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[OPEN] Scribble out the Truth with Your Lies

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Going it alone was what Ausar did best - eat alone, hunt alone, sleep alone. It was better for his mental health; when he was around others, he had to put on a facade, the face of some weakling stallion that did what he was told and delighted in making new friends. All of that was, of course, still in his snarky own way, but equids seemed to enjoy his callous faux nature. Having an apparent lack of brain-mouth filtering, they enjoyed hearing what ridiculous thing his mind would come up with next.

Oh, how little they knew.

It was unfortunate for him, then, that his scheme would not work without a herd to call his own. It forced him to shove his personality back inside the precarious porcelain shell until it was time to set himself free. For now, however, he broke that barrier, tore down the wall that he erected each and every time he was in company. For now he was Ausar, the heartless, the soul breaker, the executioner. He walked powerfully through and around the foliage, tossing his head from time to time to rid his neck and shoulders of the tension that came with continually schooling his features. A few times he even pawed at the earth, took a few quick steps, and bucked out. His back gave a satisfying pop, alleviating that dogged stiffness that had been curled in his epaxials.

Without any real direction, the demon wound up following the sound of lightly running water. He preferred the tang of blood over the tasteless aqua, but he was no fool - hematophagy alone would give him a killer headache, because his traitorous body needed whatever it was that made water so damn vital for life. It annoyed him greatly. So with a snort, Ausar lowered his head at the water's edge and took a long drink, trying not to grimace the whole time.

A rustling had his poll lifting, neck pulling to the left to survey his surroundings. The movement caused a bird - a jay, he thought - to flitter from its perch and take to the sky, and when the beast's gaze fell from it back to the topography, a stone structure rising conspicuously from the soil caught his attention. Brow furrowing, Ausar picked his way through the underbrush to examine the construction, going as far as placing his forelimbs on the tough interior. He was not foolish enough to enter the whole way - doing so would partially trap him, and how did he know this thing wasn't some magical portal? He had yet to fully understand this land; he wouldn't put the possibility past it.
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It was like drowning without being in water; your lungs would fill to the brim until you were screaming and begging for one last breath. Yet that final breath never came. It was this sensation that had drove her from the Edge and out into the wasteland; finding better solace in solitude. The place she had found to be her beloved home was no longer as warm and welcoming to her; and perhaps this was because she simply couldn't shake the feeling that they all thought of her as a terrible mother. Because let's face it, she was utterly awful. Her babe had been emotionally raised all by herself while her mother stood in the background, only appearing when deemed necessary.

That wasn't the life of a child, to be left to live her life all alone; and it killed her inside to think that her fellow herd mates most likely thought the same. A tear trickled down her pale features, but before more could fall she was blinking them rapidly away; sniffling and fighting the urge to simply scream. This pain; this torture she was putting on herself could not be satiated. How she longed to sink her teeth into something and tear it away, to kick and scream until her voice was hoarse and she passed out from lack of oxygen. Even then she would still try to scream, to keep screaming until it all just stopped hurting.

Where was Cerin? Did he no longer love her too? As soon as he had heard she had been with another man he had in his own way rejected her; pushing her back and telling her she needed to be with someone else. It had shook her entire core to feel such rejection from the one who had never done her wrong. And yet here she stood alone near the Rotunda; not a soul to care where she lay her head at night. Perhaps it was all just an awful pity party that Myrrine had decided she needed to throw; but somewhere deep within she felt she deserved to feel this way. She had done so much for others, had kept that putrid mask on to make others happy.

She was starting to think she didn't care if she made anyone else happy anymore. Tears had begun streaking down unnoticed, running down her chin and dripping carelessly upon the dead leaves crunching beneath her hooves. Mind whirring with her emotions right behind; the thoughts of how she deserved to be treated this way mingled in with the thoughts of wanting to break free of making others happy until she thought she would throw up. Myrrine was drowning herself with her own misery. As she took to leaning against one of the pillars that held up the stained glass, she soon found her gaze landing on another beast from the other side. Taking in a sharp breath she froze, praying to the Gods he hadn't heard her and she could just go. She wasn't in the mood to play with masks today.

Being delicate with her footsteps she began to turn away, hoping to make her escape in the opposite direction. Yet fate had other plans; a pebble skittering from beneath her step and clicking and clacking down the steps. She hissed to herself quietly, knowing that she had certainly been caught now.


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