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Firestorm [Hector Challenge]

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There comes a time when even Atlas, after his eons spent beneath the weight of the heavens and the knowledge of his sins, cannot bear the weight of his burdens any longer. When the world cinches tight around the lungs of its most faithful, most patient. When the straw breaks across the back of the one whose tongue was always held.
That time is now.
He is a comet, streaking across the sky like a quick-burn flash of anger and grief. Already lost to the fires of emotion that consume Cera, the Prince sweeps the sun-hot sands with narrowed eyes. Prowling. Hunting. Giving himself something to focus on that isn’t the taste of betrayal and ash on the back of his tongue from Megaera’s revelation. There is nothing left for him to lose now, with Megaera’s shameful escape. There is no more reason to bide his time, to curb his tongue or corral his temper. There is no more room for forgiveness, for thousandth chances given and snubbed. 

He has given the Throat every piece of himself. He stayed when his only family - the only soul that had ever loved him - abandoned him. He stayed when his siblings were born and raised miles from his own solitary existence. He took up the mantle of every position they ever needed from him, without question. Time and time again, Cera sacrificed. Shifted the boulder on his small shoulders to make room for yet another burden, to release his loved ones from the pain of such weights. He guided them with steady, patient hands. Informed, advised, and consoled. Forsook his own grief to soften the blow of another’s. Calmed tempers and soldered shattering relationships.
He had given everything he had, every bit of faith, love, and energy to them. And they had thrown it back in his face every single time, leaving him in the wreckage of his endless love, pouring out like blood from a gunshot. No matter how hard Cera pressed his gentle hands to that grievous wound, he could not stop the flow of love that he felt for them, no matter how much pain it made him feel in return. It slipped through his fingers nonetheless, draining him. But there was nothing left to be damaged anymore. Even the kindest souls were capable of breaking, and Gaucho’s death had only been the catalyst for an explosion that had been building in Cera across countless years. Now, Megaera has abandoned them. Forsaken everything and everyone. Left him. Like everyone else.
So this is where it begins, where the explosion swirls inward, preparing and tightening for the destruction that awaits. This is where the firestorm coalesces in the heart of the Golden Prince. It’s the moment when Cera’s eyes finally fall upon the rich earthen tones of his once-brother, the man that had taken calloused hands to the scars on Cera’s heart and promised kinship. The same man that abandoned them - like all the others, like Ranjiri, like Megaera - and bedded Cera’s ward. The one that did not even have the respect to inform Cera of his return and made him and the Throat appear foolish in front of guests and dignitaries. Who’d disregarded all of Cera’s advice as a Diviner.
The rage boils up in Cera’s throat, and he is blinded by his emotions, wings tucking as he dives towards the monstrous tri-brid. A scream rips from his throat like an arrow, rending his vocal chords as the primordial sound cleaves through the air in unmistakable challenge. And if it is not understood, well…
Cera’s descent does not slow, baring his teeth and kicking his forelegs out as the sand and his foe’s body approach. With a thought his armor expands in a flurry of ivory and metal to settle like discord personified against his skin. He hopes it reflects the sun as violently as it had in his fight with Caneo, blinds Hector when he goes to look up at the roar of his name. He doesn’t deserve to look upon Cera now.
Cera doesn’t aim as he descends, wings only scarcely opening to spare his joints grievous damage if he misses. His only desire is to slam bodily into the much larger stallion, to throw Hector from his hooves and let him taste dirt and sand and know that he should never have crossed Cera. That he was going to be the first to pay in flesh for what he’d done. Cera doesn’t care that it’s a dangerous maneuver, demanding perfect subjugation and capitulation. He would be submissive no longer. They would learn. They would all learn.
If the Throat is to fall without Gaucho, may it fall in flames as glorious as his. 

- - -

Cera is challenging Hector for...pride? Exacting an apology from his flesh? ._.

Setting: Dragon's Throat. Noon, autumn cool sun, not much wind.

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