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[OPEN] peace and quiet

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Suddenly, they all started coming back. What, had every member of the Falls fled for Tallsun? Because for that miserable, hellhole of a season, Syrena had been pretty sure no one else lived in the Falls. Because she never saw them. Except the random oddball at their doorstep, and nothing much ever seemed to come of that.

And then, suddenly, Archibald was there, the Czar she’d never seen before. And suddenly, when she was hiding in her pool (which was finally not a hot tub) trying to relax and stop speaking to people, all she heard were voices. While she had really been beginning to wonder if anyone lived in the Falls, she’s quickly realizing she liked it better when none of them showed their face. The fires might have been problematic, but at least it was quiet.

This is what you wanted, Syrena, she chides herself. It’s not entirely true. She wanted her own life back. But she couldn’t have that. So she chose this, a life where at least she might be able to make something of herself. It was nothing, in the grand scheme of what she used to be, but anything was better than standing in the ocean until she died being sad and pissed off.

She forces herself to leave the confines of her pool today though. It probably won’t be all that private anymore anyway, if horses keep coming back like this. She might as well get used to it. Or might as well try to do something useful. Like find out if there are any other crafters around, since Isopia wants nothing to do with having an assistant (at least if that assistant so happens to be Syrena, though she isn’t sure it was personal). She needs something to do, so maybe the crafters will have her. If there are any, because the only one she’d ever run into was Brisa. And also, Brisa was gone.

Maybe her only ally in this place would show up again. The gray mare might have been too damn nice, but at least she’d been something. Someone. Because the only other horses she knew around here were Isopia and Archibald, both of whom were at least equally as abrasive than Syrena. Not that she faults them for that, but rather because you can only have so many abrasive personalities all shoved together for so long.

She needed some new friends. Well, “friends”, because Syrena wasn’t exactly good at just calling up to chat.

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Open to anyone - Syrena needs to meet other horses!

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