - Idiot! Persephone shrieked in her mind - and before she could speak a word of warning, a horrible screaming rent the air around her, sending her ears back, where they pinned her her skull as she leaped away from the ring of light. Her breath began to come in short huffs as she stood, tense and shaking, a length or two further away than she had been before. The sky was darkening, the world was turning red, and her mind was spinning. Terrified, the mare almost bolted, almost ran away from the madness that was the ring of demon(s), but then one of the stallions began to hum. She paused then, her ears still pinned flat to her skull, swaying from side to side and counting to ten in her mind. She hummed quietly to herself, not quite on beat with the stallion, an old Estanzian lullaby ringing in her ears. By the time she reached ten, her tune had merged with the stallion's, and she had started to calm.

They won't kill you, they won't kill you. The sky began to lighten as she chanted silently to herself, words bumbling through her brain to the tune of their song. The light is coming back, they won't kill you. Peace was returning, and so they hummed or sang or danced, as they preferred; after a few moments, it occurred to the sunset mare that she was now the furthest away. She inched closed, little by little, until she was a length away from the ring of swirling creatures. Her voice raised; she loved to sing, though she was rarely cheerful enough to do so. Now she made up her own words, offering lyrics of love and light to the creatures. Her pretty voice complimented the oddly amplified song, just loud enough to be heard.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed movement; the teal-touched stallion was trying to touch the lights! Didn't he learn the first time around? She did not stop singing, but moved suddenly forward, trying to prevent him from passing through the demon-lights; instead, she only managed to stumble headfirst into them, catching herself just as her muzzle passed through the ring.

"Persephone speaks."
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It wasn’t exactly surprising that the creatures, whatever they were, started to scream when Mesec touched them. As if they knew.

Or, at least, it wasn’t surprising in the moments that would follow - but right when it happened it startled the demigod into releasing a small yelp before scrambling back. The sky suddenly darkened, as though a storm was approaching, and his silver eyes widened in absolute horror as the creatures began to pulse with a hostile glow.

He couldn’t even focus on the others that were there, he was so enraptured, so horrified, by what had just happened. What he had caused to happen. Was that purely because it had been him to breach the circle of light, where he had no place to be? Would it have reacted so if it had been any of the others? He didn’t get a chance to find out. Stepping back a pace - though no further - he watched as the scene shifted once again and the light started to break through the darkness and the screaming died away. They were singing.

The others around him had started to join in as well, some of them even dancing. Ilios - Mesec recognizing the Throat member and feeling a wrenching in his heart that caused him to look away before he could speak a warning. Maybe the lights would accept Ilios, and if they were - who was Mesec to stop that from happening?

For his part, he didn’t try to reach out again but he did join in with the singing - a low, sweet and sad humming as he watched the dance of the lights he had been shut out of.  
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Tiamat is not sure what she expects the light children to do—or if she can expect anything at all—but the event that follows certainly has her reeling in something between surprise and horror. Suddenly, seemingly by no urging other than their/its own volition (for she had not noticed the demigod’s touch pressing into the light), everything changes. Everything darkens. They do not speak back to her, they do not offer their own invitation—no, they scream.

It is the most beautiful and most terrible scream that she has ever heard.

It pierces not only through the air, but also through her body and bones, until she feels as though their voices are ringing from within her. The ocean mare instinctively shies away, head lowering and eyes widening in a moment of fear. It is not in her nature to disregard something that had seemed so pure by one single act, but as the cries and shadows continue to thicken, her faith is ever harder to grasp.

“Oh light…” her voice is nearly a whimper, a plea of peace, for the creature to somehow be soothed and quiet to its former tranquility. White eyes glance upwards, at the pillar, and her heart stops. All fear and doubt is forgotten, consumed and overrun by the cold panic that sparks through her chest. “The egg!” She gasps, stepping forward again, watching as the glittering orb rolls dangerously at the pillar’s peak.

Surely they wouldn’t allow any harm to it…!

She clings desperately to this hope, so absorbed by the egg’s movement that it takes her a moment to recognize the change in the light’s ambiance. A dainty ear flicks as the voices calm, singing, and once again filling her with peace. Tiamat sighs, the tension seeping from her body to release a smile, even coaxing a chime of laughter from her lips. She glances to Nox, touching his shoulder as she joins the wordless song, her body swaying and her heart soaring as they had when she first arrived.

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SORRY X A MILLION. This was supposed to be posted last week, but apparently the internet ate it. Due to those technical difficulties I don't have a screen shot of the rolls/list.

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CONGRATS TO RIKYN. The other 4 have received a small shard of light which will slowly dim and disappear in 2 weeks of real time. There is no need to add this to your item records as it is not permanent.

Their cries are lovingly abated and surrounded by the voices, movements, and tenuous dancing that occurs around them. Softly and slowly the glow begins to grow and envelope everyone who participates, such that it becomes blinding. But it doesn't hurt your eyes - no. It is almost like a respite for your senses. A welcome hush and lull from the chaos of a few moments prior. Serenity descends and light fills your vision.

There is only the light, the laughter, and the singing.

After what may have been a few seconds, or possibly a decade, the light begins to fade. You are left cold in its absence, but you aren't really. It is merely the lack of the overwhelming and all-encompassing feeling that leaves you experiencing something close to breathlessness, but for all of your senses.

Yet for one of you, the glow does not dim quite so much.

Before Rikyn the egg now sits. The creatures are gone, leaving a small ring where their bodies had spun so furiously before, although soon the wind would wash that away and there would be no trace of their radiance, save for the beautiful egg.

For the others a small shard of glass appears embedded in the sand. In sings a song that only you can hear, but glows with a confident pulsing golden light.

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He watches the light(s) dance, and the others dance, a smile slowly growing on his face, despite that his belly clenches tight in embarrassment at their abandon. His sing song noise inspired it, he thinks to himself, selfishly, the way he thinks a lot of things.

But that’s going to change, isn’t it?

The being(s) seem to lull and expand at the same time, a sort of magical transcendence that only light has, and with the eagerness that he faces all new things, he feels its warm touch envelope him, piercing through the smallest pieces of himself that make up who he is: grains of sand.

How, in summer, inches deep, the beach is hot, before it is suddenly cool as water.

Gone, when he breathes in deep this eternal summer, the strange power in the magic that beckons in their song; as they fade, he watches them simply cease with a wonder as to whether or not they knew how very pitiful it made the physical forms about them seem. For no particular reason he can recount, even when he thinks back on it years later, other than perhaps the song of the strange light being(s) had asked him to, the stallion tears his eyes away from the hovering ring that had only seconds ago encompassed a pillar, and down to his hooves; the others are forgotten immediately, becoming shadows outside a curtained window.

All his muscles tighten, aureate eyes broadening with the surprise that they have chosen him, the wild boy, the ass hole, the child who threw his family away, to protect the thing for which they had so shrilly condemned the dark hybrid for merely attempting to touch.


Had it - they - felt that darkness, that relentless sea of cold that tugged at his ankles?

The orb smells like warmth, like warmth beating down on stones, when he lowers his nose to smell it. It shimmers with golden rivulets and ivory speckles, with the deep, russet tones of a forest, highlighted by the warm green black glow of emerald summer, in the depths of night. He thinks of Kirchoff, laughing in the grass, of Kyst’s grouchy mewling chatter as he’d playfully nipped at her wings, a colt eager to tempt her temper.

Who are you? he can’t help but wonder as he nudges the thing with his nose, gently rolling it onto the thick tassels of his tail, brought about in a strange C curve of his figure to be more easily kept up off the watery surface, to allow him time to ponder how he’ll go about toting the thing from place to place.

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