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Normally, she goes to the beach when she grows restless. But even there the sun in relentless, warming the water enough that the sea only provides some relief from the heat. And she’s tired of the heat, tired of the mini fires that plague the Falls this season. Tired of wandering her quiet home that she feels no real love for. Not, that she feels much love for anything but the ocean, so it’s nothing against the Falls.

Today though, she doesn’t go to the beach. The trek to the north is, at least, not that long for her. The Heavenly Fields are not far away, though her destination is farther. But she goes north first, the air growing cooler as she goes. It’s not cold up here, by any means. The sun is still bright and hot. But it’s not sweltering here, at least, and she’ll take what she can get.

When the air has grown cool enough to not be completely miserable, she turns her course, heading for the Blood Falls. It’s a place she hasn’t visited in a long time, but she does enjoy the waterfall there, the way it looks like blood. Beautiful, in a sad sort of way, which basically sums up her own life. Though mostly her life was just sad at this point. Once though, it was beautiful.

It takes her a while to reach the Blood Falls, but in the slightly cooler northern air, she arrives not entirely miserable. And the falls always send a wave of calm though her. Not quite in the way the sea does, but enough. And it’s here, on the edge of the pool, eyes watching the waterfall, that she finds herself today. No plans, no intention of running into anyone this far off the beaten path. But then again, Helovia always finds her, someone else always has the same idea. So who knows what today would bring, but at least she wasn’t roasting to death in the process.


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