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There was another world beyond the confines of the ocean, and he and his father had left that rock together when Gaucho had let them out. Amalrik, though he liked the Dragon's Throat, was hesitant to return and get trapped again. He wanted a key like the others had, but his father was not a part of that herd. That would make obtaining one even more difficult, especially since he hadn't seen his mother since that first night he had awakened. From what he had seen, the mother was supposed to do much of the raising, but he was pleased his father was filling in the gaps.

Ulrik was an interesting begin, and Amalrik found himself wanting to emulate the Engineer. The dark one was silent and strong, a force without speaking. He didn't even have to yell to get his point across with whatever strength he required. Amal wanted to learn this skill, so he trailed after the darker stallion, mimicking the long, lumbering way he walked with his neck lifted and arched.

He was also very proud to have two horns like his father. They had grown in quickly, edged in gold. Now, he was waiting on the beard and fur. Amalrik shook the tuft on the end of his tail as if he could force it to grow longer, and even the mane atop is neck still appeared cropped, short and fuzzy. One day, though. One day, he would achieve some sort of rough exterior like his father (but he would bathe more often). Ulrik often got so lost in his own head that he forgot, but Amalrik was not like that - he knew. He was more connected to reality.

"Where are we going?" he asked. His small voice was still rumbling like his fathers. There was a promise of a nice bass tenor beneath the childish vocal chords.

Golden and green eyes looked out across the meadow, his cloven hooves moving through the green at a brisk trot while he puffed behind his father. His legs were not long enough to keep up at a walk anymore, and he was starting to get hungry. "Can we take a break?" he asked, looking up at the massive stallion once his smaller frame had finally caught up.

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Ulrik had needed to leave the Dragon's Throat for some time. Being trapped on that damn island was getting old, and he had been grateful when the large, winged one had opened the gate for them in such a strange state. The Engineer hadn't questioned the gift at all. Instead, he had taken his son and pushed the both of them to the middle of Helovia. Though he wouldn't claim to be the greatest father, he knew that Amalrik didn't have the privilege of growing up with a leader for a mother in one of the most well protected herds: the Aurora Basin.

Rikyn had a good upbringing there until he had followed his bitch of a mother to fuck knows where. Ulrik would be damned if anyone took Amalrik from him. No more of his sons would disappear from his sight again until they were of an appropriate age. Say what you will about his personality and parenting, but Ulrik was a protective father. He would do everything in his power to be a good one - as good as he could be given his unique mind.

Fortunately, Amalrik was easy to entertain. The child was bright and quiet, and so they traveled in comfortable silence as his young eyes took in the world around him. Better that he see all this map now. The more information he had, the safer he would be.

The boy's voice reached his ears and he tilted one down, listening and looking out of the corner of his bronze eye. "I didn't have a particular place in mind," he rumbled in return. "Here was my first goal. This is the Thistle Meadow," Ulrik explained gruffly, continuing to walk as he explained how the map of Helovia was laid out. "This meadow has a river running through it - which you can follow north to south. It's more or less in the center and runs between two other herdlands: the World's Edge to the west and the Falls to the east."

The boy spoke again, and he immediately halted, patiently waiting for his son to catch his breath. "We can stop here," he agreed, putting his nose down into the grass. "I think I will take you to the World's Edge. You can see how this herd works very differently. If you still want, we can visit the Aurora Basin last, since I have little interest in going back."

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The blue sky is marked with a few lingering, fluffy clouds, pleasant sights after the harsh summer that had baked everything into husks. The normally hock or higher grass is short, and breaks away where it isn’t from impact alone, and so I’m mostly trying to keep my eyes up to avoid the sinking in my belly anytime I take note of the sparse vegetation. Even Duir, who has remained sort of oblivious to the trouble Tallsun has leant Orangemoon, has begun to eye the once bountiful meadow with a bit of worry. I rather hope that he, or anyone else for that matter, never mentions it. I won’t know what to say to make the worry I feel not become his, too.

I’m so preoccupied with the pessimistic thought that, even if it rained, it was too late in the season to matter, that I almost don’t notice a pair of unicorns for who they are – well, one of them anyway. I almost miss them because the adult of the duo is my father, who I’ve only ever known to be accompanied by one colt.


The image makes me stop so suddenly that Duir keeps going some paces, before fretfully bounding back to me when he notices my absence, and the weird, aching sensation raking through our bond. Having some of my sire’s famous mind, I immediately piece it together for what it is; the bay coloration, the splash of color about the eye, and the shining, luminous colors of metal twinkling ironically among a child’s down.

At first, the notion that my father had made a new family is painful, and wreathed in jealousy. It leaves me with a dark, broiling heart that wonders if this boy is my replacement, if he will be loved by my father in all the ways I am not. Without much delay, however, the more thoughtful of my consciences arrives, and fiercely swats the first into oblivion. It reminds me of the first time I’d come home, how pleased he’d been to see me grown, and how he’d, not once, ever seemed like he thought less or more of me than he had when I’d left. It reminds me of how it felt to tell Aithniel stories, and that, this time, I’m much older, with much better tales to share than those I’ve stolen or poorly invented.

That is your brother, I think to myself, looking at his tiny, impish figure with wonder that starts small and builds in me, branching and flashing like the Spark’s light itself. My buck, used to the erratic nature of my emotions, seems to only be wondering if this is one of those times he won’t get to know why. When it looks like they're about to carry on with their day, I impulsively shout out.

"Hey, dad!" the buck’s jaw literally drops open, forest eyes shooting between the distant stallion and myself for many glances, even when I dart out across the field after the colt and stallion. Speeding along after me to try and catch up, the young cerndyr’s thoughts are whirling with confusion and excitement, alongside my own nervous (and wavering) happiness. "Dad! Wait up!"


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