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[OPEN] Scarred by the past, burnt by the future

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The blistering heat and suffocating humidity of the past few weeks had dissolved into cool days and sometimes chilly nights where the morning brought with it glistening frost. In the depths of the forest the refreshing smell of damp and the cool feel of ice bathed the large form that wandered about its underbrush. Cobwebs glistened with frost in intricate patterns like diamond nets ready to ensnare any unsuspecting fly and leaves crunched upon the ground underhoof, their veins made more evident by the silvery coating that shone in the morning light. Despite the cold breeze and the trails of sunlight that did nothing to warm the femme, the day was rather beautiful. Narcissa stood out from this beauty; her roan coat evident against the rich green and brown hues and the muscle that coated her form opposed the dainty nature of the leaves that hung prettily from arching branches. The skull that dangled from the mare’s horns and the pale pink scars that marred her satin spoke of death and destruction whilst this rich forest practically screamed life and vitality. However deep gorges scoured some of the trees like great injuries cast by giant tusks or sharpened horns; perhaps not so dissimilar as the marks that traced Narcissa’s battle history. Nevertheless she looked out of place among the vibrant colours.

Hoof prints marked the soft ground, slightly muddy from the frost and rain but the muscular beast made no attempts to clear her tracks, obviously because it wouldn’t have been easy but also because she was not afraid of what could be lurking in the undergrowth or perhaps following her. The horse’s height alone might deter most predators and a lot of horses from attacking her unless they really wanted a battle or maybe had a death wish. Narcissa continued to wander through the forest, not really doing much other than taking in the sights and smells. She was surprisingly quiet for such a large and heavy creature, a unique grace to her movements despite the rock hard muscle evident beneath the roan fur. Not that she really cared; there was too much on her mind for her to really worry about being silent or about what might be following her. Arrival in Helovia had been interesting to say the least; a storm had plagued her passage and yet at the threshold to the new land she had been met by 3 horses each representing a different herd or group that wanted her to join their ranks. She had disregarded being an outcast almost immediately; not because the representative mare, Paradox, had put her off but rather because the femme needed a herd. Instead she had had to choose between the Aurora Basin and the World’s edge. The decision had been quick though by no means easy. Though she knew little about either, there had been something about Tiamat that encouraged Narcissa to join the Aurora Basin herd, maybe it was her seemingly unyielding kindness or maybe it was that Narcissa missed having friends but either way she apparently had a herd. This still weighed heavy on her mind however for she couldn’t help but wonder what would have been her life had she chosen a different herd.

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"Mother fucking magical fucks," I growl and prowl, teeth, horn, and hoof striking, clean from their holds, branches, and other vegetate in passing. Rocks occasionally fly out and away from me, making loud, ringing knocks where they slam into nearby, dark trunks, the metallic song of my hooves preceding. Inside, the horrible sensation of time and spatial warp lingers, entwines with the anger at having been sent away so suddenly, and against my will.

So, of course, I’m on my way back to where the stupid cat creature had been, to kick in his stupid cat face. Of course, he’d also kicked me clear across the continent, perhaps because he’d known that would be my reaction.

Normally much sneakier than I am now, I don’t notice that there is someone else around until I’ve almost walked into her. Feeling my eyes narrow and ears pin all the way back despite not knowing her, I inwardly curse fate for disallowing me to continue on my quest to kill magical cretins unbothered, and outwardly take a moment to stare her down.

I should have just kept sleeping this morning.

She’s tall, an unfeminine sort of height, like Zunden, and my current mood makes me immediately of the mind to taunt her about it. However, she is crowned with two, gently curving ebony horns, and she smells of the mountains, two things that make my usually irrepressible temper, well, tempered. So, rather than a snarky comment about how the weather is up there, she’s met with hard, shining golden eyes, and an arrogant lifting of my tufted chin.

Somewhere nearby, but hidden, Duir watches anxiously for what will come next.

"Hi," I roughly manage. The usual cheer of my tenor voice is swathed in black cotton and gravel. The dark light does little to hide the frown that etches deep, ugly lines in my face. When in better moods, this might be the time that I offer her my muzzle in hopes to exchange breath, or at least nod my head in a polite greeting; instead, those formalities are skipped, the snarling lion which paces inside my chest making a low, savage growl that barely stays within. "You off to kill the cat bastard, too?"

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