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Subjugation [Sialia Challenge]

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The earth is hard and unyielding as she storms across it, a hurricane of fury and displeasure. Wind snaps at her delicate ankles, magic stirring in her veins with her volatile emotions. The sun is climbing through the sky, and Hotaru’s flanks are already beginning to darken with sweat as she gallops across the green-spattered earth of her home. This is not the first time she has called out this particular mare for her inadequacies, but it will be the last. She will prostrate herself before the rosen Queen and beg for her forgiveness, or she will be stripped of her armor, her title, and her pride. Hotaru has no qualms with challenging her own flock, ripping into their indolent hides with fang and fury. They are lax and uncaring, and if they will not rise to the occasion, she will force them to their knees.

Alice races at her side, royal purple smoke like a smog of threat rolling off her fur as they race into the center of the herdland. Where it all had started, and where it all would end. She slides into a stop, kicking up dust and rocks from the uncommonly scorched land beneath her hooves. Alice circles quickly, baying and howling to draw attention and hopefully an audience. The downfall of a false idol was never as glorious with nobody to witness it. Hotaru lifts her own voice to the demonic howl of her sister, a cry that challenges any stallion’s wild scream. She will not go unnoticed, and she will have her triumph here on this sun-baked earth where the mountains touch the skies. 

“SIALIA!” She bellows just as she had once before, when she defeated the woman soundly. “FACE ME! I CHALLENGE YOU!” An addition of words that had not accompanied their last round of combat, but one that echoes through the cavernous opening with a ringing sharpness that Hotaru knows will draw the dark woman out of wherever she’s lurking. The Lady prowls in loose circles, tail a viperous lash against her hocks and ears pinned so far back they disappear into the pale cloud of her beautiful mane. Alice is growling nonstop, a thrum that inspires and strengthens Hotaru far more than any war drum could accomplish. Her hooves unerringly find a beat in the steady tempo of her heart and her sister’s devilish snarls, her voice ringing out in tandem as she awaits her opponent. 

“You are a failure of a Corporal! You have abandoned your meetings and disgraced your underlings! Face your Lady in judgment!” Sialia’s absence at the soldier’s meetings had not gone unnoticed, nor had her constant pregnancies and shirking of patrols and spars. Arid wind sweeps through Hotaru’s tresses, doing little to cool the sweat on her flanks that builds beneath the scorching sun. She has no armor to defend herself with, but she does not need it. She has arrived in her spiked boots with amulets hung round her neck, all other jewelry divested for the sake of this pre-planned challenge. And finally she utters her terms, scathing and venomous for all who gather to hear. 

“Relinquish your armor and your title to someone more deserving, or attempt to fight me to keep them!” Whatever the outcome, Hotaru intended to whip their scant soldiers into shape. Even if she had to threaten, bully, and steal from them. There was a time for love and encouragement. But there was also a time to kick their knees out from beneath them and remind them that they were not entitled to their rank, that the work did not end upon achieving it. And Hotaru would strip everything from Sialia to show her the error of her ways. Long live the Queen. Alice howls in proud agreement.

Hotaru is challenging SIALIA for her armor. Sialia can relinquish it willingly or fight to keep it. Regardless of outcome Hotaru intends to demote Sialia either permanently or temporarily depending on if Sialia wants to try and regain her position, so she is not challenging for it despite what she says in her post as only one thing can be challenged for. 

Setting: Center of the Basin, dry and dusty earth, sun rising towards noon, very hot and slightly windy
Character: Hotaru is wearing her spiked leg wraps and amulets, nothing more

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