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[OPEN] Oh great, twins [Birth]

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The Everburning

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Swollen sides rippled from the pressure of tiny, unborn feet which pressed themselves against the Warrioress' abused womb, they had grown restless over the past couple of days and she had had to put up with their uncontrollable bouts of energy as they all but assaulted her innards with what Nephele could only assume was their desire to escape. Part of her had been annoyed, nostrils flared and hooves stamped against the sand whenever one gave a particularly uncomfortable kick, a choice word uttered under her breath before she'd sigh and relent — the maternal, sympathetic part of her that had developed over the span of her pregnancy, that they were probably dying to get out and stretch their gangly limbed hooves. It was getting awfully cramped in there and Nephele felt as though she might burst, she was huge —  with a whole lot of accent on the huge. She might've been mistaken for a beached leviathan, she had chuckled at that thought one day, as she laid comfortably in the grasses.

Long past the point of simply radiating the figure of a mother to be, sides softly rounded with the life she was nurturing, the spring in her step had stopped being springy, her wings no longer cared to, or could, hold her in the air. She shuffled to and from the Oasis and the shade of the nearby treeline, having found the perfect spot, in her mind, for when the time came to jump into the deep end of motherhood. Now, it was a matter of simply sit her fat ass and wait, wait until her body had had enough, or the foals simply couldn't wait any longer and forced their way out.
The day had started out routine enough, she had woken and ambled towards the oasis to have her share of the water, then washed away the dirt and sleep from her body and then off to find breakfast. Of course, it hadn't taken long for the kicking to start. Tail swished at her hocks in mild irritation as she was forced to grit her teeth and bear her irritated sides being irritated further, feathered wings pressed closer against her swollen sides to try and offer some semblance of comfort to herself. Soon, that was the mantra that rang through her head, soon they will be here.

How right she had been, no sooner had she began to move to find another portion of succulent grasses and fallen fruits to nibble at, her sides gave a horrible lurch which drew a surprised nicker from the first-time mother. Pain wracked through her sides to the marrow of her bones and instinctively she knew, it was time, this was it. No more limbo, no more being sat in the shade, eyes glued to her rolling sides in a mix of affection and annoyance.

How she managed to hold her composure enough to waddle back to her nest is anyone's guess, but she managed, by the skin of her teeth before she let nature take it's course. As soon as her hooves touched the feathers and flattened grasses, her legs buckled and she was down. Neck extended outwards with her nostrils flared, her body did the rest, she was just here for the ride at this point. Her first child arrived in a wave of pain, blood and fluids which made her pierced nose wrinkle in mild disgust. It left her breathless and disorientated for a few moments, caught up in the haze of pain — but it all washed away in an influx of love and relief, when her head lifted to see her first child.

Dual coloured eyes peer at the damp fur, a soft blend of chocolate tones and cream, with stark white markings and then black circular ones. She is large, healthy, filled with magic judging by the unusual fires which begin to lick to life on her feathers and hooves. She looks every ounce of Gaucho's blood. Nephele doesn't have time to reach for her newborn daughter, lip at her tufts of cream hair and clean her, all too soon, the pain came back, licked upon her sides and to the tender parts of hers she almost cursed.  Of course, it had to be twins. She'd guessed it, how could she not, between her ungodly pregnancy belly and the track record of Gaucho siring twins.   
Once more, she's a slave to her instincts, pushing with grunted and strained nickers and whinnies. Until the same sensation took over and her second daughter is born, she came much easier than her sibling and as she cocked her head to glance at her, she see's why. She is petite, a stark difference to larger sister, with tufts of silky locks of black and white, and a coat dipped in light dun. A proud mother to both her daughters, equal amounts of adoration and love pouring from her. She watched them for a moment, before she half shuffled toward them both to begin the process of cleaning them both. Her own sorry state is ignored, bleeding and battered by the joys of a first time birth, to two no less. Briefly amidst her maternal thoughts and urges, her mind wandered to Gaucho, he would often patrol the throat religiously. Would he have spied her at all? Or one of his companions maybe? Her tongue paused on her smallest daughter's head, her black locks stuck to her tongue before she returned to business, this time to her larger child, who squirmed beneath her attempted clean up.

Would he want to come and see them?
that was the question which pressed on her mind, he and she had enjoyed a brief fling to pass the time, nothing more and nothing less  —  which had resulted in the two lives she was now responsible for. While the rosy glow of new found motherhood and love coloured her vision at the edges, she no less wanted to give him a swift kick to the head, spit fire in his direction with flared nostrils and narrowed eyes.Twins, twins! what was she suppose to do with two? She didn't have two heads or a companion to divide between them, and she'd been a horrible little brat as a child. What sort of mischief would these two get up to when they realized mother couldn't be in two places at once?

"talk talk talk"

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@Sikeax possibly if she wants to come patch up Neph's poor ham wallet.

Open to any of the twin's family to come see their new siblings.

“She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, not up close.” 

― Terry Pratchett
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Tasokh of the Dragon's Throat, born second to her sister blinked in the light and called gently to her sister. The one who she had shared the womb with, the one she knew better than all besides her mother. Blinking again she turned and looked up the coat that mixed chocolate, cream, ginger and coffee with stark white. Colours she would soon come to know the name of but now the shades only represented her sister. The larger and darker shape was her mother. Home. Safety. Again she bleated like a confused little lamb desperate to find out what had happened. Birth and those few moments without her sister had left her unsure of these new surroundings. Yet the warmth that surrounded her was comforting, so the girl happily accepted the wet warmth that began to clean her coat.

As she was being cleaned she allowed her senses to explore the new world around her. Surrounding her was a rough material, it ground underneath her. Even the softness of grass was coarse against her smooth coat, the grains of sand from their home blew across the desert in the breeze. Raising her nose to the wind she inhaled the dry scents of her new world and the slightest hint of salt. It wasn't just a warm world, not. It was rather hot. A thin blooded girl through and through as the heat did not bother her, in fact it seemed quite the norm to the young girl.

Calling to her sister again she rested upon the grass and laid her head upon Verro's larger shoulder. Feeling the urge to rise but not quite ready to rise without her sister.

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