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They Say Newcomers Have a Certain Smell

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Mortuus Nox
Your fears have just become all too real, for the Devil at the cross road wants to make a Deal

The malevolent beast moved his way through the lands. Cracked hooves picked their way through the frozen ground of the world. The snowfall floated and drifted to the ground all around the ebony beast. The cold never bothered the monster; it warmed his soul. The dried up, dead, lifeless land made Nox feel at home. It was something about death, which made him fell like he had a blanket of comfort draped over his scared pelt. Maybe it was the fact that he grew up around everyone dying. Another possibility could be the many killings that he did as a young boy. Sometimes it weighed on his chest. The pain on their faces would flash like a horror-filled scene in his eyes. Their lifeless body laying on the ground, in a fresh pool of blood haunted, every dream. The glazed over look of death in their eyes clung to every inch of his own, cold, gray orbs. It was all acts of justice; each person deserved to die and suffer. Well, that is what the demon told himself. Whether it was true or not is a different story. Anyways he would never kill again; it was a promise he could not break.

Nox had not traveled far from his home. When the monster was caught up in thought, it always seemed as if he moved further away than what he really walked. Gray eyes peered into the surroundings of the Steep. The light snowfall continued to grace the land with beautiful presence of unique snowflakes. He took a moment to take the beauty of the world into his heart. Each little icicle hanging from every branch, and the flutter of the birds above; made the beast want to smile, but no such emotion found its way to his face. Blank, emotionless, dead, and cold eyes peered from the black mask of his war-ridden face. Then his attention was dragged away from the beauty of the land. Sounds of rustling and movement rang in his ears.

The demonic crown turned to find the creature that disturbed his peace. Narrowing his eyes upon a shadow like figure, Nox tried to place a name to the face, but he failed to recognize him. His scent was not of the Basin really. It reeked of the threshold, and the hell-bound stallion smiled. It curved and formed across almost like a Cheshire cat. Oh, how fun, fresh meat was! The distracting thoughts finally left his mind, and he was able to size up the other stag. The man had Arabian like features with a heavy Spanish like bulk. His neck and shoulders seemed like they were the powerhouse. This man looked like he would be heavy on the forehand; something that would leave him at a disadvantage in a battle. Both stallions stood at about the same height. The other guy might have had a few inches on Nox, but it was hard to tell in the snow-filled air. " Would you care for a friendly spar to sharpen our skills? I am Nox a Medic of the Basin." The deep voice rumbled in his chest. The words dragged from his mouth; like zombies clawing their way out a pit from hell. Nox twisted his ebony demonic crown to the left waiting, for an answer. It was just a friendly brush up on skills. There was no need to mangle or try and kill each other. Nox would not dare do that unless he had too. Don't get him wrong; the demonic beast would not go down without a fight. Once he got the answer, he pleased to hear; a twisted smile fell upon his maw.

His heavy hooves dug into the snow-covered ground. They pulled his body forward into an eerie like canter. Black tresses of his tangled mane and tail floated behind him. They spun and twisted into a spider-like web of hairs. Muscles contracted, and he carefully moved forward towards the man's left rib area. The snow covered ground was slick, and it was not ideal spar weather. But hey, it was something to do. Nox lowered his ram-like horns. Agile body movements navigated with precision through the snow. When he thought, he was closer to the beast. Muscles in his neck and back started to prepare for the impact. Nox knew that each vertebra would feel the consequences of this action; if he struck the man hard enough. Well, if he struck the man at all.

"Talking here""

-Frostfall, Frostbreath Steppe, about noon, light snowfall, Snow on the ground.
Attack 1/3
Aims to ram left rib area.
WC:: 751/800

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ARION pounds through the icy top layer of snow with determination and a face set on success. His muscles flex and release with the effort as his legs carry him across the frozen landscape. The stallion had always thought snow would be this wonderful, sticky substance. In his mind, one might be cold but they'd not have to worry about slippage and the subsequent battles on it would be amazing. But this stuff was downright difficult to gain consistent traction on. Sometimes, while he ran, he'd have a step which would enable him to push yards but the next moment he'd have a step that allowed him only a foot of travel. It was maddening.

When the sun had risen on the day after Arion's acceptance to his sister's herd so had his nerves. He was a seasoned fighter. He'd fought in the shallow ocean, on sand, and even rock was not unknown to the stud. However, snow was not a common find in Erithos. The problem? Oh, nothing, he was just going to need to conduct an introductory spar on this crap today...his first solid spar in months. Did one need any further explanation for Arion's powering his way through a late morning run? This philosopher's son was an adaptive beast though and each faltered step brought an increase in knowledge. Ok, don't step that way. Make sure to place your hoof this way and you won't slide. Oh! Turns are far more exhilarating with a little slide! The stallion relishes in this new learning experience. A time passed but, soon enough, the growing warmth of his pelt against the chill air let him know a break from his exertions was in order. A satisfied smile spreads over his masculine features as he exclaims "Excelsior!" to the birds in the sky.

His breath was quickly caught in a few minutes but so was his solitary satisfaction. The stallion's comfortable walk was paused by a black spot up ahead. The spot moved, ominously, so the stallion displayed glory of his muscular Spanish and Arabian heritage for the newcomer; his neck was beautifully arched and his tail held high.  When the two are finally close enough to hear each other Nox introduces himself and some of Arion's show dissipates. "Ahh, a fellow herdmate.  Good day, Dr. Nox. I am Arion, new to the Basin, and currently a soldier. I would give me great pleasure to engage in a friendly spar, sir."

Honor and confidence were the only things visible on the outside but, internally, he was a tangle of nerves again. The stallion was no dolt and was well aware of the fact that the outcome of this fight would be reported to General Erebos and the monarchs. Not that he could complain about this matchup. The black stallion before him was as good an opponent as he could have hoped for. Nox was clearly a more pure Spaniard than himself but his height was just about the same from what Arion could tell. The scarred creature was probably going to be more agile but Arion was more in shape which would hopefully give him the upper hand in endurance. Granted, anything could happen on the battlefield.

"Anything" was precisely what happened next. The doctor lowered his head and began a charge set on blunt impact with his backwards facing horns. Arion bemoaned his lack of immediate adaptability on footing like this. He was going to have to take the hit in some manner. Suddenly, Arion's head to tilts sideways in amusement. How, precisely, did someone with backwards facing horns not account for their opponent's forwards facing one? Surely, he hadn't missed Arion's polished and sharpened horn. Perhaps he was assuming the risk of serious slice-age in the hopes of bruising some ribs. Well, too bad for him. Arion might not be able to fully evade this attack but he could alter it a bit to reduce the lasting damage.

The earthen stallion turns to face his opponent, bracing for the attack with his left shoulder and lowering his horn. When the stallion gets close Arion leans back, coiling himself, and then thrusts his left shoulder forward, into the attack, just as Nox reaches him. With his horn lowered and his movement forward, Arion hopes to force his opponent's spine to take some of the impact from the charge as well as allow him a solid slice or two at the other stallion's left shoulder area.  Oh, and how he hoped this method would pay off because, though he was in less pain than if he'd been hit on his ribs, it still felt like he'd been hit by a bloody boulder. Here's to hoping that his kitchen knife could do more damage than Nox's frying pan.



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Attacks: 1/3
WC: 795/800
Arion takes the blow on his left shoulder instead of ribs but pushes back against the attack at the last second, hoping to roll the impact a little through Nox's spine. He also attempts to slice at Nox's left shoulder. @Mortus Nox

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Mortuus Nox
Your fears have just become all too real, for the Devil at the cross road wants to make a Deal
The full-blooded Andalusian moved with an eerie grace. His footfalls hit the ground with agile like steps. The Arabian blood coursing through his opponent meant that he had the upper hand in endurance. Besides the fact, Nox had the higher hand in agility and Arion had greater endurance they were a pretty even match. As his hooves thundered towards the man black velvet ears perked realizing that the stallion was leaning into his attack. Gray emotionless eyes narrowed watching the man shove his left shoulder.
God damn the boy might know how to fight.
In the blink of an eye Nox collided his demonic horns into the man's shoulder. Floating like a specter into his body the collision radiated back from his skull, then toward his neck, drifted through his shoulders, and finally burrowed into his spine.Unfortionally unlike goats, horses muscles and bones were not made to withstand heavy impact. Lucky for Nox the shock wave was just enough to warn his body not to do it again. A sigh of relief came to his maw when he realized the only lasting effect might be a sore neck.

The hell bound beast felt a different pain rip into his left shoulder. A deep grumble escaped his maw like a call to the dead. Arion decided to use his sharpened horn to his advantage. The tip dug into the scar-laced pelt causing crimson blood to drip upon the snow covered ground.
Oh, how the burn felt so good!
Agile hooves turned his front end with a hard right turn. Hoping that his rear legs were now facing the stallions left side or neck area. The pain was like a trigger for the inner beast. Bloodlust glazed over in his soulless eyes. They traced the small drops of warm blood falling into the snow. Pure, innocent, beautiful white snow was tainted. The first blood of the spar dripped from the ebony hide. "My friend you sure do know how to use that beautiful sword" Latin-laced words rumbled from chest with a satanic chuckle.

He lived for the pain, the fight, the struggle, and the blood . Snow trickled down kissing his lightly dampened coat. Snowflakes met their fate landing on the beasts warm body. White specks melted away quickly dying from the heat. His blackened pelt increasingly grew with sweat or was it melted snow? Taking a few steps forward the gash on his shoulder stung with the fury of a winter's storm. "Do you like to play dirty Arion?" His voice roared with hints of pain twisting into each word. Dead eyes glanced behind him before letting out a strong kick that aimed for the man's left shoulder. The black stag hoped that his rear legs were perpendicular to Arion's left side. He aimed for the shoulder hoping not to do too much damage. A kick to the head was not a spar friendly idea. Nox did not want to kill the man; the purpose was to sharpen their skills. It was a deep struggle for the demonic beast not to take a spar too far. He used to a challenge for his life, a fight for dominance, or a duel to the death. Internally the beast was torn. The battle between the devil and angel on his shoulder drove the man mad. His brain had to wrap around the reality of the situation.
It is not a fight for your life. It is a spar Nox. You do not need to kill him!
The blood dripping from his shoulder brought back memories, bad ones. He could not live in the past any longer; this was the present. His mind needed to stay focused on not letting his hooves slip in the wet snow. Focus Nox, just focus

"Talking here""
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Attack:: 2/3
Word count:: 668/800
Summary:: Takes the slice to the left shoulder, nox turn right to hopefully be perpendicular to Arion's left shoulder, then kicked with rear legs.
Damage:: Cut on left shoulder

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