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Gotta start somewhere [Tae vs. Rohan]

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Tae took a deep breath. This was going to be a moment that she would look back on, and she wanted to give herself the opportunity to remember as much of it as possible.

A light Orangemoon breeze danced across her body, and despite the fact that it wasn't cold, she shivered nonetheless. That shiver rippled out across her pelt causing pleasurable goosebumps - the kind that would later make Tae think of Ampere's grooming sessions when she was much smaller. Today however, those goosebumps instead ignited a sense of destiny inside of her, a happy anxiety that seemed to fill every pore and then spill out through her nose in quick, punctuated breaths. It wasn't all happiness however. One of the biggest motivators for choosing to walk this path, had gone away into the clearing. Gaucho would not be here to witness his ghostly-girl take part in her first spar, wouldn't be there to wrap his wings around her and tell her that he was proud of her, regardless of the outcome. Ampere would be, and though the girl knew her mother would be similarly proud, it wasn't the same. Gaucho was gone, and that still sucked.

But there would be time to meditate on those feelings later (or, if she remembered any of the training Gaucho had taught her, that she would use her emotions to strengthen herself in battle). 

Ahead, was her target. This was the part she wasn't entirely clear on ... she knew roughly how spars worked, and had watched many of them growing up. She also knew you didn't have to precisely ask for one to begin, you could just ... do it. But what was the difference between the successful start of a spar, and just being an asshole who attacked someone else for no apparent reason? Tae wasn't mean, no matter how dark or deceptive her actions appeared to be. She wanted to be known as a warrior like her Father, but she didn't want to be thought of as a reckless jerk.

That being said, she was still quite young, and very eager to begin this process. Can you guess which emotion claimed victory in Tae's small, emotional heart?

"THIS IS A SPAR" Tae shouted clumsily from her place in a grove of trees. There was an antlered stallion ahead who Tae had picked as her spar partner. Why? Well he was like a poor facsimile of Gaucho, now wasn't he? Antlers, the height, the scarring? Tae still woke up in the night and expected to see Gaucho standing watch on a dune nearby, was it really so surprising she would pick Rohan? Besides, from what vague knowledge she had of the Edge, this one was a warrior there, or something. 

The mandible-marked mare wasn't sure if Rohan had seen her or not - likely if he had, he wouldn't have thought much of her, much less that she and her two canine companions were about to ambush him. 

On black legs, both Mal and Hel raced forward. They didn't need to be told twice to encircle their prey target. Their intention was to be the bottom points of a pyramid, with Tae as the top, creating a ring around Rohan to try and force him to face Tae. All the while their jaws snapped and they growled fiercely, trying to stir up as much anxiety in the big stallion as they could. The rising combination of feelings bubbling inside of Tae - nervous anxiety, her competitive drive, and of course the bittersweet memories of her Father - all stirred her passive magic, which caused her body to wisp away at the edges, as if she was composed of nothing more than ghostly smoke. 

"WE'RE SPARRING." She shouted, conscious of not wanting this to seem like a random attack as she continued racing forward. Having play-fought many times with Grusha, Tae knew that against the big stallion, her speed would be her biggest advantage. The ground felt spongey beneath her hooves. Despite the chill of Orangemoon, the ground had not yet frozen, and was still supple beneath her. Swiftly she tried to race by Rohan, wings tucked tightly against her sides, throwing a buck his direction as she tried to pass him on his left side. She hoped to hit somewhere on his flank, then quickly retract her legs and dart away. Simultaneously, Mal and Hel advanced with their jaws wide, snapping near the stallion's hocks. They weren't necessarily trying to nip him, only to distract him enough that Tae might get away cleanly. 

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Setting: Orangemoon, in the Meadow. Day time, light breeze, nothing notable. 

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