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[PRIVATE] you can't play on broken strings (healing request)

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She is tired of being broken.

For well over a year of life, the gargoyle has suffered in stoic silence with the disease that plagues her heart. She was born with it, a parasite lurking in the depths of her body; at times it has crippled her, at others it has simply shamed her. Always, it has changed her. She thinks she would be a different girl if she'd been born healthy - maybe she wouldn't be so full of hate. Perhaps she wouldn't have the all-consuming need to crush any semblance of weakness in herself or others, perhaps she'd be less inclined to disregard anything good in herself to focus purely on the bad. Perhaps she would be a better person if a quirk of fate had not condemned her to this.

Her issue does not have a name that she knows of, so the gargoyle simply calls it The Thing. That is what it is, just a useless object lodged in her chest like a set of fangs compressing her heart. It comes from nowhere, with no warning. Lifting her head at a certain angle can trigger it, but it can also rip forth like a demon from the night, snatching at her breath at any given moment and sending her into paroxysms of pain. At the peak of her throes of suffering, the filly feels as though a giant is sitting upon her chest, crushing her heartbeat and decimating her lungs, reducing her to a simple lump of flesh that serves no purpose other than to writhe under the weight of her own inadequacy. Sometimes she jumps into Ker's body until it's all over, and the Philippine gratefully accepts her bonded's shaking, terrified presence. Other times she simply stands like a grey sentinel of failure, waiting for it to finish, waiting to be released from the nightmare born of her own bloodlines.

In a way, the girl is proud of what she's accomplished so far in spite of the horrendous hand that Mother Nature dealt her. If life was a race, then Oizys' birth ensured that she was placed right at the very back at the starting line, caged in and with seemingly no chance of ever clawing her way to the front; in addition to being born with no magic and being savaged by a harpy eagle moments after her birth, her defective genes also doomed her to a lifetime of The Thing. Weaker children may have crumbled, faded into mediocrity, but not Oizys. If anything, she took her situation as a challenge, chose to believe that Nature had handicapped her in such a way because it was scared of what she would become if she was born able-bodied and flush with power like most other foals. Off her own back, she's obtained two different magics and, of course, Ker; she's caused strife and she's made friends, she's loved and she's hated. And there's still so much more to come from her.

If she is to reach her full potential, though, the bulky yearling knows she must rid herself of The Thing once and for all. She can hide it, she can disguise it, she can do her best to avoid it, but until it is out of her system altogether she can never be what she is destined to be.

She can never be her father's daughter.

Oizys makes her way to the Veins with a heavy weight of hope upon her shoulders. It's the hope that kills; she's built up her dreams that today will be the day she is cured, and has pinned far too much on the outcome of this journey. Ker rides on her shoulders, her large beak idly playing with the filly's tangled black mane, a physical manifestation of her bonded's nerves - she is crippled with longing too, of unsaid prayers and futile desires. She loves Oizys just how she is, but knows how much the girl wishes to be healthy. She ascends to the shrines, and the exertion causes The Thing to bubble ominously in her chest; she chokes it back, her face twisted into a hateful snarl.

Eventually she halts by the shrines, hovering near the wind-broken one that exuses dark power, and the one split in two, its second half relegated to the sea below. "Uhm....hello?" The gargoyle has never been shy in her life, yet there's distinct nervousness in her voice and an anxious quiver in her muscles as she stands before the shrines, weak heart hammering with hope.

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Oizys is hoping to cure her health defect: Born with a Heart Valve defect, will cause a heart murmur throughout entire life. Battle stats will be affected [-1 speed, -1 endurance]

I'm not using a VOTG pass for this - according to the Q&A thread, it's possible to ask a God for healing without using one, so I thought I'd give it a shot!

Just thought I'd throw a couple of things here about why Ozzy's trying to get healed, not sure if it will affect her chances at all but figured I'd put them anyway so you guys know this isn't just out of the blue, that it's a considered decision and it's not me just not wanting the character development of a health defect, it's actually a progression of her character development :D

- She was born with the defect, it wasn't obtained through carelessness on her part or anything. This has caused her to keep it a closely guarded secret from her family, especially her father Reginald who she idolises/fears. Shown here - 'For a moment, she fears he will be able to see the Thing inside her; that he will sense her weakness like a snake senses fear, and that he will condemn her for it. There is nothing Father cannot do - it would not surprise the gargoyle if he could see her weak, pathetic little heart beating in an otherwise perfect chest, if he could detect that tiny, hideous flaw that plagues the young goddess.'

- It's affected her throughout her life, filling her with shame to the extent that it's forged her whole personality - because she sees weakness in herself and loathes it so much, she condemns it in other people as her way of coping, which is a large part of why she's prone to evilness, bullying and general bitchery. Exhibited here in her utter contempt for what she perceived as Bathsheba's weakness. In getting it fixed, she'd gain more understanding and tolerance which would be great development for her!

- It's also prevented her doing things, such as here where she can't retaliate to Kid due to it; 'It bubbles upwards from her fragile little heart, and she has to bow her head to choke it back down, down, down. The gargoyle curses, dismayed at the fact the boy may now think she is bowing to him, and her cold grey eyes flash in disgust at her own weakness.' Also here where she can't attack the griffins any more due to it and ends up at ther mercy. This is largely why she's so keen to get herself cured, in case she's ever prevented from doing something even more important such as protecting herself/loved ones.

- Finally, an OOC point - Ozzy has the unfortunate distinction of being the first foal in 3 real years to be born with a stat-affecting health defect AND absolutely no magic/mutations whatsoever. All other foals (even all other Frostball-born hybrids like she was) with stat-affecting health have been born with at least one magic or mutation to somewhat lessen the blow. I've built her up and played her from a character with literally less than nothing, so this is my 'treat' to her aha ;D It hopefully shows that I'm not just trying this because I don't want to play an unhealthy character/don't persist with none-magical characters, because she's one of the most unluckily-rolled foals in Helovia's history but is still my second most active character and has been played for just shy of a RL year. This 'rags to riches' tale is a large part of my plans for her x)

If she does roll to have a God attend, I'd love for it to be either Sparky or Moony, as I figure they're more likely to give her a harder quest and I really want this potential quest to further her development :)

Thanks <3

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But no ..

The longer you stand, the longer you wait, you realize that it is only the pumping of blood in your own ears that you hear.

Ozzy may post again next season if she wishes.

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