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Kaj’s ties to the Throat were understandably convoluted as of late. His daughter’s temporary disappearance and then emotional confession had turned his relationship with Sohalia into something fragmented and frayed, a thread he didn’t want to focus upon. While the Aurelight was still unaware of Gaucho’s demise, it only served in keeping him farther from the borders, unsure how to explain things to the stallion. If he even needed to, considering Aleta’s conception had been spontaneous and his feelings for Sohalia were entirely platonic. Even so, Kaj knew too many souls within the Dragon’s Throat to stay away from its borders for long. Maren and Ilios were still thriving upon the sands, and Kaj would never abandon them for the sake of mending wounds and awkward encounters. It had taken an unreasonable amount of courage – and plenty of Arabella scoffing at him – for Kaj to finally set course for the south. It was a slow journey, both because of the length and his own hesitance. Gaucho’s feats were legendary, and while Kaj was no spring chicken, he had not stretched his legs on the field of battle for far too long. So that was why, on the far side of the ocean where the sands bled across the grass to signify the Throat laying beyond the vast stretch of blue, Kaj grinned to see pale skin and teal markings glittering beneath weak autumn sunlight. Exactly where they had agreed to meet, when Kaj had departed from Maren’s side last.
Buttermilk wings tucked close to the stallion’s side as he descended towards Ilios, Arabella flitting from his side to the sparse trees farther inland, wanting nothing of the spar that was to take place. She was still young after all, and would only be caught up in the mess of it. Powerful golden neck flexed beneath tempered glass, retrieved with the knowledge that the pair would be battling it out this evening. A bugle of a call came formless from Kaj’s golden lips, alerting the boy-turned-man of his presence. Not that Ilios should be caught so off guard so close to his home’s borders, of course.
Sand kicked and spat against the stallion’s powerful legs as he landed, wings beating and steadying his massive frame as he trotted down the beach towards his adopted son with a beaming grin. “Ready?” Kaj called across the remaining distance, postponing affectionate reunions and gentle nuzzling for after the exercise they had been gearing up for. He had been electrified the entire flight over, anxious and excited. Kaj wanted to do it then and there, and hopefully Ilios would be receptive to such an eager partner.
Without truly waiting for his son’s acceptance, Kaj’s grin lit like a spark across his rugged features and he lunged forward to race across the sands towards Ilios, wings tucked tight. Far too many opponents had struck out against the vital limbs in the past. Though Kaj doubted the kind-hearted boy would do such a thing to another pegasus with the awareness of how integral wings were to them, it was an instinctive defense nonetheless and only aided the speed of his rather bulky body.
With a lighthearted grin Kaj leapt for where Ilios had last been standing, opting to shove his muscled right shoulder into the vague vicinity of the slighter boy’s right side to attempt to send him spinning out into the sand. He’d learned his lesson with Resplendence seasons ago that tactics such as striking his legs forth towards the knees – a common first move for the Aurelight – were unacceptable against friends and family. Kaj would rather Ilios leave with bruises, not broken legs from an ill-thrown attack. 

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Setting: Mainland border of the Dragon's Throat on the sands, weak sunlight but early afternoon, wind off the ocean but no extreme weather

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