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After receiving Kisamoa’s news that he needed their help to clean up the marshes, Alysanne had moved westward towards the beaches. She thought it made sense to start at one of the edges and then work her way inland until she met up with the other Helovians that were working hard to clear up the natural but strange barriers that kept everyone out of those dead lands.

Hemlock flew ahead of her, scouting out the area and seeing what Alysanne could do to help. Without any powerful magic, all she had was her physical strength to move fallen trees, untangle vines, dust off the mold that had been growing. As she moved, her hooves would leach nutrients into the soil and help encourage life to retake the area and see it become green, green like the rest of the world was this season.

It was a dismaying sight - all the disease and the bones - but she was not daunted. She put some of the bones aside, remembering Kisamoa’s instructions to bring them back to the Rotunda, and focused on everything else - using her wings to brush aside what she could and her shoulder for anything else. Here on the very edge where the water was there weren’t too many trees but there was a lot of mess and she dug at tangled vines and used her teeth to rip up moldy plants that were in her way as she pushed her way south. With a flap of her great wings she sent loose odds and ends scattering before her, clearing a little more room.

Hemlock helped too, picking up smaller bones and adding them to the pile that Alysanne had started, hooting with the effort of some of the larger (for him) pieces so much that it became a small song for their work.
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@Lena and any! - cleaning up the southern beaches near the marshes!
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Still wary of the task at hand, Tilney attempted his best as his characteristicly glowing mindframe. The idea of disturbing the bones of the dead irritated him immensely and stirred some of the the deeper strings in his heart, but if it meant they could finally have a proper burial he would be more than happy to help with the task at hand.
Peatree had swooped ahead, thin wings outstretched and hoping to tame the violent sea winds to his aid. This was no place for a baby bat however and the young chiroptera could only glide at a reasonably low altitude, springing from tree to tree. How the little one admired Hemlock and his wings - he watched with great desire as the owl tackled the swallowing breeze with ease and floated without trouble.
Tilney collected his little bonded mammal from where he hung clung to a branch, scared of the fight the wind gave and ventured out to the southern-most point of the beach where the debris lay in scarred lines etched by the tide. His favorite cloak donned and cheating the wind, Tilney did not feet quite as much of the sea sprays bite.

Queen Alyssanne was there already, picking apart the moss and bone and begining her own pile. Tilney did wonder how she should she would actually carry all these bones back to Kisamoa, and so he removed his prized green cloak, set it beside the pile and then begun to scrape the bones into it. "That will help to transport them." The doctor uttered to the Queen, a woman he still did not respect but perhaps wished to apologise for his words and brash behaviour. On both sides pride interfered it seemed.

Tilney began by lifting large areas of caked down moss and seaweed, general sea-waste like coral and salt that had been dried into the earth.
The ginger one found himself wondering as he worked just what the Queen was thinking. Green eyes looking over her as she studiously tossed through moss, he wondered if the bones saddened her. Something told him that she did not; that she was hard at work and focussed on the task at hand with not much thought to go with it. What Tilney uncovered was usually nothing of significance and merely clearing the way south, but on occasion an ominous off-white bone would strike his antlers as he dug; at one point a whole unicorn's skull, a perfect horn still hilted to it's front.

The excavated remains were transported to the cloak-pile by Peatree, who in utter adoration for Hemlock had begun his own tiny pile to the right of the major one (of which included one flower that he had collected, intended as a gift for said hero). The bigger bones, the kind that could not be carried by a little bat, were piled across Tilneys antlers and carried back to the cloak.

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I left the meeting in a rather somber fashion, Adella choosing to sit upon my back instead of taking her usual flight. The thought of cleaning after the dead was a sad notion; transporting bones for some purpose we didn't even know of. A few horses began to trail in different directions and so I followed a couple without paying any mind to who they were. I figured since I didn't know anyon he there, it didn't really matter who I worked around. Adella had nothing much to add to this decision, and so we were off, tracing others' footsteps.

I ended up beside the sea, an ocean so blue I couldn't help but stare for a while. But the land itself was as bad as the voice had implied; it would take weeks to clear the place out if more didn't show up to help. Adella piped up in my mind and we simply conversed with each other from thereafter. Others are here. I looked out toward the area she pointed to, and it seemed that I had inadvertently followed two, one with wings and another with horns. They both had companions that flew like Adella, and she watched with keen eyes at their movements. I paid more attention to the two that arrived before me, moving closer to help with what they tasked themselves with. I snorted a gentle hello to each of them, refraining from speaking out loud in such a time. Perhaps it was better to simply stay quiet and work.

Adella, move over. She had hopped off my back next to a pile of small dead trees and I wanted to move them to their own pile such as the bones were. I will pull. My little dragon took both hands and wrapped them firmly around a decaying stem, pulling back hard to remove it from the earth. Keep pulling, I'll walk them over. She handed me the bulk of the branches to hold in my mouth (they were dry, and I didn't much enjoy that taste) and I placed them in a separate space beside the bones. Maybe we can have someone burn them. I mused to Adella, wondering what to do with the dead and dried up flora. We went at that until a patch had been cleared out and the pile grew; we took a light chance to look around, and my brown companion gazed curiously at the antlered boy's companion. What is that? The question hit my mind but I could only giggle in response.
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I never live in the past like the forsaken.

Trailing after Tilney she knew that it was time for her to help. The land that was her home needed their assistance and she would be apart of the team that cleaned her up. They traveled for sometime until they eventually reached the endless blue, it made sense the doe supposed, starting on the outer reaches of Helovia and they'd work their way in. Stopping beside Tilney, she smiled politely at Alysanne and nodded towards the other mare who'd arrived with them. Queen Alyssanne, who had beat them there, was already picking apart the moss and bone and begining her own pile. Arah turned and took a few steps of the Queen in order to begin her own work. Wynter joined in, helping separate the bones and moss. The silver doe only stopped when she heard Tilney looking up to remove his prized green cloak, spread it delicately beside the gradually growing pile and then begun to scrape the bones into it. "Man naw nin emel." The words would be understood by her lover, but she then smiled and concluded, "mín shall puig ha ir mín rinn-" The doe uttered to the stag, her words soft and her lips caressing the smooth coat of his shoulder.

Returning to her small pile she began to work on scraping off the caked down moss and seaweed, grimacing as some threatened to stain her coat. The bone collecting was not pleasant work, if fact it was rather disheartening. There was little joy to be found in the work they conducted, so she remained silent as she shifted through the piles of moss and bones. Instead she distracted herself by thinking about Maude and what their daughter was doing as they cleaned. Hopefully a task that was not as unfortunate as hers. Mostly the bones she found were nondescript, bones were she could not tell who or what they had belonged to. It certainly made their work a touch easier, being unable to know just what kind of creatures they were collecting.

As she found them, Wynter either dragged or flew the remains to the pile gathering in Tilney's cloak. 'Transporting that is going to take all of us.' Arah thought as she studied the large pile. Brining over some of the large bones herself she nudged the onto the cloak and the stoped, taking a breath. Wynter landed beside the pile and added one last tiny remain. Laughing at the griffins effort she nodded. 'Verui man dilthen er.' Arah nodded to her companion and then turned to the others, wondering if they'd collected enough.

Man naw nin emel - Good idea my heart
mín shall puig ha ir mín rinn- - We shall clean it when we return.
Verui man dilthen er - Very good little one
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Alysanne had been a wonderful distraction, and Lena couldn’t help but become overjoyed at the presence of her friend – diverting back to a few whimsical smiles, a minute sense of purpose, instead of bordering on upheaval, devastation, and complete melancholy (so much easier to slip into, and so much harder to climb out of). They followed the winged Queen along the water’s edge, deep into the heart of the Endless Blue, where the sea mingled with the fringes of the old marsh, and the Songbird stared at the debris, at the washed up pinnacles of archaic, ancient fodder.
She greeted the others who’d gathered there with a simple nod, a brandished grin not quite meeting her eyes or her cheeks, before descending into the tarnished goods, the bits and pieces of rubble and ruin. None of her enchantments would be useful here; there was nothing to heal, nothing to set ablaze – but she still sang while she worked, trying to remember the tunes, the echoes, to some sweeter sonnets and stanzas, a distinct hallelujah, an attempt to retain portions of herself while grieving the loss of a sovereign. Her mouth grasped hold of some waterweeds, tangled, knotted, and gnarled, pulling them back from the sea and tossing them aside to dry out along the sand.
Imogen, for her part, was truthful and set to her word, picking through the discarded reeds and fragments, foxy eyes set upon snagging bones, marrow, cartilage from souls long lost ago. She grabbed one with her fangs, and carefully dragged it towards Tilney’s cloak, where there was already a small pile growing (and she felt Lena try not to notice, not to stare, at the state of once fulfilled beings, gone now before anyone had a chance to know their name). So she chirped, a vivid, gleaming, golden connection between the duo, don’t worry, foxy grin emboldening her cheeks, before hunting down more of the shards and wreckage.

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Öde sees her at the gathered crowd in the Rotunda, his second mother, of sorts. She'd been there at the grave site too, where the Reaper had laid down his scythe into the cold and the snow, but grief had consumed them all then and Öde had drifted away back into the wilderness to wonder and wander. Now however, with a task set before them, he can't help but let his gaze trail after her as she departs for the shore.

He follows.

He's uncertain of what to say, of how she'll react, or if she will at all. She's a kind mare, but he suspects his feelings towards her are not entirely reciprocated. After all, she only offered to him what she does all others, a calm smile and an opportunity to be healed. How was she to know that in so offering to him, that she was the first and therefore stole a place inside his cavernous heart forever more?

He is grown now, yet he can't help but look to her as some guiding sense of comfort and shelter, of safety and relief. He is overcome by Deimos' death as much as his own, and shaken as he is, he wants nothing more than to hide beneath her legs in the eclipse of her body's shadow. That's he's too tall now doesn't make much difference to how he feels.

He huffs exaggeratedly and makes his way towards her, pausing to collect the occasional bone here and there. The sea breeze ruffles the wolf pelt upon his back, sets the leather straps that gird his loins to sway and strike his flanks with a muffled slap. "Lena," he greets softly, more of an exhale curling from his lungs than any actual word, but he should be close enough for to hear, if she is of the mind. He stands, watching her work, and the barest trace of a smile finds its way on his muzzle.

He has since washed the filth of his demise from his body, but he is still gaunt and haggard. It's hard to erase a year of disuse with a single bath.
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The Songbird had been a present figure within her home, the Basin. But not ominously present like the Reaper, nor forcefully present like the Valkyrie. Both of those legends had something about them that kept the filly’s tricks far from them. However, the Songbird’s was a quiet, soft, pleasant hum within the Basin. And now, with the lemon drop’s new exposure to the cold reality of death, it seemed that the filly was drawn in by the soft, pleasant hum.

So, with (slightly) stealthy steps on the sand, the tartlet darted among the dunes to find not only the Songbird, but also an assorted other gather of equines. Her eyes were first drawn the the flittering fruit bat that scurried through the skies, then to the antlered man he came to and fro.

Bright, candied teal eyes darted to the beautifully graceful black and white @Alysanne , to the pale white lovely @Arah , and the other black and white @Isi . Though the do not linger long on the mares, for her attention was drawn back to @Lena —or the creature that stood near her. It was a strange beast, haggard and gaunt. But not in the way that Albrecht, the old grump, was. No, @Öde 's harsh angles were sharper, more threatening, than that ol’ bag o’ bones. These was something… deadly about the tall, dark stallion.

So it is with a wide berth that the small filly trundles forward, “Heya,” was her muffled greeting around the old, dried, white clamshell (—that counted, right? Really, Kis should be more specific—), before she dropped it promptly on @Tilney ’s green cape.

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Aithniel followed a group of strange faces toward the beach and looked over the shores, sighing. The god-like thing was right. There was debris everywhere.

The pegasus lands roughly on the sands and eyes the others gathering sticks and bones into a pile, so she and Zera get started working. Aithniel quietly and diligently picked up sticks and leaves while Zera grumbled and groaned about having to do work that would mess up his perfect white feathers. "Would you suck it up, Zera?" she finally grunted at the royal white griffin.

The beast huffed again and picked up one tiny stick at a time, throwing his attitude into the wind. Every now and then he'd give Aithniel the 'fuck you' eyes as he slowly walked one tiny leaf into the pile.

"Useless..." she rumbled under her breath as she grabbed a hold of a log with her teeth and dragged it across the sands. Sweat coated her body, and she flapped her wings backwards to give her more thrust to move the offending items.

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Candied teal eyes jerk up from the green cape that now held her lonely, starkly white clam-shell. The only shell, she now belatedly realized (perhaps clearing a beach of shells was not what Kisamoa had intended with his task).

Regardless of this newfound realization, her attention was now wholly fixed on the Inquisitor. The lemon drop had not yet met any of the demigods or goddesses—in fact, her limited experience with any divinity had been Kisamoa interacting with the Moon Goddess; and that she had only seen from a far distance.

So, with curious eyes (and still keeping a healthy distance from the strangely foreboding stallion), she studied the Inquisitor, ears perking to hear the grunted words. Bright eyes then dart towards the white griffin that huffed with attitude—attitude that the filly could appreciate.

A slow grin crossed her candied lips at the single leaf that sank slowly, purposefully onto the pile, a light and airy giggle bubbling out of her young throat. She scampered towards the intractable griffin, offhandedly kicking a small rock towards the pile, before plopping down on her haunches to watch @Aithniel struggle with the large log. If the griffin could watch everyone work, then so could she… right? A darting glance was given to the royal companion, before she settled in, calling to the demigodess with a pleasantly mischievous smile, “I’m Larue.”
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He realizes, a bit belatedly, that this is not the best time for conversation. Lena drew him in, but as the red of his gaze slips from her to run across the other assorted mares and stag, Öde notices for the first time the size of the group that has come together to work. Being social while setting yourself to a task is one thing, but attempting to monopolize someone's time for a reunion is quite another. Not wanting to distract her or the rest, Öde sets to work, content to make his return known to Lena, if nothing else.

Hoping that his presence isn't hindering anyone's abilities, Öde reaches down for some assorted debris, grasping it gingerly between his teeth, conscious of the textures and the filth. Though by no means a pristine horse, he's accustomed to a kingdom of ice and snow. It's cold and harsh, but in a way, clean. It lacks a certain, grit that this sandy shore boasts, and he's newly aware of how thankful he is for that.

As his head turns he spots the new arrivals. He spits some driftwood from his maw, tongue hanging out with exaggeration as he pauses to give them an unabashed once over. "Welcome," he intones pleasantly enough, or at least he means to. He's trying not to let his filthy tongue touch much of the rest of his mouth, not wanting to spread the cleaning gristle. He proffers a smile to soften his words, but with his features frozen and his tongue extended, it's a lot of teeth and a lot of weird; unsettling in the way an obvious madman whom doesn't know he's mad can be.
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