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He moved through his homeland with an uncanny grace. There didn't seem to be any origin to his presence; no mighty quake of the earth nor outlandish crash of water spilling him into existence. Rather, it felt as if he'd always been here, as if he walked this same pathway with the grass fronds swaying against his hide every day. Perhaps he never truly left.

Though there was no haste to his motion, the God of the Earth's strides were still massive, and he covered the grounds quicker than most. As his hoof reached out the grasses and the ground seemed to swell up to meet him, exuberant with the sensation of his touch. The foliage around him was equally eager, seeming to lean and turn in as he drifted by, the flora nearly sighing with affection. He in turn loved the land back, evident by the lush trail he blazed, bringing back the life that tallsun had steadily drained away with its overzealous heat, the same life that orangemoon was due to make brittle and break in its cold winds, until finally the snows of frost fall buried it with frost and pummeled it into nothing - the perfect platform for his birdsong to rejuvenate and renew.

He was not here for the grounds maintenance alone however, though it wasn't so very different to treat his herd the same. The horses that dwelled here needed their own kind of gardening did they not? He provided them the soil in which to grow, the creeks and the meadows in which to derive nutrients, family in which to take root... and the thinning of the weeds and the wilted. That was his purpose here today, and so he came to be within the moral realm, standing stoic among the heart of the herd with distant expression that bespoke his deep thoughts.

"Come, my children. The seasons are changing and we must heed their wisdom."

God of the Earth
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Asavvi was learning of her new home, even if she was reluctant to let it know more about her. Even thought she knew that exchanges between the herds were limited, she would rather word of her arrival here not reach the Throat. Perhaps concealing her name was enough for that; that the Falls had taken in "a filly called Csilla" would make no waves if it reached the ears of the Sunspear. For all the parts of Asavvi that yearned for the kind mother she remembered, there were others that, like they shied away from her given name, from who she was, could not come to terms with inherent violence of the desert and those who lived there. If her family knew she was here, they'd come, they'd make demands of her that she couldn't answer too and the girl knew she wasn't ready for that.

She liked what she had found so far in the Hidden Falls, scarred and charred as the land was now she had used her magic to see what it had been: verdant and lush, to her mind a paradise, and she knew it could be that was again with a little time, a she had always been patient. She moved through the landscape, wings tucked tight and long legs moving over the trails she was trying to memorize. There were many twists and turns here, but that only added to her growing sense of security, that she was safe here, both in mind and body was a hope that she clung to and was already starting to believe. 

The newly lush trail left by the Earth God gave her pause when she came across it, knowing that this spot had not looked such when she had passed this way earlier in the day. For a moment she wondered if she had reached for her magic again without realizing to bring forward an old image, but then she heard him. It was easy to follow that gentle rumble of a voice, and the girl did not hesitate; like the plants around her she was pulled to him and gave no resistance. She stopped when the god came into view and bowed her head low. The eyes that looked up were a cool grey, but watchful, worshipful.

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a new world, material without being real,

where poor ghosts, breathing dreams like air, drifted fortuitously about

The serpent flew alone. He drifted on daydreams and hushed, cradling winds. His teal gaze, wandering without seeking, rolled over the hills and orange tinted foliage. He had been apathetic about his afternoon flight until he saw the blushy colors of the ground below shift into vibrant, vivid greens. He flicked his frills forward, dipping towards the ground and spiraling closer to the event. A rather imposing stallion, both winged and horn, led the vivacious flora. The little dragon didn't feel scared, however. The man's presence felt...right.

Hero flitted away from anywhere near the stallion, heading excitedly back to his bonded. She simply had to see this. Hero would insist upon it. He returned to her resting place, to where the Caretaker laid in a heap of sunshine and hair and flowers. The dragon landed daintily upon her back, being careful to not let his claws leave a mark upon her pale hide (she had gotten onto him once before about that). He tugged at her mane and trilled excitedly at his bonded, but she didn't stir. Typical. Why wouldn't she get up?!



The word ricocheted throughout her consciousness, and all she could think of was how she hadn't thought of it. Agnodice sat abruptly up, whipping her dainty, sloping head side to side, seeking her companion. He had never spoken to her before (she simply assumed he couldn't), but no one else could be present in her mind like that. Her blurred, sleepy gaze found her glimmering, scaly companion amidst the flowers in her mane. "Hero?" She whispered dazedly, leaning forward, her muzzle seeking his scales.

'Up,' the voice in her head groaned, this time accompanied by the touch of her companion, and the gleam in his teal gaze. Dragons can talk? 'Up!' he nipped at her nose, eliciting a snort from the caretaker. She stood gracefully, a cloud of petals and flowers rising around the maiden. Hero leapt from his spot on her withers and took back to the air, spiraling and flapping, trilling and beckoning the maiden forward.

"Wait! Hero, I don't understand—you can talk?!" The duchess stumbled over her words, a first for her. Stupefied, she trotted after her trilling, mystifying little companion. Her daze was only heightened as she followed Hero, and another voice resounded through the land. This one was deeper than that of Hero's, and it didn't reverberate in her mind, but rather, through her bones and through the land. It didn't perturb her, however. She felt nothing but comfort at the resounding call.

Agnodice followed Hero, now silently, unquestioning. The herdland changed as she followed, it eased into spring, blooming and blossoming and transitioning into vibrant verdant. Once the magnificent figure Hero had spotted earlier came into view, the dragon returned to Agnodice's withers. He enveloped himself in mane and flowers as she approached, the duchess quiet and entranced by the unfamiliar man.

Agnodice halted, careful not to get too close to him, sweeping her leonine tail anxiously around her hocks, leaving flowers and petals in her wake. A filly near to her bowed, and the maiden could only assume she was to do the same. The caretaker offered a bow to him as well, glancing up timidly to him. It was a strange and perplexing affair of emotions that swirled within her at the sight of him. She felt no fear, only curiosity and a tenderness for his divinity.

agnodice & herophilos

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If another was in her situation, they might have bristled at the Earth's call. After all, was Isopia not his actual child? Should that title not be set aside for her, rather than for the careless and countless others who had merely walked these lands? Come my children - Yes, but you only have one child. But of course, it wasn't another in Isopia's situation, it was she; The Mountain That Knows.

Isopia and Hubris moved easily through the spare foliage. The fires of Tallsun had removed much of the undergrowth and it now made the deer trails much more easy to navigate. Isopia actually much preferred the more dense feeling that the Falls had a few seasons prior, but she knew that the burning was good for the Falls. Sometimes the dead weight needed to be shed, and often a blazing but brief inferno was the best path to take. The gardener did not grieve because the trees needed to be pruned, but instead used the sharpest scissors possible to expedite the process.

The demigoddess's large golden eyes surveyed the two who had already arrived. One was the inquisitive child she had met earlier, and though Isopia did not smile at her presence, she did bob her quad-horned skull in greeting. Silently, Isopia moved to stand beneath an elm whose boughs had been sparred by the fires. Hubris trilled a bright hello to the Earth God before settling himself on Isopia's back. His claws grabbed at the red cape that billowed against her sides. As she stood, moss and vines and grasses began to weave themselves up her legs, literally rooting her in place as she waited for her Father to continue speaking.

She had not seen her Father since he encountered her with her newly buried child in her small glade. Already those moments had distanced themselves from her mind, neatly fitting into a dark and unmarked box in the vast storage of her thoughts. It had happened, and while she would never fully move on from it, she had learned from it.

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When the Earth God called, the voice drifted to his ears even though he was on the far border of their land, patrolling as he normally did at this time. Turning on his heels, the behemoth cantered through the well-known paths. Loretta followed on his heels, excited to hear and understand what the Earth God had to say. Archibald, however, felt his chest tighten. When the Earth God called, the Dauntless expected him to bring news of war or some other looming thing. What could he have in store for them today? He lowered his head, massive shoulders pushing forward as he cantered with purpose.

As he entered the clearing, Archibald slowed himself to a walk, but he still moved with purpose. Sweat formed beneath his breastplate, and his pink nostrils flared. His haste was shown clearly as he stepped toward facing the Earth God. He dipped his head respectfully, seeming completely focused on the leading deity of this place. The Dauntless was acutely aware of those around him, however, as he stopped a well distance from the Hidden Falls' Father. Golden eyes reached up to meet the one of the only beings taller than him. "Father Earth," he started, voice low and calm, but cautious, "what brings you here today?"

Loretta lowered her head, turning to look at each of those gathered before the Earth God. She sent their images to her bondmate. Isopia, Agnodice...a filly. New. Small. Amber eyes locked on the filly, skeptical of her and when she came to their herd.

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It had been a lovely summer. The heat which had radiated the lands, causing the grasses to grey, only made the sweet babe light up within with full radiance. Her heart these months had kept such a lively beat and her soul was soothed by the warmth and gentle landscape. So at ease was her wandering soul, her intent to explore had been nearly fully abandoned. Every day was passed in perfect contentment to rise within the willow, wander along the banks of one of the lakes and retire to the lullaby of gently rustling willow branches. Yet the winds were shifting. The past week the mornings had been crisper, the afternoon sun seemed father away, and a crisp air was blowing out the blanket of humidity over the jungle. It was with a sigh of remorse she saw the change. Yet it had awakened her to just how much time had passed….how long it had been since she’d seen her home. How much she’d settled.

But this was ever the lighthearted pearl of the sea, and those low lingering thoughts never clung to her long, though they are what drove her out of her usual walking path now. The girl was oblivious to the signs of the earth signaling some awakening, some call to life from its maker. Instead she wandered near blindly, letting her awakening sense of exploration come alive again. So it was the voice, deep and rumbling, that caught her attention. She had heard commanding words before, but never spoken with such gentility. Without question it drew the girl, like a fly to honey.

The pale dove steps with her usual unashamed grace into the light of the clearing, and instantly her senses are totally alive for the first time in weeks. She comes just as the first two bow to the looming figure, commanding the field. The curled ears twist and flick, and sea eyes literally dance about her. Yet she does not join them in a bow, her own habits placing that too far from possibility. The pearl had never bowed to another….the possibility that there was at last someone above her who would demand such (or deserve at least, considering it was by the Earth God’s grace she was here and not in the Rift), never crossed her mind.

Two more entered the field and moved forward, and the pearl takes them in. Perhaps their size should have been intimidating, or their command of authority a warning to their titles, but she is ever ignorant of those rules. She should have cared who ruled over her. She should have at least put more curiosity into the title ‘father earth’ given to the looming stallion at the center of attention, but she’s ever bold and ignorant in her innocence. And her months of peace had calmed her intense desires to know of everyone and everything. So instead her wings only tuck close to her side, and her head rises to some formal regality, and she stands quietly curious within the gathering. Questions building, but so used to being a quiet onlooker, than she keeps for once her silence. Her sea eyes and dancing curled ears the only clue that her interest was intensely sparked by all going on around her.

"their speech goes here and this is the color
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It was a strange feeling, being among the land you somewhat grew up in but with so many unfamiliar faces. Darwin was still exploring, learning his surroundings and all that the Falls had to offer him – and he still hadn’t stumbled across Knox (to his knowledge), but Archibald was always there. A looming presence over the Falls, and while others might not have noticed or cared, or understood the means of which the Czar stood, Darwin couldn’t help but to feel at least a little uncomfortable. As though he was being watched constantly, and it was weighing on him in annoyance.

Today was a new day, however, and instead of leaving and venturing like he so often did – patrols he called it if they were to question his whereabouts – he decided to stick around. To spend more time learning the different cracks and crevices that had changed and adjusted since he left his home, known back then as the Windtossed Foothills. Antaa was quick with him as his heavy feathered hooves struck the earth in determination of learning the layout of the land. His phoenix flew beside him, scouting and returning, chirping with information as well as a few words. “Something.” Darwins brows furrowed, stone gaze setting on the flaming zephyr. “I need more information than that.” He passed through the bond, eyes watching as Antaa flew back to the sight and returned to him. “God, earth?” She questioned, hearing the words from Archibald as more creatures joined in on the event.

Nodding to his bonded, Darwin picked up his pace and diverted his course for the meeting. Antaa found comfort in perching on the section of where his wings folded, providing a nice little nest for the phoenix to reside. When they approached and melded into the group, Darwin dipped his head graciously to the God of the Earth, then nodded ever so slightly to his brother as he made his way into the circle that was growing. "Father Earth." He acknowledged. His eyes stuck toward the God of the Earth, remembering parts of his youth when Evers had taken him to the Veins, and the God of the Earth had told the pale brother of his to respect Darwin as his brother used his flame for the quest. ‘He is not to be a pawn to you and your brothers.’ He remembered the God saying. His gaze was glued to the deity, not giving in and glancing toward his brother in the frustration that they hadn’t respected him, and proceeded to still question him after everything that had happened.

"Talk." "Antaa Talk."

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Darwin finds his way into the circle and dips his head to Earthy, then nods to Archi, but seems to ignore most of the others xD Also, i have permission from Time for Darwin to attend, seeing as he's going to be accepted in their thread that takes place prior to this event <3

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the tempest of an unrelenting sea
The rumble was deep, rolling over the land. It drowned even the crashing sounds of the falls—though they were much depleted by Tallsun’s long and arduous heat. The fires had ravaged these herdlands, giving the militant woman a first true emotion of fear on the land. Fire did sweep the ocean floor. But here, with all this dry kindling, it had swept across the earth with a vengeance.

The ocean-borne woman did not approve. There were sudden, strong current of water that would sweep away those unwary Avians (stories used to keep wayward children controlled). But never something as ravaging as these fires had been.

So it was a strange relief that the cooler nights had given the seahorse. She was not fond of cold weather; her hairless, scaled hide gave her no protection from the winds that were beginning to whip through the mostly burned and barren herdlands. But at least this cold was not the raging flames of forest fires.

Her webbed hooves, stained with ash but now toughened against the earthen floor, padded slowly towards the source of the call. ”Children”? She was no one’s child any longer. Her parents were lost—her culture gone… Her plated ears laid back against her ridges as she happened upon a small gather of herd members.

Despite her efforts to join a herd and find a purpose, she found herself irritated at the sight of these earth (or sky, her unblinking gaze uneasily traveled over the wings gathered) bound beings. She was not like any of these equids. Never would she feel a kindred towards them.

Her surly thoughts made her gaze a glare as she looked to the God who had helped them destroy Vjanta, the evil tigress. Of all the gods, this was one she might come to trust (even worship) because of his deeds in the Isles. Except he had walled her off from her culture—at least, that was how she understood it.

So it was in testy silence that she waited for the reason for the summons. Her eyes found Darwin, a winged man she knew. She nodded briskly, bladed horn slicing through the air. And Agnodice, the woman who had healed her wounds, was given the barest of grins; though it did not come close to softening her fractious expression. Her tail flicked with a tell-tale rattle of her barbs.

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"Come, my children. The seasons are changing and we must heed their wisdom." The voice wasn't familiar, yet was all at once. Arwen bounced up on her paws at once, and eagerly danced around in front of me until I too was up. It's only then, that I realized that how much I have grown in the past few months. I seem to of suddenly lost my gangly and awkward child likeness, and grown up.

I now stand at my full height, which towers over my bonded little sister. When had this happened? She bounced around my long legs again, before darting off toward the sound of the voice. I joined her, moving up and down the hills and rocky places with ease. After all, I had practically been raised here. Or well, raised myself here. My father has been missing for a while now. I was told, the last time I had seen him that he had some sort of warrior business to take care of outside of the herd. That he would be back at some point in time when the business was taken care of.

We were not the first to arrive, but I am almost grateful for this. Before me, was none other that the God of the Earth himself. It was not our leaders who had called us, but our patron God. I move forward, my eyes looking around for my Dad of sorts. I do not see him at first. Maybe he too, is busy with herd business. Finally, I speak. "Papa Earth" The words roll from my tongue with ease. I have to admit, I am glad to finally meet our patron God.


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There’s only one horse (well, his form was horse, anyway) that would call them all children. Because she has no parents. She is no one child. She has sisters, sort of, but nothing else. And even their existence is fleeting, forming from the waves only when she needs them most. And now? Now she wasn’t sure they would come to her again. Did they still count her as a sister without the siren song still in her voice? Was it enough to say that she still had the blood of a siren in her veins, even though she no longer had the powers?

Sometimes, she doubted it. And always, she felt alone.

She comes to the call. Not really for any other reason than she knows she should, and because selfishly, maybe she’ll finally be able to make something of herself around here. With what, practically all the herd gone or hiding or whatever for Tallsun, she hadn’t been able to do much (including even figure out a rank to join, let alone find someone to accept her). She’d tried to recruit, but that’d been a total failure too. Maybe she should stop trying. But she keeps trying, stubborn if nothing else.

When she arrives, there’s already a small gathering. She doesn’t recognize most of the faces here though, and she wonders where they’ve been hiding. Or was she really just that anti-social, and didn’t even realize it? Certainly, she keeps to the pools a lot, but she was around. Whatever. There’s a few faces she does know. Isopia, of course, who isn’t exactly on her list of favorites. And Archibald, who she doesn’t know well enough to judge, but she so far doesn’t like him either. Why? Mostly because he’s male, and she doesn’t tend to like men in general. And also because she doesn’t like anyone until proven otherwise. Don’t take it personally.

There’s Aquilla though, and she finds her way generally into the seahorse’s vicinity. The other mare is the only one Syrena really feels a sense of kindred spirit with, but of course, they are both creatures born of the sea. Both forced to live on land as if they belong here. They don’t. Of course they don’t. Ah, but here they both were, trying anyway. Syrena doesn’t say anything, though she nods in the God’s direction. Her gaze, like always, is rather expressionless, though not annoyed. She’s curious, in truth, but she’s never been much for talking, particularly when it’s not like she has anything to add. Archibald’s already asked the only question that matters.


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If his voice did not carry on the wind, then the plants took it up, the sounds vibrating into their roots and stretching down into the earth, gently pulling at the herd to come wherever it was they walked. He would not normally be so obtrusive, but the time to be idle had passed. It was not a shift he took lightly, the way a boulder thinks long and hard before it finally rocks off its perch and into some devastating movement. His decision was not so lengthy, and its outcome not so severe, but there was no doubt that he was a stone in motion this day.

Gradually the hidden came from the woodwork. First to arrive was a young filly, and he knew her to be new. He proffered her a welcoming smile, curious how she may react to this gathering. Next came a curious little shadow, his small figure catching the god's jeweled, green eye before he vanished, due to return with a pale mare in tow. She bore flora in her hair and the Earth welcomed her with a nod and a twinkle in his gaze. "Pray tell, what is your favorite flower?" he asked of Agnodice conversationally.

The next arrival drew the god's attention in a way the prior two hadn't. He was more intent upon her, as though whatever edges of his mind he left to tinker with the universe condensed into one true focus. His smile grew with her presence, a broad movement that wrinkled the corners of his eyes and set his beard to sway. He exhaled steadily, and the grasses hummed into fresh existence, unfolding like a living wave that radiated out from him and rushed to tumble over the moss that coddled her. Such was a father's love, whatever their past conversations.

His name was like a stone dropped into a pond, its ripples lapping against his consciousness, tugging him away from the mountain to the stream. He blinked and turned, his verdant stare glinting across the formidable Dauntless before him. "Hail, Archibald," he greeted warmly, nodding to the czar of his domain. "All in good time, Dauntless, the herd like the trees, wakes and comes still." Though the God oft he Earth would never feel as if he could impose upon his own realm, he was mindful of those whom he blessed with authority over it, and the tricky situation his summons could place them in. It was for such a reason he and his siblings did not often descend, and why even less frequently they beckoned - it had a way of unsettling things. Sometimes stones needed to be turned though; the Dauntless' caution was well earned.

Movement drew the Earth's attention elsewhere, proof of his words. His gaze washed green over Adria, whom stood quiet, but stoic. His lips pursed in a thoughtful line as he watched a mare that to him, appeared lost, as though a pearl that had washed from the sea and felt displaced upon the sand, but was unable to submerge back into the tide. He proffered her a wink, to set her at ease, before turning towards the sound of his name once more. "Darwin," he returns by way of greeting, his tone knowing, though not unkind by any means. He was glad to see the stallion present and buoyant with thoughts.

If the God had thought Adria a misplaced token of the sea, then he was certain Aquila was a beached denizen, and her status was not so much lost as it was isolated. The barest hint of a frown faltered on his facade, but it was only out of concern for her well being. He hoped the herd could bolster her, even if he could not, but all the same he lent an evergreen pulse towards her, a friendly flower blossoming in her vicinity. He's drawn from her surliness as a younger voice calls to him, and his attention shifts with a renewed smile for the pale, newly grown stallion.

Last to appear was another kin of the sea. He couldn't help but notice her similarly withdrawn presence, and he wondered faintly when so many of his water-bearers had receded into their own depths. He nodded welcomingly to her all the same, deciding that now enough of the herd had settled for him to speak, even if it was not all. Some would never come, no matter how strong the call. That was part of the problem, wasn't it?

"Children of the Hidden Falls," he rumbled, his baritone deep and likely to resonate not just through ears but as a vibration among one's very being. "I welcome you, now, and always." His gaze seemed to hold shut longer than normal after he blinked, as though he were preparing himself, solidifying like the steel in the earth's many layers for what needed to be said. He did not enjoy the inevitable need to prune, but it did not mean he wouldn't, even if he lamented every withered vine and decayed leaf as he went.

"The name ought not fool you," he began as his lids lifted over the vibrant emerald of his green stare, one that he swept across each of them. "You should not be hidden from each other... from yourselves. I beseech you, know your herd, for that word means more than just a group of horses. Shelter in these lands, but tend to them. Thrive amongst your brethren, but grow them. His nostrils flared as he exhaled steadily, his features hardening and his head lifting, his posture shifting from one of a kind father to a figure head. "To assist you in this endeavor-" he paused, his eyes locking upon Isopia, "rise, Mountain that Knows."

His decision had been careful and well planned. Perhaps it seemed inevitable given her heritage, but Isopia hadn't earned her father's attention, but her god's. If he still had some misgivings about her instinct as a mother, he didn't let it taint the rest of her deeds. In this, he hoped, she might learn how to care and nurture something once more.
"Brisa has delved too deep into stillness. Even trees move and grow, and I would have it be thus of this herd." There was no denying the quiet that befell this land, and though the god did not blame Archibald, neither could he praise him. He hoped with a strong pair, that something might finally bloom.

God of the Earth
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sed quis custodiet  ipsos custodes?

The grasses which swayed around her hooves seemed to magic the magic that constantly gripped her body rise faster. Those sweet yellow-green blades began to form and wrap up Isopia's legs and knees, making it appear not as though she was standing in tall grass, but that she was actually composed of it. The demigoddess's golden stare rose to her Father, surprised at this subtle outpouring of affection. Hadn't their last meeting together ended with unconsolable disappointment on his part? It had felt that way to her, and she thought that whatever love might have been between - whatever paternal obligation was owed - had been lost. But what did Isopia really know of love? Only that she felt towards Volterra, a bitter and broken and twisted thing. She might love Zero, but the word had never come to her in association with her childhood friend, no matter what she might feel inside. And so she had no  benchmark with which to gauge her Father's reaction, and so she merely stood stunned and silent.

As he spoke, his words resounded in her mind. Shelter in these lands, but tend to them. Thrive amongst your brethren, but grow them.

As his gaze found hers, Isopia's head tilted slightly as if she meant to look behind herself at whoever it was he must be looking at. For surely he didn't mean to - The Mountain that Knows. The movement of her quad-horned skull ceased and her ears perked forward. He hadn't used her name this time, but the monicker given to her. This filled her with a sort of joyous relief that she'd never experienced before. That he would have learned from his past mistakes and then changed his behaviour - simply because something he had done in the past had upset her? It was something she'd never experienced before, and gratitude, for the first time, wafted towards the mammoth deity.

"To everything there is a season." She said simply. Would her reign alongside Archibald be successful? Would it drive the Hidden Falls closer together, in their mutual hatred of the earthen girl? Would stagnancy be replaced with unwanted change? Would her rule be met with resistance? Isopia felt no trepidation at the rise of these thoughts, for it was as she had said; to everything there is a season. She made no judgement on the goodness or badness of that season.

Her gaze turned towards Archibald, curiosity prickling at the base of her neck as to what his reaction to all this would be. Happily, for at least one of the pair could be happy, Hubris jumped from Isopia's back and glided towards the God of the Earth. Landing near one of his massive feathered hooves, the bronze dragon reached out a hand and patted the giant hoof there, looking up with oceanic eyes full of mirth.

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It was difficult for Asavvi to break her gaze from the Earth God. She had heard so much of his praises from her parents (mostly from her father) that she had formed such a clear picture of him in her mind. The reality surpasses even that larger than life image. He should have been frightening, his size alone was almost monstrous, but there was this overwhelming aura that he breathed into the world around him. ASAP would have called it goodness. A serenity, a benevolence that never hinted to the filly the raw power behind it exuded from him, palpable in the way the earth bloomed at his touch. The heal, to create, to calm, those things Asavvi saw and found beautiful, found Godly. Her mother had long praised the Sun for his light and flame, but Asavvi saw the Earth and wondered who could favor another.

When she did turn her sky-eyes away, it was to see the others that came to his call. The first had flowers in her hair, which the girl though so very charming, the second…The second was a mare of great size that the filly looked on with calm eyes, but inside was ravaged with an alert curiosity. Somehow she recognized that she should be drawing conclusions before her mind could starts putting together the pieces. The mud colored giant gave her a nod, odd enough as the filly did not recognize her, but she did recognize the bronze dragon perched upon her red-draped back. Was this “The Mountain That Knows”?

It was. Asavvi leaned this after she learned a few other things as well. Archibald, who her mother had once spoke of as a brutal opponent, was here as well, and the girl eyed him warily as he was addressed by the God. The great black stallion was one she felt she should avoid and even more so because the red dog that accompanied him was watching her with bright amber eyes. Aavvi didn’t like it one bit, she had come to the Falls to hid, but the dod was making her feel just as wary as she had in the wilds. Though she remained where she was, and eventually passed over the canine, inside her should the sparks that would be her starts hovered as the ready.

The God addressed the herd, and gave Asavvi the answer she had wanted, naming the tall mare as the voice that had spoken to her from the trees and the mare seconded the identification when she spoke. The name was still strange, a title more than and earthly moniker, but who was Asavvi to judge the names that other people chose to speak, she had been “Csilla” for days now.

With what seemed the main business over with, the little star-seeker watched the God. Would he go now that he had said what it seemed he had come to say? The though made her sad, almost anxious, like his parting would be an opportunity lost. She had been intending to hide here, but also to learn, but "learning" had been such a vague goal, one with no end and no obvious place to start—the curse of one who knew they were lacking but had no notion of what they lacked. The Earth, however, had struck some inspiration in the girl. Logically, it made sense to understand the start of something before working out the finer details. She wanted to understand all she could about her world but where did that start? The Gods. They were the foundation of magic, of life itself; the sun and moon and earth and time itself, all the powers that moved in halva drew strength from them.

Decided, the filly stepped forward, deadly calm, unerringly polite. “Sir,” she said in her soft voice. Her head dipped to the Earth God. “I must thank you for saving my sister—“ She didn’t doubt that he would know her meaning. Mordecai had been saved by the Earth’s mercy even before Asavvi had been born, though she’d heard the story a million times. “I know you must be busy, but if…If I had questions, may I seek you out?”

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She hides in the distance, in the green and lively brambles (whats left after the fires, that is). She watches those gathered, her father is among them. A frown dips the corners of her pink lips when she spots no Abraham and no Reginald. The Earth God's booming voice brought many forth, but not them, to her utter disappointment. She creeps closer and see's his lovely wake life and fresh greenery – something that excites her and makes her sparks begin to flash just slightly. Her dapples crackle and snap faintly while she watches the meeting patiently, waiting for the God to begin.

Ah, she exclaims inwardly, Isopia is to rule with Father. A smile finds itself naturally across her muzzle, her pearly whiskers fidgeting as she does. She is a lovely choice. She continues to watch the rest, but feels no need to interject or reveal herself.

I can certainly find Father later on, he'll be quite glad I've returned from my long trips away.

The group seems small to her – smaller than when she was very little, or maybe, she ponders, maybe it is just that she was so small and young which makes everything look much bigger, right? She starts to capture each face and their features, their individual shapes and sizes; their details. Only a few are familiar to her, aside from Isopia, Father, and Father Earth, of course. She intends to meet them all in due time, just now noticing she hardly knows her own family.


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In quiet wonderment she stands among a growing crowd. No one calls her out for being there. In fact no one really speaks to her. The pleasant smile begins to pull from her lips. Her grief at their absence and awkward feelings of aloneness among those of her family are at least eased by looking forward. The large stallion, still dominating those around him, but as she looks forward she notices he’s looking at her. Curled ears lean forward, and her sea eyes, which had been ever shifting still. There was something calming in that dark bay wrapped in red. Something that set her at ease, invited her in. And as if to confirm her thoughts he winks at her. If the girl could only blush she’d have been a bright rosen red. Her grin grows, revealing how formal the other at had been, and she ducks her head in her quiet joy to be noticed. Her whole life all had turned to look upon her as she entered. The past few months had starved that side of her….this was some small blessed relief. She wondered if he knew…

Though they may not be speaking to her, the quality of creatures coming forward had captured her interest. Especially one of them, plated and spiked. The sea blue eyes linger on her for ever so long. Watching with that refined head ever slightly tilted. Another creature catches her eye as they dip to another. He was a beautiful simple cream white, outlined with a steady pen in black. All these she watch come and gather, but it does not escape even her eye that it is few and number and the few creatures she could name of the land were missing. As the group seemed to settle, and everyone looked around in waiting, she does as well, her ears leaning expected to see a dark rich black step out or some dust colored gentleman.

The gentle giant speaks to the gather crowd, and the girl’s attention was easily captured. She liked this Father Earth after all. The girl listens along with the others, but she feels his words chide her possibly more than they should. She had let her mind listlessly wonder, and the fact she knew none here solidified her guilt. So her head dips slightly and her broadened smile slips back to its quiet formal former. Yet it seemed there was another issue. The girl, being one of so little attention nearly missed the subtle promotion of another. It baffled her, in a quiet inner way. She’d never known you could rise to royalty…she and those before her, were born to it. And this father earth had the power to deem it so?

Even her simple mind could piece together that. A god…if she was humbled slightly before, now she was practically cowed inwardly. The tassled tail gently flicks to the other side at her realizations. The mountain, for she was a literal mountain stood proudly alongside the black and white giant….the other ruler. Even for one so simple she was now catching on quick. But already her mind was rapidly spinning on. Her thoughts leaping to times after this, her wonderment awakening by the call of this Father Earth, and the changing season. It was time to move on, to do something. Now what to do, had her imagination running away from her again, and it looked like she had not an answer, but that never stopped her before.

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This is the first she's seen of a god who is not fighting Kaos.

That He is here, in their land, as solid as any of the mere mortals who gather around her, astounds her. That He requests their presence in a voice reminiscent of distant thunder and timeless hills elates her. That she is among the crowd he draws, an unworthy stain upon the grass before him, terrifies her. But still she approaches, a quiet, awestruck reverence apparent in the strained lines around her widened eyes. The immortals in this land are not simply legends - they are real, and they care as deeply for their land as those who inhabit it, if not more so. It is something that Persephone admires and appreciates about her new home, a trait that makes her love it all the more.

Alecto follows, a silent shadow, her form whispering against the drying grasses of Orangemoon. Her tails wriggle in excitement, for her bonded's potent mixture of joy and trepidation is multiplied tenfold in the young pup, who has not yet learned the restraint of her mistress. Persephone feels the yip threatening to leap from the little fox's maw just before it escapes, and she lowers her head to nudge the babe gently, distracting her. Hush, now, the mare whispers silently, her request the lightest brush in Alecto's mind. The kitsune listens, lying down, her too-large ears flat against her skull as she wiggles in the dirt. It is obvious that she wants to greet the god, though Persephone is quite sure that her overexcited kitsune's greeting would not be appreciated. Particularly not in such a serious meeting as this.

He speaks of knowing each other, of hiding-but-not-hiding, and in all honesty, her mind is too overwhelmed by His mere presence to grasp the importance of the meeting. Later, when she had calmed, she would remember and decipher the meaning behind His plea; for now, though, she alternates between controlling herself and controlling her bonded, her presence a silent shadow along the edge of the gathering. Later, she would acknowledge how right He was, would recognize the bursting need to contribute to her herd, to do His bidding. Later, she would realize that she was lucky to be in His land, and not the land of one of His brethren.

For now, she will listen.


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