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[MINI SWP] Trick R Treat || round 1

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The forest, dall, dark and deep loomed over the bloody falls. Every pigment was brutally violent, and the chill in the air was starting to get a tinge of frost. A full moon loomed overhead, illuminating the pathway to where a tiny, black, horned ram thing sat on a stone. It seemed to be made of shadows and darkness with curling horns around its jaws, but it sat up on its haunches like a begging dog.

Perhaps the most frightening were its two, big, bright and yellow eyes. It blinked slowly and waited for Helovians to come by so he could offer his wares to them - at a good price. A really good price. It chuckled and the sound was like sulfur.  "Come, come! Come and make a choice. Would you rather a trick or a treat?"


Hello Helovians! Welcome to Round 1 of Trick or Treat!
- Post minimum is 100 words, quick style!
- State clearly, bolded and somewhere obvious if you choose a trick or a treat!
- You can get blessed, cursed, poisoned, etc from this, but it will only last for 1 thread and will not permanently harm your character.
- You can also get junk or the occasional nice item.
- Have fun!
(This has nothing to do with the main SWP!)

- NOTE: Each round is roughly 12 ish hours or so. They are meant to be fast and there will be 3.

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What's this?

The mare's curiosity gets the better of her as she prowls through the Blood Falls, scene of the first God battle and much bloodshed. Dominus lurks by her side, an ever-present ivory sentinel as the silver marches through the forest towards the....thing.

Jeez, it's ugly. Nyx is no stranger to ugly shit, especially not after the recent appearance of the sea creature, but this thing takes the cake. Revulsion curls in her stomach, yet there's an allure to it, too. She stands before it, narrowing her eyes warily at her - if Helovia has taught her anything, it's that it is not wise to trust random weirdos that appear in their midst.

Still, where's the harm?

"Treat, I suppose," she says with a flicker of her tail and a narrowing of her blue gaze at the horned obscenity.

Nyx chooses TREAT

Other characters have permission to use magic/violence against Nyx at any time.

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The lemon drop filly practically danced on tiny, rose thorn limbs. Her teal eyes were alight with excitement—finally something fun was happening. Kis, with his strange smile but congenial demeanor was something, sure. But he was just too… well, too nice and boring for the filly. He smiled, laughed, gave out magical seaweed and magical gifts. But this, tiny black horned ram thing ominously wreathed in vibrantly red light, promised something exciting. The yellow pixie’s tail twitched as she bounded boldly forward, youth’s indestructibility clung tight to her smooth, lemony skin. Though she faltered only once, when her glittering eyes met his own, gleaming bright yellow stare—some semblance of self preservation rippling through her young mind.

But, naturally, the trickster shrugged it off, a grin crossing her freckled muzzle as she boldly stated, “A trick, definitely.” And she practically vibrated with anticipation.

Larue chooses a TRICK ;)

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"Ugh, don't be such a wimp, Ma. It's all about the trick."

The filly glides through the bloodstained forest towards her mother and the rest of the gathering crowd, Ker perched on her back. The bird has caught a rat and is gleefully shredding the flesh from the bone with noisy rrrrips of skin and sinew, and blood oozes down the gargoyle's stone grey sides. The moist sensation is not unpleasant, but Oizys' ears flicker back crossly at the sheer noise her eagle is making.

The large girl draws to a halt alongside her dam, her frigid gaze focused on the horned creature that stands sentinel in the centre of the forest. She gazes at those giant, horribly yellow eyes, and flashes a toothy smile. As she says, it's all about the trick. Probably not the most sensible thing to ask for, given how ominous the creature looks, but when has Oizys ever been the sort to go with the safe option?

Oizys chooses TRICK

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When faced with a decision like this, you gonna play it cool and safe, or are you gonna go for it?

I amble up next to gumdrop, offering her a wink as she chooses trick. This girl's got spunk. "I ain't one for all that sugary bullshit." Now, I know what you must be thinking. But Shida, aren't you here next to that sugary-sweet kid you met on the beach? Bitch is literally made of candy. But Imma tell you what. I don't need to wrap my gums around this kid in order to know she'll pucker your lips so hard your ass will hurt.

"Gimme your best trick."

Shida chooses trick and adopts Larue on principle.

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These gatherings...have yielded mixed fortunes for the blackened leviathan. He has received armour, but also rejection. He's fought and slayed Gods, but received crippling diseases as well. He approaches each of them warily, yet with considerable excitement. This one is no different.

He is dragonless, his companions seizing their opportunity to hunt in the massed foliage of the crimson forest. The leviathan's black flesh casts him into camouflage as he moves through the shadows, a hulking beast of the forest; his pace is a heavy trot, his footfalls thunderous on the hard ground. Excitement and apprehension thrum through his body in equal measure; will he receive pleasure or pain today? Both are welcome, he supposes.

He is unsurprised to find a crowd already gathered, and he slows to a halt in their midst. The hideous horned creature upon the rock asks them whether they want a trick or treat, and the stallion ponders for a moment. Treat seems like a far too obvious answer... "Trick," he rumbles.

Volterra chooses TRICK

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Where was Romina lately? The boy didn't know. Had she seen him with Kiada on the beach? Had he in fact done something wrong, as the clenching of his chest seemed to suggest? But ... he'd only stood near her. And they were supposed to be cousins, were they not? Girls, Ru'in was learning, were very confusing.

It was only the loud and almost gleeful sounds up ahead that pulled the mutated colt out of the fog of his own thoughts. He arrived in time to hear some demanding treats, and others tricks. The boy furrowed his brow, great, bearded skull turning slightly.

He didn't really like treats - sweet things often got caught in his beard. But tricks? He thought of his magic, and wondered if this odd creature was perhaps referring to schematics when he said tricks. Or perhaps it was simpler ways of doing things?

Either way, the would-be crafter was intrigued.

"Trihk." He grumbled, his voice thick sounding.

Ru'in chooses Trick!

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Grusha & Tae
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Tae wandered unhappily, and grumpily. She'd been avoiding Grusha, as a very large decision weighed on her mind, and for once, she needed to think about it without the influence of her larger twin. She already knew what course of action her sister would recommend, and right now, Tae was still unsure that such a course was the best one. 

And so she was here, and yet apparently not alone. 

Intrigued, the mandible-marked mare trotted forward, looking eagerly towards the group who had just arrived. If she still had her damned cloak, she would have donned it and wove her way amongst them nearly invisible. As it was, anyone who wanted to look over and see her could do so. 

The ghostly girl listened to the choices of those around her. Despite her curiousity at what tricks they might receive, who would willingly take a potentially nasty harm, over a treat? Even if it was one she didn't particularly want, she could always give it to her baby brothers?


Tae chooses Treat!


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In the absence of his much-respected father, it is natural that the boy should instead begin to copy his mother. He follows her lead, absorbs her teachings, takes her opinions as gospel. She is not Ave, but she'll do in a pinch.

So when he approaches the gathering and sees a variety of answers coming from the gathered horses, his instinct tells him to copy his mother. So far she's the only one to ask for a treat, the others all choose trick - the colt wonders what will happen to the ones who ask for a trick. Something bad, he thinks. He'd far rather have something nice. "Treat," he says, moving to stand next to his mother. He pins his ears and glares at his older sister Oizys as she calls their mother a wimp, silently disapproving of her disrespect towards their dam but knowing he's still too small to do anything about it.

So he simply stands amongst the crowd, looking curiously over at the creature on the rock.

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Arakh chooses TREAT


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Darkness was there to be lit up, so the misty mare rolled in on her quiet, dancing toes, flourishing the command. She was followed by what looked like whiffling, transparent forms, small as mushrooms, that seemed to have gulped in too much thick fog, one dewy morrow: Will’ o wisps lighting up the path their creator had left behind. Above the misty mare’s head shone a thin coat of illuminating halo, leaking droplets like an angels’ tears, enlightening the foggy strands of crystalline hairs that pursued in a somewhat earie flow. While the magic streamed from the deep dark depth inside of her she swirled around like a whisper in the fog as the shapes of reminiscing ghosts spun around her – though it was only mist.  "Tri~ck" she said with a tongue-roll that did not hide her intrigue, as neither did her sparkling golden eyes.

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It was very odd indeed, that the Helovian's would look upon Kisamoa with such skepticism, and yet would gather happily around a nefarious looking creature, who was blatantly offering them a choice between two unknowns. Given the way his weirds seemed to stick together, like a tangled spiders web, Isopia was surprised how many had not only stepped right up, but quickly made a choice.

The demi-goddess stood for a moment, silently taking in the scene. It seemed that the creature was not going to give responses to the directions the Helovian's offered him - perhaps not until enough of them had arrived? And then what?

On her shoulder, Hubris patted her neck gently, and forced himself to ignore Volterra's presence. >>Maybe it's just nice.<< The dragon suggested into Isopia's mind. She very much doubted it, but her academic curiosity got the best of her, and like the others, she made a choice as well.


Iso chooses treat!

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After the last creature to address them all, Vastra held little to no caution when it came to approaching another such strange creature. It mattered little to her that there was an ominous vibe about the forest right now - she had not yet learned to fear shadows and darkness. It was just a forest, just a moon, and just a creature… wasn’t it?

Her pale red coat was still speckled with spots from the seal form she had taken last when she approached the creature, brown eyes alight with curiosity.

The choices of the others who had gathered buzzed around her ears and she considered the choices warily - indecision making her uncomfortable. Finally, she took a deep breath and picked which one came to her tongue first. “Trick.” Her small voice added into the volley of other words.

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Vastra chooses trick!

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Slowly the pigeon-toed girl made her way towards the group. It took her longer, especially because she would often stop and pretend to be doing something else as others passed her. She hated the way her steps were so stunted and awkward, and she preferred to hide her movements whenever possible. When she couldn't - as when she got close enough to the group - she would take exceedingly small steps to try and minimize the impact her turned-in hooves had.

The watercolour-splashed filly listened carefully as those around her made choices. She seemed shocked that anyone would choose trick. It sounded so nasty, didn't it? Her eyes were wide as Maren, their beautiful and graceful diviner, also choose trick.

With baby-blues as circular as the sun, Kolr turned to the small horned creature. She wanted to choose trick too, to be brave like Maren and the others, but she found she couldn't. It would simply be too awful to bare. What if the creature made her knees even worse?

"Treat please." Kolr said in a very small, and quiet voice.

Kolr picks treat!

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As soon as he arrived, Thèo almost wished he hadn't. As much as he loved exploring - and he didn't mind doing it on his own - he always felt so guilty and sad when he discovered something interesting, without his friends around. His bright green gaze peered through the crowd, hoping to see Luther or Iskra. Neither were here though. Not even Zero, and Zero was always at things like this. His older brother seemed to have an innate sense for when adventure would pop up.

Sort of glumly, Thèo stepped forward, drenched in a pillar of light that cascaded down from the sky. His pale ears swivelled to catch the requests of those around him. Which would he choose? A trick? Or a treat?

I don't really like to trick people.. he thought to himself. And maybe if I pick treat, I'll get magical seaweed like Luther, and we can go swimming together! The thought of being able to do something with his twin made him brighten immediately, and he picked the more self-serving option.

"I would like a treat please! He called politely, smiling to himself.

Theo picks treat!

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In the light of the full moon, Mesec's silver markings glowed brightly and Lucius's back was shining with the same silver as his marking shifted with the moon's phase. But this night pair was not the only thing that glowed in the dark forest as they soon found - beneath the light of the moon a pair of eyes drew in Helovians like moths to the flame. Many foals as well and Mesec felt nervous for them - hoping that this would not prove to be a dangerous creature.

This time, he was not the monster haunting these woods.

With Lucius' help, he did his best to shut out the dark memories that threatened to suffocate him and focus only on those unnerving eyes and the choice that the horned beast laid before them.

"Treat" The Nightwind's quiet voice joined in with the others - he had experienced quite enough tricks lately, he thought.


Mesec chooses treat!
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It might seem a little foolish to approach an unknown, horned creature in the darkness of the forest and Alysanne supposed it was. Incredibly foolish - but there everyone went, almost materializing out of the shadows. She wouldn't be surprised if all of Helovia showed up here, seeking gifts and whatever the creature would be able to give them.

Perhaps there was strength in numbers, however? There was only one way to find out and there was a strong pull of curiosity that compelled her to move forward with the others and listen to the words spoken by the yellow-eyed creature.

Trick or treat?

Well, that was an easy choice. "Treat, if you please." Alysanne chose without much consideration at all.

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Aly chooses treat! <3
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The dark prince clung to the shadow—being but a faint flash of red-tinged-gold amid the darkness. Dark blue eyes glinted scarlet with each blink against the Blood Fall’s usually bright gleam. A glance around showed him the sheer amount of others who had already gathered, and the colt is lulled into a comfortable sense of obscurity and anonymity with his place in the shadows. His sharp gaze swept back to the ram made of shadows, narrowing slightly in suspicion. But interest also lit up his face—what tricks would he bring onto others?

For himself, the colt already knew his choice, “Treat,” was his clear, but quiet, command. He did not want to draw attention to himself, just yet. But, while he demanded a treat for himself, his gaze closely watched those who had called for ’tricks’, wishing to see just what befell them.

Kianzo chooses TREAT.

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There was absolutely and completely no way that I was going to approach an animal with yellow glowing eyes. I felt rather certain about that, and if I wasn't at least 75% sure that I was in a dream I would have just turned around and walked the other way. But between the plump full moon, the eerie forest, and the mist creatures that seemed to follow around one mare and the sunlight that followed a colt, well... these things just don't happen in real life now do they?

How my mind could have made up all these fantastical creatures was beyond me but perhaps Helovia was bleeding into my mind and changing me.

I was convinced that I was dreaming so I drifted forward with the others, my golden eyes flashing around and I knew I was just as afraid of everyone in the crowd as I was the one who had called us forward.

So I stood apart and I wished that my mind would give me a familiar face in this crowd.

Where is Calder?

"Treat." I whisper, feeling compelled to do so, as I waited for the nightmare to end.

- - I am lost and found

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Elspeth chooses treat!
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Esinakh, truly never far from her brother’s shadow, slipped up beside him and their dam. Though her weight pushed against brother calf and her ears tilted towards mother’s drawl, her pale gaze was trained warily on sister Oizys. The wingless sibling was severe, outspoken, and (at times) cruel. So the neurotic-prone filly had learned (even more) caution around her. Mother and brother were good buffers, but the gargoyle princess was a freight-train of pure will at times. White-marked lips trembled with uncertainty as her pale gaze shifted from the harsh sibling to the strange, horned creature that oozed shadows. Her pale eyes were stained red by the Blood Fall’s glow—a fact that would have had the calf thrashing in distress, had she been able to see her reflection in that moment.

It was Arakh’s simple word that finally coaxes the young calf to mimic him (who had, in turn, mimicked their dam), “Treat.” Her voice was a quiet whisper, hesitant and easily lost amid the other’s requests.

Esinakh chooses TREAT.

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Howl had not anticipated finding a crowd in the forest he chose solely for its solitude, but he drew close to it anyways, ever curious as to what all the fuss was about. Horses of all shapes and colors were gathered around something, their eyes bright with variations of fear, fascination and amusement. He slipped between wings and horns and other appendages in order to find the source of wonder. However, when he beheld it, fright made a tight ball in the pit of his stomach. Some kind of demon-goat was perched at the edge of a blood-pool, encouraging the creatures surrounding him to make a choice--trick or treat. His ears tipped backwards in a contemplative sort of gesture. The silver stag listened for a moment, silently tallying up the other responses spoken around him. When the answer became clear, he cleared his throat, awaiting a short span of silence to announce his decision--"Treat."
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Treat please! :D
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