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trouble just grew wings

The egg lay alone in a patch of moss, shielded from the worst of the winds by the rotting tree trunk. A pale sphere against the dark hollow, it was a wonder that no animal had spotted it and stolen it for its own. Just larger than a wild turkey’s egg, this one would have made a hearty dinner for any woodland thief, especially given winter’s slim offerings. But nothing had disturbed the egg, and so it remained, and the creature within grew within the shell, hidden from the outside world.
* * * *

You walked alone through the snowy wood, his breath a cloud in the still air. Something about this place was vaguely familiar, as if he had seen it once long ago, or in a dream perhaps. But, you thought wryly, shaking that great thick head of yours, didn’t all trees look the same? Forests had a way of blending together, you had found—after all, you had seen plenty in the past year. You were practically an expert on the subject.
Something about the thought tickled your funny bone, and for lack of company, you laughed aloud at your own joke. The sudden sound startled a chipmunk, who dashed from underneath a nearby log to a rotting tree trunk, scurrying into a narrow hollow. The burst of motion caught your eye, and following the little animal, you ambled towards the decrepit tree. “I’m sorry, am I bothering you?” you chuckled, intending to displace the unfortunate chipmunk once again. “How rude of me,” you chortled, trotting up to the trunk.
Solitude didn’t suit you; that much was clear from how you had taken to disturbing the wildlife. You had been mostly alone for nearly a year, ever since you had taken the flight out over the sea on the night that the twins had been born. You had drifted further and further away from the Riptide Isles, and then, without really thinking much about it, you had just kept flying. You hadn’t meant to desert Firebug or the kids—you weren’t the type to premeditate such a stunt. You had only intended to clear your head after everything that had gone down, and it had just sort of…happened. And once you were gone, you had not looked back.
But back to the present, where your bored self was bumping the trunk of the tree with a heavy shoulder, shaking snow down from the top and sending the poor rodent fleeing once more. You laughed again, amused by the way that the little guy ran, the tiny muscles in the fluffy buttocks firing like pistons. Chipmunk gone, you began to turn away…and then you caught sight of something white in the crevice, teetering just above eye level. “Huh,” you said aloud, backing a few steps to get a better look at it.
It was an egg, though at first you nearly doubted it. It was an odd time of year for eggs, and the mother was nowhere in sight. However, you weren’t quite sure what else it could be. It was definitely shaped like an egg, and it was the right color, and…
The sound went off like a gunshot in your head, and you bolted a few yards, ears swiveling wildly for the source of the sound. “Damn ice!” you yelped, still dancing in place. You had discovered that the cold had a tendency to make the trees explode (a phenomenon due to the way sap expanded as it froze, but you didn’t know that), and it made a nice walk through the woods in the winter like walking through a minefield. However, there were no tree-bits anywhere in sight, and as you turned back again—
There was the sound again! You pinned your ears, eyes scanning the wood for signs of…wait. Almost magnetically, the egg drew your gaze. It was hatching.

"talk talk talk"

OOC: Return/hatching aka a v. rusty Shady tries to get a grip on a v. obnoxious Gull. Open to all; horns approach at your own risk c:<

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i was not caught, i crossed the line
i live among you, well disguised

Pregnant as shit – fat as fuck, you could say, she waddles. Her thick tail tosses more than normal, even in this zero degree weather that is completely bugless. It's taken her a day or two to make her way slowly to the Threshold. She doesn't follow paths or the main roads but she carves her own way through the oaks and then through the carpet of aspens blanketing the snowy hillsides. Even in her condition she'd rather not travel next to anyone, they just might talk and not have a direction. A risk she'd rather not take.

Guilt doesn't usually factor into her daily life, but these hormones sure are a dumb bitch. A few months ago she had a little oopsy, defying her Queen (well, one of them, the grouchiest one). There is no stealing, but Bull had a vendetta to settle. You can probably guess the outcome. Though nothing bad really came of it, she's almost sure Isopia just might know what she did, even if the victim of her attempted theft does not know.

The gift of a new, willing face, maybe?

Chernobyl's admittedly horrible at social interactions for the most part. She would also venture to guess that she's most likely horrendous at recruiting as well. Worth a try, right?

The sprinkling of snow shaking from the trees and thudding to the ground below makes her ears stick up, scooping the sounds carefully from the quietness. She can see the silhouette of horse, a wing jutting from behind and when he shifts, two wings, his coat pale and blotched with dark. She vaguely recognizes the figure, but cannot quite place from where from such a distance. She watches patiently from behind a half-veil of long, tumbly bangs that spiral down her face and curl against her thorned horn.

Her skin jumped and her blood went cold when the crack reverberates across the vast paleness, echoing off the hillocks and through the thin trunks of the aspens. Another crack made her retreat one or two steps, her hooves dragging through the fluff with a little hesitation. The other horse seems equally startled, or interested, or confused – she's not sure which. Her curiosity draws her normally lithe, but now pregnant, black body from the shadows. She can see him now, closer than before to catch the details of his face and the unique edges of his patches. “Ugh.” her tongue clicks and she groans, stopping and shifting her weight to one hind ankle. The hatching egg still snags her attention, but that is surely the only thing – right? Because this foolish asshole threw shit as me once.

She is in no mood for childish antics or games of mischief at the hands of some winged little gremlin. Why oh why does it have to be him!?


LOL they meet again

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