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cats with glass claws [nyx vs elsa]

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The mare's teeth are fastened tightly around the shard of glass given to her by Tembovu, before shit hit the fan during the herd meeting. Ah, it had been a simpler time; a time when the Edge knew her only as their stalwart General, a woman willing to lay her life on the line for them. They did not know her as the loudmouthed, jealousy-fuelled pregnant woman who shouted abuse at a queen that didn't deserve it.

In the aftermath of that unpleasant incident, Nyx has launched herself into looking after her twins. She spends most of her waking hours with them, but today they are both off exploring and so she finds herself with some free time. She remembers her King's request to spar with one of the warriors in order to prove the herd's mettle so they can complete their herd quest, and the silver is simply itching for a fight. She hasn't fought since her sound beating (and ensuing pounding - so worth it) by Gaucho, and she's craving the simple slap of flesh against flesh. She wants to see blood, sweat and tears; she wants pain.

The ironic thing is, the warriors in the Edge will probably be lining up to attack her, given the incidents at the meeting. The ironheart's eyes darken to a cold blue storm at the thought - well, let them just try. It'll certainly help add some bite to this spar, that's for sure. The grey has every intention of putting the warriors who spoke against her in their place at some point, but there will be ample time for that.

It is an unseasonably chilly and foggy morning as Nyx prowls to a flat pasture in the middle of the Edge. Visibility is limited due to the sea mist, and her skin actually feels rather cold - a rare novelty in this scorching Tallsun. Dominus struts alongside her, a glass spike held in his mouth, too, which he has been instructed to give to whichever opponent comes to face his bonded. After choosing a suitable space in which to fight, the grey calls out for a foe between the glass held in her teeth, whilst her muscles quiver with anticipation.


Spar between Nyx and @Elsa using glass spikes, as part of the Edge's herd quest!

Set in the Edge during a quite foggy morning.

0/3 - words

Other characters have permission to use magic/violence against Nyx at any time.

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The aftermath of the meeting still left a sour taste in the Icebound’s mouth. With all the events occurring up until that point, it still felt as if nothing was resolved. Tembovu was distant, and Elsa was actually worried for his mental health. In the time she had known him, she’d seen him grow in positive ways. But now the demons or whatever he was hiding was accelerating his degradation. Elsa felt as if she was watching him fall apart. Nevertheless, she had no choice but to listen to his command. Now as a warrior, she was expected to spar with glass spikes at some point to help finish the quest.

There were two problems she had with this. One, her trust in The Elephant King was fading fast. She questioned all his decisions and motives now simply because of his inability to look past himself. Two, fighting with glass seemed rather cumbersome. Why fight with something so fragile? Not only was it dangerous in sparring sessions, but in terms of tactical battling there were so many things that could go wrong. Shattered glass could cut the inside of the soldier’s mouth, as well as the surrounding facial areas. It was too risky, yet for some reason no one seemed perturbed by that fact.

But what did Elsa know? She was nothing more than a mere number amongst fighters. Her thoughts and actions, which had still been previously written off, seemed to go completely ignored now. It was one of the things about stepping down that angered her the most. There was no one to question Tembovu, and if he was violent to her, she couldn’t imagine what he would do to Alysanne should she “step out of line”.

Thankfully a battle cry broke her from the brooding thoughts. This must be one of the glass spike participants. Edgar awoke from his slumber atop her head, peeping excitedly at the prospect of a battle. Although the zephyr was not fond of “real” challenges, the occasional spar made him feel like he was doing something worthy. Despite the creature’s apparent enthusiasm, Elsa recognized the call.

It was the General- It was Nyx.

Thoughts of the meeting came rushing back as anger started to trickle through her body. Some had pitied her for going into labor, but Elsa felt no remorse. She stood by what she had told general. Maybe this was the God’s way of giving her a chance to prove her point. If she could prove how detrimental pregnancy could be on the body, then Elsa would have nothing more to say. Her mother always told her actions speak louder than words.

Edgar took off into the sky above as the duo trudged through the morning fog in search of the General. Eventually they came to a flatland in the Edge. A common sparring ground for those looking to sharpen their skills. At first, the Icebound could not spot the silver mother through the fog, but as they traveled further in, she was finally able to make out the pale general and her equally pale companion lurking among the fog. Her lion companion, still unnamed to the Icebound, held a glass spike in his mouth, and another spike was already settled between the general’s teeth.

Elsa approached, carefully and quietly taking the spike from Nyx's companion before circling back to stand in front of her, just a couple feet away. The Icebound paused for a moment, trying to find the right spot to hold the glass. It settled uncomfortably in her mouth, and had a tendency to slide back and forth. Elsa snorted in annoyance, but finally found enough grip to ensure that it would (more than likely) stay in her mouth the whole battle.

With a short bow, Elsa greeted her superior in silence. Above, Edgar screeched, announcing his presence as well as the beginning of Elsa’s assault. Rushing forward, Elsa aimed to run head on into Nyx. She ran with her head curled to the left, and as soon as she felt that she was close enough to general, she flung her head forward in an attempt to impale her with the glass spike.

Elsa knew this was a dangerous move off the bat. Not only was Nyx free to counter with her own stab, but her deadly feline companion was also free to attack Elsa. Picking up on the subtle mental cue, Edgar dove, attempting to scratch at the cat’s face to keep him distracted while Elsa attacked Nyx.

If all went well, Elsa would leave mostly unscathed and Nyx would move on to accept Elsa’s previous criticisms.

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[Elsa attempts to stab Nyx in the chest/front area. Edgar tries to attack Dominus's face. Sorry for the wait <3]
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Of all the people to accept her challenge, it just had to be her.

It is strange to think that, prior to the herd meeting, Nyx had always held a sense of respect for the pegasus mare. Any warrior queen is worthy of praise in the eyes of the silver soldier, and Elsa had been precisely that. Although the two women had never conversed, and Nyx had held misgivings about the Icebound's lack of activity, she'd certainly never objected to the other woman in the slightest.

Funny how things can change.

Now, as the ironheart looks at her foe through narrowed eyes, she can only remember the sheer immaturity shown by the fallen queen during the meeting. Her words had been the infantile ramblings of a spoilt child, self-satisfied and determined to cover up her multitude of failings with a poor attempt at biting sarcasm. Of course, Nyx herself certainly wasn't blameless - after all, she'd been the one to start all the drama in the first place - but Elsa's reaction had been deeply concerning. She hopes an apology will be forthcoming, but something in the Icebound's posture tells her not to get her hopes up.

A shame. They will have to settle their differences through Nyx's preferred medium, then - battle.

Dominus hands the glass spike over without complaint, whilst his bonded's icy gaze begins its initial judgement of their opponent. Elsa is slightly larger than Nyx, although Nyx thinks her draft heritage will lend her marginally greater strength. The former queen's wings also hand her a distinct advantage - the General hates fighting pegasi, given their irritating ability to take off into the sky at the slightest provocation. The glorified chickens are an absolute pain in the ass to defeat; overall, Nyx's assessment tells her that it is going to be a close fight, undoubtedly made even harder by the glass spikes they're having to use.

Her own glass weapon feels out of place in her mouth; she rarely uses outside aids in battle, feeling that her horn, magic and lion are quite enough. She only hopes that Elsa will be similarly inconvenienced by the spikes, and adjusts her own between her teeth. The fog doesn't pose too much of an issue - the two mares are close enough that visibility shouldn't be lost - and the ground is fairly even, a worthy battlefield.

She returns the Captain's small bow, her face impassive and eyes hardened to stone. The pegasus begins her assault, and Nyx stands ready. Her muscles are tense and quivering, her gaze fixed on Elsa whilst Dominus snarls ominously at her heels. As her foe nears her, the General flings her weight to her right, but she's not quite fast enough; Elsa's glass spike slashes a formidable wound into her left shoulder, spurting blood in rivulets down her foreleg. A hiss of pain slips from her clenched teeth and her shoulder erupts with agony, the gash not quite muscle-deep but certainly biting through a good few layers of tight grey flesh. She takes a moment to spare a sympathetic thought for any poor bastards who will one day impale themselves on the Edge's magnificent glass spikes; if a small spear to the shoulder hurts so damn much, she can't imagine how a sudden spike up the asshole might feel to any potential intruders.

Shifting her own weapon so it pokes out of the left side of her mouth, Nyx swings her head violently to the left in an attempt to stab her opponent hard in the left side of her neck. She doesn't aim for the jugular - she hasn't got murder on her mind - but hopes to cause considerable pain to the Icebound with her glassy weapon. Simultaneously, she flicks her left forehoof forwards in an attempt to crunch it into the cannon bone of Elsa's left foreleg; she doesn't try to break the limb, but certainly hopes to badly bruise it.

Meanwhile, the Icebound's zephyr companion dives towards Dominus, who stands ready and waiting; his rage radiates into Nyx's mind as the bird slashes at his face, creating a series of small cuts that narrowly miss his eyes. The moment Edgar's talons touch his face, Dominus lunges powerfully upwards, attempting to wrap his forelegs around the zephyr to try and drag him down to the ground and hold him in place. His claws are unsheathed, hoping to rasp deep into bird-flesh, and his jaws also lunge upwards to try and sink his savage teeth into the creature's chest.



Set in the Edge during a quite foggy morning.

1/3 - 749 words

Other characters have permission to use magic/violence against Nyx at any time.

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